In order to become a nurse you must get some type of nursing certification. After becoming a nurse you can opt for any of the health care facilities. Health care sector provides a number of careers. For every career the nature of work changes. But no matter what career you adopt within the health care field you will in return get a handsome amount of pay. If you are empathetic and com-passionate then to become a nurse would be a right career for you. This is one career that has bright future. Many surveys have shown that his is the only field that is recession free. According to bureau of labor statistics 2.5 million of jobs in United States are occupied by this field, out of which 55% are in hospitals.

After becoming a nurse you need to be empathetic and sympathetic with the patients visiting your health care facility. You need to take care of them in a number of ways. You must know how to bath, feed and move them from one place to another. You must also know how to operate a number of medical equipments. One more tasks associated to registered nurses are that that have to be in touch with the new technology in the market. Registered nurses are those nurses who after completion of their certification are registered in the state's registry.

A non registered nurse will not be entertained and if entertained would not be able to get the same amount of money as compared to registered ones. Registered nurses also help patients to get out of mental and physical stress. Apart from helping the patients they also sympathize with family members who take hard decisions for their loved ones in hospitals. There are a number of specializations for registered nurses. Some of these specializations are ongoing:

– Nurse Midwife: in this type of specialization nurses expect to lend services as parental care. They also provide family planning guidelines and guidance. They also have to learn how to perform gynecological tests.
– Nurse anesthetist: they have to manage the anesthesia before a patient is going into any kind of surgery.
– Forensic nurse: they assist in the investigation and treatment of crime victims.
– Nurse educator: in this type of specialization a nurse educator makes and defines curriculum for nursing students.
– Navy nurse: this type of specialization is quiet rewarding one as you will become a nurse in hospital corpsmen.
– Infection control nurse: they have to control different types of epidemic outbreaks and infections.
– Nurse practitioner: they provide nursing aids and health care to patients. They inform patients about different health care issues.
– Clinical nurse specialist: a clinical nurse specialist is one who divers consultation to patients that are facing mental illness.

There are some of the specializations and unlike doctors you can easily change your assignment at any time. This is one of the best aspects of becoming a nurse. On the other hand you can do one or more specialization in order to increase your demand in the market.