Training to be a CNA will vary according to the type of program and location of training. Training to be a CNA in an aged care facility will differ from programs to be a CNA in a hospital or other acute care facility. Before deciding which certified nursing assistant classes, choose to study an understanding of the types of facilities you can work in may be useful.

CNAs training to work with the elderly in agreed care will require good communication and team work skills as well as time management and organizational skills. The ability to empathize with and enjoy working with older patients and residents would be essential. Assistance in daily activities such as hygiene and diet needs and transporting to appointments and providing basic patient care like maintaining records of vital signs and other tasks as directed by medical or nursing staff.

CNAs who work in acute care facilities such as hospitals and doctors surgeries may be more involved with simple duties such as testing diabetics for blood sugar levels or assisting patients to collect specimens of urine or other body secrets for testing. They may assist patients prepare for surgical procedures and assist the medical or nursing staff with procedures as directed.

Once you have decided where you would like to work, you need to decide where you will do your training. Studying online or studying in a conventional college will depend on life circumstances and personal choice. However once you have decided, your classes, course duration and your work placement experience will reflect the type of nursing work you have chosen.

Upon completion of your CNA classes you will need to sit an exam. Your certification will then enable you to begin work in your chosen career in medical field for many years to come. The future prospects for this type of employment is bright as there is always need for assistants to help out doctors and nurses in hospitals and care homes.