So you want to be a nurse, but you do not want to invest many years of time and a large amount of money to do your training. Perhaps your children are growing older and you are ready to return to work. Training to be a CNA is an excellent way of following your desire to nurse, but without the necessary long term training commitment. With so many available certified nursing assistant programs online, you can even choose to study at home while you are continuing your day job, or looking after the needs of your family.

CNAs undertake many of the tasks that a registered or licensed nurse does in the course of their work day they provide the basic needs of their patients without requiring the technical knowledge that more advanced skills require in this field.

Working with patients every day and helping them recover from illness or surgery, or assisting them to attend appointments and treatments make the working day of a CNA varied and interesting and extremely self fulfilling.

Training courses can be completed within a 6 to 12 month time frame depending on the type of training undertaken. Training typically requires the completion of learning modules and some practical work for evaluation. When training is completed, many of these placements will encourage students to return and work as full time or part time staff, making the student to worker transition very simple.

Commencing any of the certified nursing assistant programs online is an excellent and cost effective way to train to be a nurse. As with most health care positions, the job security for a CNA is very strong. The versatility of employment together with a shortage of staff in some areas, have created a strong career pathway for anyone considering to get gainful employment in this medical field.