After you pass the Nurse Professional CGFNS test and language «TOEFL» test or «IELTS» and obtain relevant points, American employee arrangements a phone interview with you and concludes a contract for a period of not less than 3 years. Further, law firm gives the required documents to the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) for permission to perform permanent residence in the United States with the right to work. After you obtaining INS permission, law firm prepares documents for Green Card.

• After an interview at the American embassy, ​​a nurse (with family) enters the United States. Family includes spouse and children under 21 years.

• 5 years after entry into the country a nurse (and her family) are entitled to registration of US citizenship.

• US citizens are eligible to register Green Card for parents of any age during a year.

• Spouse and children of nurse are eligible to work immediately after entering the country (as all permanent US residents).

• Nurse, spouse and children are entitled to grants for learning in all higher educational institutions of America immediately after entering the country (like all US citizens). Conditions of work in the US for the first three years. The first few months in the US are adaptable. Nurse works as a licensed nurse assistant and is preparing for the test for NCLEX-RN license (in case she failed for the first time). After passing the test for a license, a nurse begins to officially work as a licensed nurse.

• Salary for contract duration – from 45-55 thousand dollars a year or more, depending on seniority.

• You will work in a health care institution specified by employer.

• A nurse obtains health insurance for the whole family during contract duration. • You may visit your native country any time during vacation.

After the end of contract, you can:
• extend contract;
• independently search for a licensed nurse job in any organization, learning 65 thousand dollars a year;
• take advantage of your second education (doctor, engineer, teacher, etc.);
• improve qualification.