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The Nursing Resume – The Do’s and Don’ts

After graduating from a BSN program, then next action to take is to apply for a nursing position. This is happening to most new BSN graduates all over the country. They nervously wait what is in store for their future after finishing their BSN programs. The first step in making your nursing career a reality is to write your resume. You may wonder what you will put in your nursing resume since you are a new graduate.

Basic Information

This is needed so that your future employer will be able to contact you. You need to put this down for other official documents that you need to sign when you are hired for a nursing position. Make sure that the information that you will put in this section is updated, correct and verified. It might be to your disadvantage if the phone number you might have typed is incorrect or is not working anymore.

Experiences and School Activities

If you are a new graduate one can list down achievements or tasks done during your student days that is about nursing. You can write down your volunteer works or seminars you might have attended to show the prospective employer how serious you are about your chosen profession. Just make sure that you just make short explanations of the activities.

Other Pertinent Information

Another important factor that you need to put in your resume is the reference. These are people that will vouch for you. They may be your professors or people you did volunteer work for. Make sure that before you put their name in your resume ask for their permission.

Writing your resume may be hard at first but it will get easier. Writing your resume is like showing your future employer who you are as a prospective employee. The resume is your written announcement so make sure that what you put there can be verified and all are true. Another important aspect that one should remember when preparing one is that it should be free from any corrections. Check the grammar and spelling. These things may seem trivial but employers take a look at this carefully. If they feel that you were careless enough to send a curriculum vitae that has a lot of errors, they might liken it to you making errors on the job as well. So show them that you are worth it, make them realize that you will be a valuable addition to their company.

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Steps on How to Advance Your Nursing Career

When an interviewer would ask you about your nursing career plans, I wonder what will be your answer to them. One of the common question asked by a future employer is how a person sees himself 5 to 10 years from now. This is questions give the employee a glimpse of what your future plans will be. As we know, they would also want to gauge you on what you will do to your future nursing career.

To some nurses, they might only be thinking of the present. A nurse might think in terms of just acquiring a job and then hopefully stay on for a number of years. However, in order for a person to move on in her nursing career, one must plan ahead.

Local Nursing Organizations

Be kept abreast with what is happening in the world of nursing. Joining local nursing organizations will not only keep you updated but it can help you with social networking. This can help you in the future when you do decide to continue on in your career.

Career Ladders

Most hospitals have a career ladder that any medical care staff can look into. This is like a way for you to further your career. Just like in video game wherein you earn points, the career ladder is a guide for you on how to develop and go up the hospital ladder.

Educational Opportunities

Graduating from nursing school does not stop us from learning. Instead we need to seek opportunities that will help you learn new strategies and techniques in nursing. Innovations are almost happening every day if one is always updated then it can help you care better for your patients. Educational opportunities are a way for a nurse to further her education and increase the chances of moving up in the career ladder.

Learn and Learn More

Education does not only happen in school, we learn from different places, people and situations. As nurses, one needs to learn continuously. You can not just say you are too old or too cynical to stop yourself from learning. Being in the know can help you improve your craft, help your patients and be a better college to others.

The nursing career may seem like a cut and dried one, but it is a constantly evolving field. One does not rest on the laurels instead they are continuously seeking changes and improvement for the better care of patients.

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Forming a Relationship With Your Nurse Preceptor

In the nursing profession, some people dread the day when they will be handled by their nurse preceptors. Dozens of horror stories float around on how they can be little monsters of the nursing profession. It is like having a strict professor and doctors all rolled into one. That is mostly what the nursing students and graduations are told about them. It can be a bit of a challenge especially if the nurse preceptors are now near the description being given to them.

Sure, there is an agreement that there will be nurse preceptors that can look the daylights out of you but most of them are just there to help you and jumpstart your nursing profession. The relationship may start out shaky but once you these simple pieces of advice then your relationship with them will improve.

Show Respect

Most people believe that as long as you show politeness and courtesy then there is really no excuse for a person to be rude to you. This is the same with the nurse preceptors. Remember that they are senior in stature so they should be shown respect. One has to watch the word that you will utter when you are with them. You are there to learn so make sure that you give the proper attention to what the nurse preceptor will tell you.

Listen Now, Ask Later

For the most part, you are expected to listen a lot to what is being instructed by the nurse preceptor. It is a chance for you to see how the procedures are correctly done. If there are parts that you do not understand, then take note of it. Ask the questions when the training is done. It is best that you ask the question right after the demonstration so that you will not forget about it.

Saying Thank You

Showing gratitude to your preceptor goes a long way. They have done their part and they went out of their way to train you. You do not have to overly compliment them, but a simple thank you is a great way to end your day once the training is done. These simple acts of gratitude are more valuable than a hundred gifts.

It is important to remember that nurse preceptors are there to help you with the transition from nursing school to a real live situation. They are there to guide and help you thrive in the profession you have chosen.

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The Daisy Award – A Nursing Recognition

One of the most important documents that you would need in being a nurse is your nurse certification. It may seem a thin piece of paper but this nurse certification can be the golden ticket of every necessity to get into the profession that they have chosen. The nurse certification can almost guarantee a nurse the job that they want.

However, there is still one valuable piece of paper a nurse can covet. This is the Daisy Award. This is given by the Daisy Foundation. This award is given to a nurse that has shown exceptional gains. It is about how a nurse can turn an ordinary feat into an extraordinary one. This is a way for patients, families, and colleges a way to honor and appreciate them.

If you think that the nurseries that took care of you deserve to receive this award, here are some of the exercises that they should possess in order to be considered for the award.


Most people are very conscious that nurses are dedicated to their profession. They are there for their patients no matter what. They will do everything in their powers to make their patients feel comfortable. Each patient will be treated fairly even when they are difficult and hard to get along with.


They should be people who do not lack the will to stay positive no matters how difficult are the situations. These special breed of people are active, jolly and vivacious. They will find a way to see things in a more lighthearted manner. They will fight to the end and will not surrender.


Another trait that one can consider is compassionate. Every nurse give their compassion to the patients they care for. Each one will be receiving an amount amount because they need it at these times. They also empathize in their sight and will be a strong shoulder to lean on in difficult and painful times.

The Daisy Award is a truly special way in giving recognition to nurses who deserve it. If one should be given this kind of appreciation, it is not only a feather in the cap but it is also a motivation for you to do better in your chosen profession. This is an incentive for nurses to find more reasons to improve their skills and reach out to more patients who need them during the times when they are ill and in pain.

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Daily Habits That Can Help a Nursing Professional Be Happy

It is not a joke being a nursing professional. Every day, there will be a stressful situation that can crop up. It is no wonder that people tend to see the nursing professionals as grumpy and irritable. Aside from that it can really make the nurses lean on negative thinking than positive ones. This results to more unhappy moments. In order to alleviate this sad disposition, here are some daily habits that can help you be in the right frame of mind and have happy thoughts.

Expect Good Things to Happen

The mind is a powerful for anyone. If you let it think about good expectations then it is likely to happen and it can also be vice-versa. Start each day with a fervent hope that there will be something good that will happen.

Plan the Day Ahead

If we only think of the million things we need to do, then it can only aggravate the stress level. The best thing is to plan the way you will work and go on from there. Expect that you will not finish everything but set up a realistic goal wherein you will be able to accomplish and finish tasks. This way, it will be more rewarding instead of just thinking that you were not able to finish some work.

Show Positive Actions

Your positive thoughts coupled with positive actions can help you get through the day. It does not have to be grand gestures. It could just be a simple smile, and a thank you for any good deed done to you will do the trick.

Avoid Gossips and Arguments

Gossips only breeds negativity, make sure you steer away from people who love spreading this kind of thing. It is harmful not only for you but to the people that are the brunt of these malicious talks. Instead, look for people who like to engage in encouraging and positive talks.

Stop Being Suspicious

People tend to get cynical with how people behave. That is why; we need to change this kind of thinking. Assume that people will always have good intentions. If it is the opposite then charge it to experience and move on.

To be happy is not a condition; it is a choice one has to make. If a person is happy, then all the rest will follow. So, how do you feel now? Maybe it is time to change your mindset and start living a happier life.

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Four Simple Steps to Be Prepared for the Nursing Board Exam

After taking up your nursing education, the next hurdle that you will face is taking the nursing board exam in order for you to become a bona fide nurse. Unfortunately, to some people, it is easier said than done. There are some obstacles that get in the way when we prepare for the nursing exam. Mostly, it is the nerves that can keep us from succeeding.

Thankfully, there are some steps that you can take to combat those fears and nerves away. Of course, it is not foolproof but it can help alleviate the tension that can hinder you from taking a successful test.

Take the Bull by Its Horn

Take the time out to pinpoint what it is about exams that scares you. Maybe when you come to terms with this you will be able to clear the cobwebs in your mind and start focusing on the review itself without the worries of not passing the exam.

Have Enough Review Materials

It may be helpful to gain access to as many review materials as you can. That way you can be able to compare the different questions that are asked during the exam. It is helpful also to find out what kind of questions were asked or will be asked. It will also give you practice time and maybe able to see how fast and accurate you can answer a question.

Take the Test Lightly

It may seem a ridiculous thing to say but sometimes this can help you see where your situation is. It can help you assess on what you can do if there is a possibility that you might fail the test. However, failing the test is not the end of the world. There are still lots of opportunities that can open up for you. If you fail once, then do it again.


After reviewing, take the time to rest and relax. Make sure that you have plenty of sleep the before the exam. Worrying will not make it any better. So it is best to find a relaxing way to end the day like listening to music, watching a movie or even shopping.

Taking the test is always nerve-wracking. It is the Achilles' heel of most nurseries but once you know how to conquer the fear, then there would be no problem for you. Just do your best, concentrate and hope for the best.

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Looking at a Broader Spectrum of the Nursing Profession

It is hard to imagine that almost two centuries ago, a young woman named Florence Nightingale embarked on a career that would change the life of many people. Her initial feeling is to be of help to wounded soldiers. She believed in giving them the care that they deserve because they have served the country well. Due to her pioneering act, millions of people have followed in her footsteps and has provided excellent care not only to wounded soldiers but also to different people in all walks of life.

The role of the nursing profession has always evolved. Many people view the nursing profession in the past as persons who are only assistants to doctors. However, as we move forward, and new innovation and technology are developed the role or nurses has become broad and encompassing.

Nurses are not otherwise confined to hospitals or other medical care facilities. Instead, nurses can be found all over the place. Their role in the society has also greatly increased. As health professionals, they are highly trusted. Aside from doctors, nurses are the next people that you can think of when it comes to alleviating pain or illnesses.

They have become facilitators and ambassadors in the promotion of healthy living. They make people see the benefits of eating right and following an exercise regimen.

Indeed, the role of the nursing profession has become a leader and wider. In the near future, what could be in store for the nurses? They will be assuming new roles in order to help the community as well as the society.

The nursing professionals have emerged as the new leader that one can turn to especially when there are problems relating health. It is not anymore just a job or career, it is a calling.

Another role that nurses can absorb is health ambassadors to other countries. They can expand and extend their reconciliation to poor countries that lack even the basic health necessities. It may be a big sacrifice to take but I think this is one of the plans of Florence Nightingale when she started this profession. It is not about just approaching a living but helping, caring and easing the sufferings of the fellowmen. The future of nursing is bright as predicted by many, but it has also a lot of potential to develop and be more than just careers or jobs in the hospital. It is a role that only a few are privileged to take.

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Choosing Nursing Shoes

Many doctors and their staff will work eight, 12 and even 24-hour shifts. Most of the time nurses are the backbone of the medical field that constantly move, all day long, to get the job done. The hard surfaces that nurse's feet meet on a daily basis will take its toll on a body. Hips, back, shins, knees, feet and hands are just a few parts of the body that will get worn out by the end of a shift, not to mention the end of a career.

One of the greatest ways you can help your body get through those rough days is by getting the right pair of nursing shoes. It might not sound like a lot right now, but if you have been in the business for a while you know exactly how much of an impact a great pair of shoes can make.

Just like you want to have the perfect pair of scrubs, one must have the perfect pair of shoes. A great pair of nursing shoes can leave you with a great working experience, while terrible ones can ruin a shift in no time flat. Is there such a thing as the “perfect” shoe? No, not even close. This is because everyone has different needs and each shoe fits people differently.

Many shoe manufacturers will split their shoes' features into these main categories:

1. Motion control: How much motion you have in your shoes, such as how much flex the toes have.
2. Stability: Sturdy shoes will hold up better but may be stiff and impractical if you need to be changing positions quickly.
3. Cushioned: While some shoes need a lot of cushion, others do not. This often comes down to personal preference.

Thus, shoes are like scrubs and are purchases best made by the individual in question. Here are some factors when you choose your pair of shoes:

• Your weight – Heavier individuals benefit more from shoes that take more shock.
• The overall fit – If they are not comfortable when you put them on then chances are they will not ever be comfortable.
• Biomechanics – Everyone's foot is different and various gaits have varying needs. It may be a good idea to go to a specialist to have your shoes fitted if you find commercial models are uncomfortable.
• Are you now or have you recently been injured? – Feet injuries can be serious for those on their feet all day. Consider seeing a podiatrist to help recommend the best shoes and inserts.

You should always keep up with the mileage of your shoes. If you work 40 hours a week, you can expect to buy a new pair of shoes twice a year. However, if you are one of those few that suffer from joint pain or some other type of pain, you might want to change them out three times a year.

Like medical scrubs, your shoes should be an unobtrusive part of your job. Be sure you take the time to find the perfect pair for you.

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Cultural Competency As Part of the Nursing Education

There is no doubt that the nursing education in the country has greatly improved. Instruction is of high quality and excellence is always practice. However, there are still times that some nurse students feel that their nursing education leaves them unprepared to handle the reality of the nursing profession. One aspect of this is the cultural competency. When one has to deal with different patients from different backgrounds, a nurse student has to be prepared.

There may be situations wherein the cultural backgrounds and beliefs may differ. It is very important that respect and peace should be maintained to avoid and clashes or arguments.

In order for one to do that one has to remember some simple guidelines to assure cultural competency among the student nurses and hopefully when they become nurses in the future.

Recognize Cultural Diversity and Differences

Each of us is different. Each one has different beliefs. As a nurse, it is important to always be sensitive with this. This is a way for us to avoid any tension and conflict.

Examine Own Belief Systems

As a person, one also has different sets of beliefs. It is advisable to examine them and see how you view others. Be always aware on how you project your beliefs to others. Make sure that you do not impose and show respect when one sees cultural differences.

Share Experience Honestly

As part of cultural competency, one has to be honest about feelings and fears when it comes to different cultural beliefs. Communication with other people is the key to success here. The differences among cultural beliefs can be bridged if there is a way for people to discuss them. It can be a part of showing a better understanding and tolerance.

Refrain from Making Judgments

When dealing with cultural differences one has to refrain from making judgments that have limited basis or are not based on facts. One has to be careful about stating information that may be misconstrued by others as discrimination or harsh judgment.

Adding cultural competency in the nursing education can also be a big help to students. It can help prepare them to know what steps to take in dealing with diverse people. In our society, one has to practice sensitivity and respect because we are individuals with different cultural background. Each of us has different perceptions when it comes to faith, tradition and even how we view life.

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Healthy Habits to Cultivate for ASN Nursing Students

Being a nurse is no joke. It includes a lot of hard work. Here, when you start as an ASN nursing student, then you would realize that it can be a big and challenging task. There is a million and one things that a nursing student has to remember during the course of his college life. It is intimidating and can put a lot of pressure on a person's shoulders. So, what to do to overcome all of these difficult challenges ahead? There are really different healthy habits that you can practice as nursing students. These habits will not only help you to be successful but it can help you to overcome the tension or stress you may be feeling.

Avoid Cramming

Most students have developed an unhealthy habit of learning about lessons in one day. This kind of studying can work to some but it can be a big headache to most nursing students. This is not a healthy way to learn about nursing. It would only result for you to forget the key points instead of remembering them. The best thing to do is to study a little each day.

Start in Small Doses

When studying, think about how you can break down the study materials into sections that can help you remember it more. Making yourself feel anxious about the thick nursing books that you have can make you break down so it is best to look for a way to put into the terms or courses you have to learn. Think about the medicine that you will drink, do you put the whole bottle in your mouth in one gulp? Of course not, you take it one day at a time.

Organize your Notes

Being organized can help you see things in perspective. It can also help you to feel calm because you know where everything is and you can follow a schedule that can help you cope with studying, passing requirements and finishing your projects. When you know what you are going to do in the course of the day it can help you to prepare procedures as well on how to finish the tasks you set for yourself.

Being a nursing student entails a lot of time and effort. But if you stay focused and keep your eye on the goal then it would not be a difficult task. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, just do not forget to breathe.

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Is Neonatal Care Really a Smart Career Choice for You?

Neonatal care revolves around medical care provided for babies within a 28 day timeframe after birth. Neonatal care enterprises of 3 important phases. The 1st phase provides care for healthy infants. The 2nd phase provides care for premature babies that are ill and require oxygen support or intravenous treatment. The 3rd phase which is also known as the 'neonatal intensive care unit' is meant for infants that are grossly premature. These babies are small, sickly and require ventilators or incubators to survive. Most infants that fall into this cadre require surgery and close monitoring until their situation greatly improves.

Neonatal intensive care unit nurses are in high demand. This is because statistics show that the births of premature babies are on the rise. This is a poor situation that requires the help of professionals because the infants need to be well-looked after. Neonatal intensive care unit nurses go beyond providing succor for a young child. They also bolster the hopefuls of stressed-out couples who have been hit badly by the predicament of their newborn. It is the duty of the nurse to enlighten and comfort couples and family members.

A neonatal intensive care unit can be a tough place to work. Infants are usually in pain and some of them even die. A neonatal nurse has her work cut out because she is meant to be an anchor of love, care and support for all those involved. She is not to let her emotions get a grip on her sense of judgment and professionalism. If neonatal intensive care is taking its toll on a nurse, there is always the option of changing to less or more convenient phases.

If you want to work in this special care unit, you are required to enroll for a college program and scale through intestinal courses as well as pass a licensing exam. It takes just 1 year to become a licensed practical nurse (LPN). On the other hand, it takes 2 years to get an associate's degree and 4 years to bag a bachelor's degree. A Bachelor's degree gives you the chance to be a registered nurse (RN) and fires up your chances of enjoying increased wages.

Some hospitals cut costs and employ graduates fresh from college as neonatal nurses. Other hospitals require at least 12 months of experience before giving anyone an opportunity for work. It is possible to get a master's degree and end up a neonatal nurse practitioner after a few years.

The salary of a neonatal nurse is affected by the level of demand and the location of interest. The average salary of a neonatal nurse in California is $ 45,000. If you are a fresh graduate in Florida, your salary is pegged at $ 30,000 per annual. There is a shortage of neonatal nurses in the United States as well as in the developed parts of the world. Choosing neonatal care as a career choice is a smart move because salaries are expected to increase year after year because of the rise in demand.

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A New Nurse – Find New Connections

Changes can be scary. The unknown can be a strong force that can defeat a person especially if she feels she has no one to turn to. This can happen in the life of a nurse. A nursing career does not guarantee a lifelong employment to a particular health care facility. Instead, there will be changes that can happen. The changes may be due to the decision of the nurse or sometimes outside factors can affect why we need to bring the nursing career in another place.

Starting in a new job is not an easy thing to do. There will be lots of adjustments to make. There will be new collections to get to know, new town to be acquainted with, and new procedures to learn. However, these things are part and parcel of delving in new territories. The best way to handle these situations is to think positively about it. When one chose a nursing career, one must be ready to face changes whenever it will be simple or difficult.

Seek Out the Experts

When one is unsure of the people to ask for help, go to the people who are established in the community. These are the nurse managers who are in charge or nurse preceptors that can help you get acclimatized. The main thing to remember is to establish connections with the people you are going to work with. It may be a difficult process at first but it will gradually get smoother as you get in the rhythm of things.

Join Organizations or Clubs

Since you will be a new person in town, it would be wise to get to know the people in the community. You can do this by looking for organizations and clubs that you can join in. This can give you an opportunity to interact with other people and find out what you can do to help them in the capacity of being a nurse and a person new to the community.

Search the Web

Most organizations and medical care facilities would have websites that you can check out. If you feel that approaching them in person may be too forward, you can research about the people who may be of help to you in your quest for a new job as a nurse in a new community. Find out their email addresses and contact numbers so that you will be able to talk to them about possible employment.

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Difficulties Faced When Taking an Online Nursing Education

When you are young and idealistic going to school would mean a new chapter of adventures in your young life. However, what would the adult think about going back to school when the freshness of youth is all but disappeared. It can be a daunting experience for anyone who wants to go back to school. It would mean new adjustments to the lifestyle that we got used to. Schedules have to be juggled to make room for meetings for school. However, since the onslaught of technology, online schools are heaven sent to the people who want to go back to school but can not attend a regular one.

If one would want to take a nursing education, it would now be easier since there are online schools that one can look into. However, even if online nursing education can be easily accessible to most, there are still some difficulties that are encountered. One should take into consideration these difficulties when deciding to continue an online nursing education.

Thinking Out of the Box

The trepidation of learning new things again can really be a big obstacle to most people. This is the same dilemma that faces most prospective nursing students. They would think that they have to memorize and take quizzes again when they go back to nursing school. However, the trend of most schools is to help their students to embrace the new way of thinking. It is not anymore a cookie-cutter way wherein everyone has to think the same. One has to think out of the box and be more innovative in the learning process.

Too Many Things to Do, Too Little Time

Another fear of students is that there are certain things that need to juggle. If a person who will go back to school has a family and a job then it can be a bit of a struggle even if the online school allows flexibility in schedule. What a person can do is to arrange the schedule in such a way that there would be a certain time for everything. Since there are no time frames in an online class, then this is the first one that they should schedule.

Clueless with Technology

It can be perplexing if the technology that you used to know is almost obsoleste in the present day. Some students find themselves clueless on how to use certain gadgets necessary for their online nursing education. However, this can be easily resolved through tutorials.

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Making a Success of a Nurse’s New Year Resolutions

As the New Year comes each person will be making their own list of resolutions that they would want to follow. The problem is how to make someone stick to the resolution. This is the main problem of most people how to stick to the resolution and not give up even if there are obstacles on the way. As nurses, they are also people who make their own resolutions. It can involve their nursing careers, their personal lives and their families as well.

Of course, for we will be focusing on how the nursing career resolutions will stick and possibly see the end goal after again another year.

No Man is an Island

Perhaps one factor that resolutions become unsuccessful is because a person will do it alone. To have more support can make the resolutions have a fighting chance of succeeding. Treat the resolution as a project and one would need people who can help them with the project. This way when a nurse is stuck on how to go on with the resolution, there are people who can help them.

Reward Even Small Successes

Each time you make a success with the resolution, one has to make sure that it is celebrated and treated as a big deal. This is necessary to be motivated and to stay on track until the end.

Write It Down

All the progress or setbacks should be listed so that one can plan the action to be taken next. It has to be documented so that when the resolution becomes a success you will be able to see the progress or obstacles that were needed to be cleared.

Keep the Values

This will also boils down to remembering the values ​​you hold before making the resolution. One has to remember that there are also values ​​that you need to maintain when you want the resolution to be successful.

New Year's resolutions are important because it involves everything that you hold dear, your nursing career, your life and future. However, it is not the end of the world if some of the resolutions that you will make will not be successful. That is just how life is. There are triumphs and defeats. The important thing to remember is that life will go on and a person can make as many resolutions as he wants because that is the progress of life. Just as long as one keeps a positive outlook then everything would look good.

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How to Handle a Rough Nursing Shift

During those times when your nursing shift is particularly rough, you asked yourself the reason why you went to nursing school. There could have been different careers to choose from but you chose to be a nurse. Sometimes, during the times of this rough nursing shift, you question your sanity in enrolling and going to a nursing school. However, these are just temporary bouts of what ifs and what could have been. If a nurse would feel a bit tired and would rather change her nursing career, then here are some ways on how to handle a rough nursing shift.

Find the Humor in the Situation

The saying “laughter is the best medicine” does not only apply to patients. It can also be appropriate for nurses who may be suffering from a very lousy day. Seeing something funny about a hard situation can help lighten the mood. It is not always have to be a serious situation. Instead, one can find laughter in a situation that may be difficult.

Share with a Colleague

Having a friend or someone to share your day can be beneficial for you. It can help you vent and release some of the bad feelings you might be harboring inside. If you are not yet ready to laugh it off, then talking can help too. Getting it out of your chest can make your load lighter and you might find yourself freer after having a good talk.

Reflect and Review

When there is reflection involve, it does not mean self-bashing. Reflection would mean thinking of the events that happened and how you can handle the same situation in the future. It is more about learning from your mistakes and then moving on. Dwelling on it is counter-productive. What is best is to make sure that a lesson is learned from errors.

Having a bad day is not always easy. There are times when you think that you just want to give up throw in the towel. However, this is just a fleeting feeling. One should not feel defeated because of this. The best thing to do is to fight back because you know that there are people who can help and there are ways to handle these rough days. No one really said that nursing is easy. In fact, it is one of the hardest professions; but if one will think positively then a rough nursing shift would be an obstacle that can be easily acquired.

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