Perhaps one of the nerve-wracking experiences for a new ASN nurse is to attend job interviews. Job interviews are the most crucial part in the hiring process. ASN nurses feel nervous and unsure when this aspect comes up before they get the job that they want. Some people fail this part of the interview because they feel unconfident and it shows in the way they answer the questions.

To make you feel more confident and sure of yourself when you attend interviews, follow some of these steps:

Be Prepared

Make sure you bought enough copies of your resume and other important documents that they might ask of you. Also, practice some possible questions that maybe asked of you during the interview. When you are prepared it lessens the anxiety and fear.

Learn About the Company

As much as possible get to know the company you are applying for. Research about their goals, missions and even the type of services they offer. This shows to them that you are fully interested and serious about being hired by them.

Ask Questions

Remember that it is not only the interviewer that should ask questions, you should also prepare some questions of your own regarding the employment and company that you are applying for. This shows interest in your part for the job they are offering.

Dress Appropriately

When you arrive for your interview make sure that you are properly attired. Avoid plunging necklines or too casual clothes. Check if your shoes are clean as well. Proper grooming is a good example of an ASN nurse.

Arrive Early

It is advisable to arrive early so that you will not be flustered or harassed. It will help you be calmer and you can check your appearance before you meet with the interviewer.

Give a Strong Handshake

When you shake the hand of your interviewer make sure that your handshake is firm. Make eye contact and do not forget to smile.

Answer Questions Confidently

Answer the questions with confidence. Show that you know what you are talking about. Also, make sure that you cite some examples so that it will be more specific than general or vague.

Show a Positive Side

As much as possible make sure that you show a positive personality. Interviewers sometimes can sense if you exude a negative energy. Avoid bad-mouthing your previous jobs instead explain in a more positive manner why you decided to find a new place of employment.