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Nurse Job in USA: Your Real Chance for a Better Life

Many people all over the world dream of an opportunity to live and work legally in the United States of America. But, unfortunately, America is accepting new members into their society with great difficulty. However, even strict rules allow an exception. One of these cases includes an immigrant's plans to work as a nurse in the US

Nursing in the US is what the country really needs, as medical schools of America offer a huge number of vacancies for this category, as US education system is just unable to fill them on its own.
Therefore, US hospitals apply recruitment of new workers from other countries.

How to achieve your goal

First of all, you need to submit a resume, then pass a screening test and, in case your candidacy is approved, sign a contract of employment.

Further, you should enter an intensive program of English language training and pass exams successfully.

After this, you participate in an intensive professional training program and pass an examination where you prove that you are ready to work as a nurse in the US

Following steps include an interview with the hospital, filing requirements for obtaining a license of an American nurse, obtaining Green Card and passage of an interview at the US Embassy.

After processing all necessary documents, you arrive in the US, go through orientation program and start to work.

What is required of you

The whole process will be completely free of charge for you. You just need to meet certain parameters.

First of all, you must have a nursing diploma and prove an average English level. You also need experience as a nurse and current work in this position.

And, of course, you should show demand integrity and lack of conflicts with the law.

Under these parameters, nursing job in the US will become an absolute reality.

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Certified Nursing Assistant, What Is It And How Can You Get A Job In This Field?

When it comes to finding a certified nursing assistant job, the ideal candidate must have adequate training experience in the necessary procedure amongst patients and medical staff. As a CNA, you may be asked to provide counseling to family members of the patient or comfort the patient in any situation, so emergency responding knowledge is essential in this field.

The main responsibilities of a CNA is to provide the patient hygienic necessities, bathing, giving medication and dressing as well as assisting in operations and changing bed linens. The hours of training are not excessively long, but you must spend at least 75 hours to clinical work in a controlled and supervised environment. There is a two part examination for a CNA to take before qualifying for the job.

The examination is based on clinical expertise and common sense of the candidate. A background check and drug tests will be carried out in order to select the right person for the job. Some facilities offer free training and employment soon after the ideal candidate has successfully completed the program.

Once you have obtained the qualifications needed to get employment, you should have the proper mindset and interest in the program. You can even find online courses that will make it easier to understand the aspects of your responsibilities within the health sector. These online courses are designed to help students learn about all the nursing assistant criteria; although some supervision is still needed in certain parts of the training.

This type of career is not any less than a nurse, though it is not as permanent or long term. Many of these practitioners are perceived as the stepping stone to other medical jobs in the health industry. You can become a physician after a few years of intensive studying and gaining more experience as a CNA, depending on how ambitious you are in the medical industry.

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What Is Available In Certified Nursing Assistant Positions?

There are many jobs available in the health field which need to be filled by certified professionals. These include certified nursing assistant positions. They can perform many of the jobs to assist registered nurses to make sure the patient receives complete care.

A certified nursing assistant needs to take a short course then take a certification exam to begin working. There are many jobs that they can get, and they will be located in different facilities. The first place that they can find a job is in the hospital. Here, they can help the RNs with getting the patients their medications, meals, and dressing them in the morning.

They also help with bathing and keeping the patient clean. They help to check on the patient when the nurse is very busy. Other places that a CNA can work is in a nursing home. There are many elderly people in these facilities who all need constant attention. They need help with doing many daily functions like cleaning, bathing, walking, and eating. There is a lot of work available in this field as there are many people who need assistance.

Even private clients need CNAs because they have need assistance in their own home. For instance, a person may come home from surgery, and they will need someone to prepare their meals as well as take their vital signs. There are many positions with different agencies, and they pay more because of the certification.

CNAs are lucky because they can perform skilled duties with their certification. They can work in several facilities to help their patient function more easily. They can assure that their patient is clean and fed impeccably. They are able to give medicines to patients as well which makes it nice for a registered nurse to get other important work done.

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CNA Training Programs

Who can participate in the program?

The program involves:

• doctors;

• medical assistants;

• nurses having General Nursing Diploma;

• final year students of medical schools (colleges);

The procedure confirmation of the diploma in CGFNS commission is one of the main stages of the program.

To make commission confirming your CGFNS certificate, the number of listened theoretical and practical hours in your diploma should meet American standards. To date, other countries' and American nursing diplomas have a slight difference in hours on certain subjects.

In this regard, we provide an opportunity to pass a special course in order to eliminate this difference.

To join the program you must:

Be interviewed

The interview provides an opportunity of being acquainted with all phases of training and further employment of nurses in USA health care system, answer your questions.

During the interview, you fill in the questionnaire and specify your technical skills and experience in medical field.

Then you will pass tests to determine your level of proficiency in English. Depending on the test result, you will be enrolled for training in groups of students at your level. Your English level can be optional. People, who English level is zero or minimal are offered separate groups.

Consideration of education certificates and other documents

You will be presented a list of documents required for participation in the Program, and detailed instructions on how to collect and prepare such documents. List of documents is compiled by requirements of consular offices and the Commission on graduates of foreign nursing schools – CGFNS Commission. These materials will be provided to CGFNS Commission, including documents confirming your education.

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The Benefits of Taking CNA Classes Online

A CNA or Certified Nurse Assistance is a very rewarding career and at the same time a very demanding one. Taking care of patients in a hospital or a long term nursing house, is a job that requires a lot of skills and there is training is needed.

Not everyone can attend classes, however, thanks to new technologies it is now possible to take a CNA course from the comfort of your home or, if there is no internet available at home, a library or cyber coffee shop is also suitable.

Family and work

Today's busy life leaves us with almost no free time. Thinking about a career while in a marriage, with kids and a job was almost impossible a few years ago. Spending a lot of time away from home to bring income makes it not viable to attend classes.

Internet and new technologies make the connection between busy life and free time. With the CNA classes online everyone has access to the CNA course at any time of the day. Lessons can be attended at your own pace, when you can, when you feel like learning a little more. Family, work and online studies can be a lovely combination.

First job or unemployed

Whether you are looking for your first job or you are unemployed, you can take advantage of all the free time you have to finish a CNA course in a short period of time. The online classes can be accessed at any time of the day and week, so the faster you attend the classes the faster you finish the online course and you are able to start working.


With online CNA courses there is no need to drive to school, hospital or nursing home to attend training classes. In fact, besides the price of the course, there is little money to be spent. All that is needed is a computer and internet connection that you probably already have at home.

Career change

If you are unsatisfied with your current job and want to have a health care provider then you will not regret taking advantage of a CNA course. Even if you are working full time outside the house, you can use your free time to, at your own pace, follow the career you want. CNA lessons online are very easy to follow and can be attended from your house, sofa or bed. If you are willing to serve society and provide patients with care, then this is an excellent move.

There is no doubt that a certified nurse assistant will have a long lasting career. Online classes will provide a stress free, relaxed learning at your own pace environment and in your available time at a minimum cost. Your family, current job and budget will not be affected by home absence to attend classes elsewhere.

Take advantage of a certified nurse assistance training and increase your self-esteem with a new career, a new job and at the same time help those that need your attention and care.

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The Future Prospects Of Training For Certified Nursing Assistant

The training for certified nursing assistant involves a team of health care professionals that will teach all about medical care facility. Most of these services are catered for older patients and include hospitals, care homes and even doctors.

There are numerous paid courses opportunities for CNAs. These programs offer tuition and you can earn the relevant credentials in order to become truly part of a professional member of health care team.

The job opportunities for nurse assistants remain strong and prosperous for the foreseeable future as the number of elderly population rises. The nursing assistant is required to manage the every day care of their clients at a care home facility.

The CNA is also responsible for many more tasks of taking care of their patient and they will be rewarded with good salary and overtime work. There are also many job offers no matter which state or city you wish to find employment.

One of the requirements of gaining entry into this type of job is to complete an internship by working in a medical environment under the management of an instructor. Due to the high demand for CNAs, you can often find paid training courses at your local college, although most of these classes are relatively small, you will certainly receive one to one attention as you study the program.

You can start to earn money and enjoy all the benefits of helping others who are in need of care. If your dream has always been to work in the health care industry, now is a good time to take up the opportunities that are awaiting you. You can find paid training for nursing assistant programs in your own area. Now is the best time to join hundreds of other CNAs who are working in the health care field and reap into the long term rewards.

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What to Expect When You Take LPN Courses

The name varies from state to state, but LPNsor Licensed Voluntary Nurses (LVNs) are the ones that take care of the injured, sick, disabled or convalescent patients. They assist patients in several ways in order to ease the pain they are feeling and treat their diseases and conditions.

Hospital, health care centers and nursing homes are always in need of LPNs to help take care of the increasing number of elderly people as well as disabled one among others.

LPN courses are a smart way to get a job in the health care field in a short period of time. Whether it is called LPN or LVN the pre-requisites to attend the course are the same as well as the program. This type of course has a duration of one year and finding a job after its completion is often easy due to the demanding society needs.

Beside the serene, loving and caring person a licensed practical necessity should be, the course trains LPNs to achieve wide group of tasks on a daily basis. Tasks may vary depending on the assigned work for a determinate nurse, but overall they are trained and apt to do all the tasks if necessary.

A LPN is a person that will work under the supervision of doctors and RNs, but is a nurse full of responsibility over several procedures. What this course provides is a wide know-how of how to be a good and experienced professional to be able to do a good job within health care. The areas covered by the course include:

  • Nutrition
  • Basic nursing skills
  • Emergency Care
  • Medical-Surgical nursing
  • Pediatric nursing
  • Obstetric Nursing

Within these areas several tasks are required to the nurse, including:

  • Check vital signs
  • Take lab samples for later analysis
  • IV administration
  • Take a close vigilance over serious patients (with diabetes, cardio vascular disease, etc)
  • Clean wounds, dressing and bandage
  • Closely control catheters and oxygen supplies
  • Therapeutic massages
  • Assist doctors while providing sutures
  • Prepare patients to go to the surgery room
  • Intensive care after surgery
  • Tight control over timely medication, food and water.

The LPN course is available with regular and online classes. Neverheless, in both cases and in order to be a licensed practical nurse, an LPN NCLEX certification exam is needed to apply for a license.

Regular classes are usually taken by those with a lot of free time like people looking for a first job or unemployed. LPN online courses are more preferred by people that have a busy family life or that have a full time job and little free time.

Taking classes online is an excellent way to be a licensed practical nurse in a short period of time. Getting a job after having the certification is not difficult as long as you have the LPN NCLEX certification exam. The number of long term health care centers has increased a lot and the need for LPNs is constant.

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CNA Certification For A Career In The Medical Field

One profession that will always be in high demand is a certified nursing assistant. An assistant to a nurse will always be able to find employment in this field, whether part time or full time. Gaining a CNA certification is very essential for anyone who desires to have a career as a certified nursing assistant.

The certificate will certainly be necessary as it will enable a persons nursing career to start. With this certificate you will be able to enter into the medical field working with doctors and other nurseries in clinics, hospitals and other medical facilities.

Some requirements are necessary before you can ever begin your career, like you will need at least a high school diploma, which is a common requirement for any enrollment into programs for a certification in this field.

Depending on what kind of care it is a person is looking into will determine just what type of training for this type of medical assistant will be required to gain this certificate. After a person finds the kind of training program it is that will be necessary to obtain the certificate, it will be then that the training will begin.

Some of the training will consist of work in theory in a classroom, along with some practical work as well. The practical work shall take place inside a laboratory and or a clinical environment, which shall allow the theory to then be put to work with a students practice.

To ensure yourself of obtaining this certificate, a student will certainly need to attend each lecture. If there is any other additional theory work, then it will also be essential for the student to complete this before ever getting the CNA certification. After the program is done and the student has earned the certification, the student then can go out and seek his or her career as a certified nursing assistant.

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CNA Certification:Distance Learning

CNA certification companies developed a unique distance learning project that will expand the boundaries of your medical career. The project allows you looking at yourself, your profession and the whole world in an absolutely new way!

Distance learning meets the requirements of modern life, which causes growing interest in distance learning, its many different forms necessary for a contemporary person.

The project Nursing Career offers any health worker, doctor or nurse making a huge breakthrough in their medical career anywhere in the world and at any time for a fairly short period of time.

Select your reason for joining the project:
– License of a nurse to work in US clinics;
– Employment contract for 3 years with any clinic in the US;
– Green Card with the right to work and stay in the US for you and your family;
– Social benefits and health insurance for you and whole family;
– Assistance in relocation and accommodation;
– Getting an invaluable experience in high professional clinics;

Choosing such program, a doctor gets an opportunity to work abroad in the specialty of nurse. Those professionals, who still want to work in medical specialty, are offered an opportunity to undergo the procedure of medical diploma and competency verification. These procedures involve examinations, upon their passing, a doctor enter the residency.

Based on the foregoing, each doctor will be able to work as a licensed medical nurse and simultaneously undergo the process of medical diploma verification, which will allow financial support for them and their families for a lifetime; You have a choice: to pass the whole way of the project or use individual services. Joining the program at any stage, you will achieve the desired result! Qualified teachers, their methods and professional consultants will help you in this.

Over the years, CAN certification companies gained enough experience to accompany you through the project. Therefore, with their full support, you will be taught all necessary knowledge, get the license, successfully pass your tests and get exactly the good things of life you deserve! What do you need? Just desire and the Internet!

Distance learning technologies allow you to be retrained with a substantial savings of time and monetary resources.
Candidates having a diploma of nursing education degree get an opportunity to pass refresher course for elimination of lack of hours on some subjects, which presence is necessary in accordance with international CGFNS requirements (Credentials Evaluation Service), presented to profession of nurse in the US

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CNA Certification

Employment Conditions

During the first 30 days of your stay in the US, the company defines you to work under an employment contract signed by you.

Wage rate

Wage rate for nurses varies from state to state year after year. In this case, a registered nurse salary is not less than 42,000 dollars a year ($ 21 per hour).

The maximum earnings could reach 70 000 dollars in the first year of the contract by working off hours, weekends and holidays. Rating of each such hour is stipulated in the contract between employer and nurse. Questions about increase in wages will be specified separately in the contract between nurse and her employer.

Paid leave and compensatory time off / weekends

At the end of a 90-day trial period, nurses working full-time earn 1.25 days per month of paid leave, which is 15 (fifteen) days of paid vacation per calendar year. Paid vacation days can not be transferred to the next year or exchanged for a refund. These conditions apply only to the first year of work in the United States. Typically, since the second year there will be additional benefits.

Insurance coverage

According to the Labor Agreement and US law, the employer provides its employees who work full-time medical insurance, life insurance and social insurance.

Number of patients

Most patients of different types of health facilities are provided with personal or double rooms with bathroom and toilet in each room. Nurses in general hospital wards usually serve 5-8 patients, while in intensive care, resuscitation and emergency medical care ratio of nurses and patients is usually 1: 1

Medical organizations in the US are investing heavily to introduce the most advanced technology of patient care, up to wireless equipment for remote cardiac monitoring and remote robotic surgical techniques. Such technological advances can be seen not only in major clinics with higher medical educational institutions, but also many hospitals.

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Nursing Uniforms: Memories

The summer of my 7th year, my brother and I were wrestling and he accidently stabbed an ice pick in my side. Having to spend the rest of that day and the night in the hospital, I was able to watch the nursing staff and to remember how they were dressed. The uniforms were a white dress with a white apron that was gathered at the waist. They also wore a white cap.

Webster's dictionary definition of a uniform is: The official or distinct clothes or outfit worn by members of a particular group. Why tell you about Webster's definition? Over the next 18 years I was in hospitals to visit friends and family and for the birth of my own children as well as for two stays myself. In those years from 1959 to 1977, I saw no major changes in the uniforms. But over the next few years, beginning in the 80's, changes began to happen quickly, from the standard white starched uniform dresses to scrubs.

To get a background history on nurses' uniforms, I read many articles and talked to many friends and my spouse about the changes from uniforms to scrubs and paraphrased this information below.

As nursing came into being and they began to work for local health facilities or the cities, nurses began to wear uniforms that were derived from the nun's habit. Later, to show more professionalism, nurses began to wear a servant's uniform, with a white gathered or banded cap and a long print dress with a white apron. In 1860, thanks to Florence Nightingale School for Nurses, the nursing uniform became more standardized world wide. The breast and collar of the dress got more detail. A bib covered the torso and was gathered at the waist with an apron below. But thanks to the World Wars, uniforms became more functional with less importance on appearance. Bulky aprons disappeared and skirts hem lines were shortened for better mobility, while sleeves were shortened or rolled up. This need for functionality and a desire to keep a feminine look produced the most familiar and the most attractive nurse's uniform in history. Nursing uniforms changed little until the 1990's when scrubs begin to appear.

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The Healing Effects of Color

Color can be defined as particular wavelengths of electro-magnetic energy. The color that we see is the part of the visible spectrum that is reflected back by an object. The psychological effect of color has been widely researched during the past century. It is acknowledged that humans exhibit common responses to individual colors. Colors affect us in different ways, affecting our mood and emotions and impacting our sense of well-being. They influence the flow and amount of energy in our bodies. Colors can have an impact on the body's energies. They can help restore energy and balance or clear negative emotions. Each individual color is associated with a specific energy center in the body. These energy centers are also known as chakras.

Red: Vibrancy and stimulation are the two main characteristics of the red chakra. Overuse of red in the immediate environment can cause some individuals to become over excited or even angry. In a health care facility people with high blood pressure or anxiety can be adversely affected by the color red. However, for those suffering from conditions of low blood pressure ,activity or impotence the color red can have a therapeutic advantage.

Yellow: The solar plexus chakra is associated with the color yellow. An imbalance in this chakra can result in fear, apprehension, introversion or power issues. Due to its positive vibrational link to calcium, this color can have a positive therapeutic effect on people with rheumatoid or osteoarthritis. The solar plexus also affects the digestive system and is related to the eyes, the intellect and mental processes.

Orange: This color is associated with the sacral chakra. It can be beneficial to the kidneys and urinary system. Because it is also related to the adrenal glands, the color orange can help combat adrenal depletion caused from chronic stress or overwork. It is also helpful in cases of depression as it can stimulate the respiratory and nervous systems and bring joy.

Green: The heart chakra is associated with the color green. This color can aid in bringing balance to the body as well as helping to purify and cleanse, as well as helping in instances of low self-esteem.

Turquoise: Turquoise is affiliated with the throat chakra. It is responsible for strengthening the immune system and improving communication by strengthening the voice and improving verbal expression. It can also have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body.

Blue: The brow chakra is related to the color blue. It is a calming and potentially sedating color, helping relieve symptoms of headache, high blood pressure, asthma, anxiety and skin irritations. Blue is a protective color providing insight that can help during challenging times.

Purple: Purple is associated with the crown chakra and related to spirituality, helping to promote inner wisdom and self-respect, especially when personal transformation is desired.

The 1980's saw a change in health care facilities. Nursing uniforms no longer were required to be white. Uniform scrubs became the nursing uniform of choice. Uniform scrubs pants and scrub tops were available in a variety of styles and a rainbow of colors. Nursing uniform manufacturers such as Cherokee Scrubs and Dickies Scrubs expanded their uniform scrubs lines by adding new, more flattering and comfortable styles.

The addition of color into nursing uniforms filled the health care institution with patient pleasing hues and strangely aided in Vibrational Healing. In a move away from institutional white, some hospitals encouraged individual nursing units to adopt a specific uniform scrubs colors to design their work areas. Subsequent Vibrational Healing studies have shown that the introduction of colored uniform scrubs into the health care facility has had a beneficial effect on patient comfort and recuperation times.

The human body is designed to be self-renewing and self-healing. However, it is necessary that the body be maintained. If a particular body organ is overtaxed or stressed, the body can run out of replenishing material and has difficulty coping with the system overload. The term Vibrational Healing refers to using the different frequencies of light emitted by colors to infuse energy into the body's particular energy centers or chakras.

This infusion of energy through the addition of color into the health care facility environment on walls and in uniform scrubs acts as a system booster and can speed healing and promote general physical and emotional well-being in the body.

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Get Out of Work on Time – 5 Habits for Nurses to Develop

You have trouble leaving work when your shift is over. The overtime pay is nice, but how much is that extra time at work cutting into your home and personal time? As a nurse, you expect there will be emergencies that prevent you from leaving sometimes. But every day? If this describes you, develop these five habits to get out of work on time.

1. Prioritize and Delegate
Is there always too much to do in your eight or 12 hour shift? If you can, do the most important tasks when you first arrive at work. Plan your day before you begin. Are you the only one who can do all the tasks? Delegate any work you can. If there still seems to be too much to do, write down everything you need to do and the amount of time it takes you to do it. If the time it takes to fulfill your job responsibilities is more than the number of hours you work, ask your supervisor if there are any duties you can eliminate.

2. Manage Time Wisely
Reduce any time you waste during your shift so you do not end up trying to catch up later. Do not skip breaks and meals. They can revitalize you. Try working harder and faster at the beginning of your workday when you are fresh. That way you can wind down when you are more tired at the end of your shift. Document as you go instead of waiting until the last minute. If you have a big project, break it down into smaller steps. Do a little each day.

3. Be Imperfect
Do you have to do everything perfectly? If so, everything will take longer to do. Or you may never get anything done because you can not finish work that has to be perfect. Insisting on perfection is unrealistic and impossible and will exhaust you. Just do the best you can. You will learn from any mistakes and do better next time.

4. Leave Work Behind
Does everything have to be done before you leave? Accept that some work will have to wait. In the last hour of work, evaluate what is left to do. Pass it on to someone else or leave it for another day. Take two minutes at the end of your day to list the five most important things to do when you get to work tomorrow.

5. Look at Your Systems
Analyze how efficient your processes are at work. Do you have access to the computer when you need to? Are you expected to take off orders until the end of your shift or is there a cut off time? Do you have a quiet area to chart or are you constantly interrupted? Work at solving these problems. If you need help, ask your supervisor. She / he may be as motivated as you are to get you out on time.

Whatever reasons you stay late at work, you can solve them with some introspection, ingenuity and some help. Adopt these five habits to get out of work when you are supposedly to. As a nurse, you work hard and save lives every day. You deserve to have as much time for yourself as you can.

Read Nancy, the Nurse Mentor's, blog to Be the Best Nurse You Can Be

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A Quick Guide On The Online Certified Nursing Assistant Course

Not everyone has the time or can afford to take time off work or away from the family home and so they do not follow their dreams. This can be the case with want to be nurses who have a passion for caring thinking that it is not a possible option. Thankfully there are ways that anyone can train using an online certified nursing assistant course.

These are the perfect option if time is an issue, and they can help you change your career or start a new one in the extremely rewarding medical profession. Many colleges do deliver fully recognized nursing classes via long distance learning. You are able to enroll no matter what your age and study in the comfort of your own home at the times which suit you.

A CNA works under the supervision of a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse. The role involves carrying out general duties which help people under the care of a hospital, home care or nursing home to cope with daily living. These include jobs such as dressing, making the bed, help with feeding.

To become a CNA you will need to successfully pass a competency test. In order to prepare for this you will need to learn about basic health care, ethics and medical law. These subjects are covered in the training and you will need to study for at least 75 hours. Once you pass the exam you will be expected to pass a State test before you are considered to be certified.

After you have qualified you will be able to go into further training if you wish to advance further in your chosen medical field. The short course can be the perfect place to start as you can begin working in health care and continue to study around your hours while gaining valuable experience.

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Briefly Looking At The Job Description For Certified Nursing Assistant

The basic job description for certified nursing assistant (CNA) is to care for patients who are unable to care for themselves. CNAs can also be called health care aides or nurse aids, and their primary responsibility is to assist patients with fundamental tasks. Although the job is not well paid, many CNAs go on to study at college to obtain a Registered Nurse degree.

Typical working environments are hospitals, long-term care facilities, assisted living facilities, mental health facilities, and nursing homes. Some are employed on a private basis to look after people in their own homes. Daily tasks include bathing patients, helping them get in and out of bed, washing and brushing their hair, dressing them, and helping them eat.

Additional responsibilities include exercising patients by helping them walk to the bathroom. A CNA also accompanies patients when they need to go to the doctor's rooms for a consultation. Other jobs are making beds, tidying rooms, collecting samples for laboratory tests, reading vital signs, and monitoring patient calling lights.

The CNA will also be expected to assist registered nurses with a variety of tasks, e. G. Delivering messages to patients, doctors, or other medical staff. In addition, he or she may even be required to help with certain medical procedures. An important facet of this job entails providing emotional support for patients and their families.

To become a CNA in the United States of America, it is necessary to have training and certification. Classes are usually conducted by registered nurses. A broad spectrum of topics is covered. These range from how to position patients correctly and how to bathe them, to turning and lifting patients, and learning about body mechanics.

Apart from understanding the job description for certified nursing assistant, it is important to have the right character for this position. You need to have a lot of compassion, a natural desire to help people and, most of all, patience. It is challenging work and you will often have to deal with frustrated, angry patients.

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