Working as a certified Nursing Assistant is a self satisfying caring career. The CNA's role is to provide basic care to their patients. Their training enables them to contribute to their patients well being. A search of certified nursing assistant online reveals the diversity of jobs available to anyone who has trained in this work.

The CNA works under the direct supervision of other nurses and medical staff. Working as a member of the health care team, the CNA contributions to the individual care plan designed for each patient and is able to provide the all the care appropriate for the level of training he or she has received. They are able to work in hospitals and in aged care facilities.

A typical working day for a CNA includes assisting patients with their personal hygiene and nutrition needs. He or she will also assist the patient to attend appointments by providing transport and may also accompany the patient to the appointment.

The CNA is also trained to take the patients blood pressure and other vital signs and to record them appropriately on the medical charts. In a home or arranged care setting, the nursing assistant may be responsible for changing dressings or other basic simple medical treatments.

The training a CNA receives, prepares them for this role by providing study modules as well as a practical component in the training. He or she will learn how to work as a member of the health team and develop good communication and observation skills. Training lasts approximately 9 months and the student will sit an exam to prove their competency at the end of the program. Training is available for a CNA online for those who would find this form of training more convenient for their life circumstances. The future prospects are very bright for the ideal candidate with long term employment in the medical field.