Not everyone has the time or can afford to take time off work or away from the family home and so they do not follow their dreams. This can be the case with want to be nurses who have a passion for caring thinking that it is not a possible option. Thankfully there are ways that anyone can train using an online certified nursing assistant course.

These are the perfect option if time is an issue, and they can help you change your career or start a new one in the extremely rewarding medical profession. Many colleges do deliver fully recognized nursing classes via long distance learning. You are able to enroll no matter what your age and study in the comfort of your own home at the times which suit you.

A CNA works under the supervision of a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse. The role involves carrying out general duties which help people under the care of a hospital, home care or nursing home to cope with daily living. These include jobs such as dressing, making the bed, help with feeding.

To become a CNA you will need to successfully pass a competency test. In order to prepare for this you will need to learn about basic health care, ethics and medical law. These subjects are covered in the training and you will need to study for at least 75 hours. Once you pass the exam you will be expected to pass a State test before you are considered to be certified.

After you have qualified you will be able to go into further training if you wish to advance further in your chosen medical field. The short course can be the perfect place to start as you can begin working in health care and continue to study around your hours while gaining valuable experience.