In the realm of medical services, nursing professionals play a very significant role; in fact it is difficult to imagine efficient health care without their services. Nurses are categorized into several segments one of which is Advanced Practical Nurses (APNs) with sub-categories.

Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) and Certified Nurse Anesthetists (CNRA) are the other important categories. However, till around 1970, specialization in nursing profession was not well defined. APNs have definitely gained better recognition by now; still there are a large number of trained nurses who have not been stipulated their rightful place among the specialized categories that they bought to have been.

The label of an inferior medical professional has not quite gotten erased that has been affecting the remembrance they receive too. These professionals who train and study hard to secure their degrees are required to prove their competency all over again when they apply for jobs. In the continuing circumstances, qualified nurses must gather information about medical reimbursements options like,

Medicaid and Medicare as well as third party payers so that they know exactly that they are being remunerated adequately for the job are performing. It will also be worth the effort that nurses study right to the doctoral level even though this is not a pre-condition for securing a job.

Such study is sure to get them not only prescriptive authority; it will ensure they are paid as per their grade. As these nurses provide medical care to patients within their area of ​​specialization, it sounds logical that they are authorized to prescribe medication that will also eliminate the delays involved in starting treatment simply to get the prescription signed by a doctor.

Although the regulations in the ever growing field of nursing differ from state to state, there is a common factor that has been keeping the position of a nursing professional despite trained very low in health care hierarchy; it is the lack of authority to write prescriptions.

Thus, under various reimbursement schemes, they do not have the recognition they deserve. An exercise by National Council of Nursing Organization (NCSBN) in consultation with Professional Nursing Organization is currently on to address the issues involved and produce a regulatory model for all APNs so as to ensure uniformity of systems among various states.

Till this gets finalized, the nursing professionals will be well advised to first check out the actual practice being in vogue in the state where they are seeking employment. A sense of urgency on the part of the government too is required to set the scales right.