Nurses are still human animals. They are prone to sickness as well. So, have you imagined what kind of ASN nurse you would like to have if you become a patient? As an ASN nurse, you deal with many patients every day. Have you ever surprised what they think of the experience they have when you took care of them? Patients have different opinions when it comes to nurses taking care of them.

So when the roles have been reversed and you find yourself being the patient how would you want to be treated? It is important to think how we can be a nurse that patients would want and rave about.

Little Actions Can Be Big

This may seem ironic but it is true. Patients do not expect you to be a superhero. For them the simple things that you do for them like a smile, cheerful hello or even just a pat on the hand can mean more to them than grand gestures. At this time when they are suffering and in pain most of the time all they want is to find comfort. So, you are the person that can give it to them.

Administrative Task Should Take a Back Seat

We would like to think that to show our efficiency we focus more on the administrative tasks. This may be admirable but it takes time away from who you need to spend time with. Paper work will still be there but patients can not wait for you. You can not just neglect them in exchange for the paper work that you have to do. Make sure that you balance the administrative work and patient care.

Communication is Not All Words

We might think that communicating should always have word with them. It does not have to be necessarily so. One can just show through a light touch or just letting your presence be known is a good enough communication to patients. One need not spout meaningless words just to make them feel better. Actions can be effective too.

In the busy schedule of an ASN nurse, we tend to forget our goal. The real reason why most of us went into nursing is to take care of sick people and make them feel better to the best of our abilities. We do not have to wait for us to get sick to find out how we can be better nursing professionals for them.