“There is money if you work hard.” Even during the hardest point of the economy nurses were receiving a hefty amount of money and now that the economy is starting to go up again there are ways that you, as a nurse, can earn a large amount of amount. Keep in mind that you should also take into consideration the other non-monetary benefits that you will be able to receive aside from the hourly or monthly salary. Some hospitals or companies will offer tuition reimbursement for those nurses who have kids and this is such a great incentive especially for those who are single parents or who have more than two kids. Another great thing about being a nurse is being able to receive health insurance benefits. Not worrying about where to get the payment for hospital bills is already a big thing. There is also the “performance incentives” which gives credit to people who are excelling in their field of work as nurses. For nurses who work on night shifts have the opportunity to receive additional percentage or night shift differentials.

There are certain levels that are being offered with higher pay. Mid-level nurses like the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) are paid higher than the rest of the nurses the same thing goes with being a Nurse Midwife or CNM. If you are considering a change in career you can study to be a Certified Nurse Practitioner so you can earn high or sometimes you can proceed to being a Doctor of Nurse Practitioner because all these practice areas of nurseries are receiving a high amount of salary as compared with the others.

Another way to increase a nurse salary is to accept shifts or work schedule that fall on weekends or night time. Working during holidays is also a way to increase a nurse salary. A nurse can earn up to a maximum of $ 10 an hour if working during an in-demand shift or during the holidays most especially if the nurse is assigned to specialties like the intensive care unit or the operating room.

When counting the nurse base salary you should also add up the additional benefits. Many big companies offer benefits like premium health insurance, car loan, home, loan, tuition fee refund etc. Upon reaching a number of years in service try to talk to your boss and ask for a salary increase. You can do this personally or you can send in a formal letter. But you have to be sure that your record is top notch; no absences, no lates etc.

Showing your co workers, employers and the patients that you are happy with your job is another effective way to get that raise. It is not enough that you are doing your job daily but being happy and contented with your job is another thing. Nurse who exert the effort to do extra work after their shift or even during their shift are usually recognized by their employers. Therefore, asking for a salary increase would be easier.