Certified nurses who assist the medical officer hold the positions of Assistant nurses. The nursing job involves caring about individuals, irrespective of who they are, because they are helpless to do so themselves. Taking care of the patients includes duties like bathing patients, feeding them, cleaning them, changing their diapers, bed cleaning and taking the patient to the bathroom. Beside, assistant nurses are also trained to take some primary medical care of the patients like measuring the pulse, checking the blood pressure, checking the heart beat or pulse, checking the temperature, respiration and recording their medical history. This recorded medical history is then forwarded to the medical officer to save his / her time. The medical officer can just go through the medical history of the patient and continue with the treatment.

As a nursing assistant you are provided with the options of working in hospitals, nursing homes, adult day care facilities, long term care centers and at the home of a patient too. A nursing certificate is essential for you if you want to work as assistant nurses. As a nursing assistant, you will have to take care of the basic needs of patients who are helpless to do so. You must not have any inhibitions to take care of an unknown person.

It is very important that an assistant nurse takes the nursing training course along with the certification, as it is only then she can find work as a certified assistant nurse. Forgetting the nursing assistant job, you will have to take the nursing exam after attending the nursing classes. There are two ways that you can take the nursing assistant's exam. Firstly, you can take regular classes and then sit for the nursing certification exam. Otherwise, you can get yourself registered with the course and then prepare for the exam on your own before appearing for it. For passing the certification exam, you have to have a thorough understanding of the different principles of nursing as categorized under the course guidelines, which are provided to you at the beginning of a course.

A nursing program curriculum complexes of the following parameters.
• Primary introduction to medical terms
• Pharmacy calculations and intimations
• Nursing fundamentals
• Different procedures for medical assistance
• Practicing healing practices
• Feeding and bathing the patients
• Changing the diapers of the patients
• Understanding patient psychology
• Communicating with patients and doctors
• Interpreting patient behavior for symptoms of the disease

As mentioned previously, there are two methods by which you can become a certified assistant nurse. The first method is to go through the program by attending the classes and the second method is to register with the program and then prepare yourself on your own. Although, in the second method you can save time and do part time jobs while doing the course, yet it is recommended that you attend the classes once in a while to get to know more about nursing. However, if you are working part time or full time as a nurse somewhere else, then you should continue with your job as you are getting the real life training on nursing. In that case, you will only have to wait for the end of the program term to get your certificates for assistant nurses.