Terms of participation in the program

Nurses in the United States program includes several stages, which successful completion becomes the key to your employment in the US

The program involves three basic steps:

1. Pass English test (TOEFLibt or IELTS) successfully.
2. Undergo the procedure of nursing diploma confirmation (CES) in CGFNS Commission.
3. Successfully pass American Nurse License test (NCLEX-RN).

Program participants receive a free set of required textbooks and begin their studies under the guidance of our faculty, which is formed of experienced teachers from various universities, as well as teachers having experience with this kind of training programs.

The curriculum also includes exercises to familiarize with the basics of culture and traditions of the country, economic characteristics of living in the US, which will provide a high level of comfort in the new conditions of work and residence.

English will be taught by a specially developed curriculum, which includes various sections of the course: communication skills, understanding of instructions, medical ethics, problem solving, working with difficult patients and their families, interaction with fellow nurses and doctors, etc.

Learning conditions:

Free intensive training program sets a number of goals:

– To improve your overall level of English proficiency, including communication skills, reading and writing;
– Special study of English medical terminology;
– Preparing to pass the required exams

To achieve maximum effectiveness of educational process, groups are formed according to the level of initial English knowledge.
Main sessions will include three (3) hours per day, three to six days a week in the evening, within 10 months. In addition, teachers will give you additional after-school job.

Distance learning project offers students from any country to:

• take part in Nurses in the US program,
• study English language course remotely,
• receive nursing diploma
• pass the visa procedures,
• explore the course of medical terminology
• prepare for the exam for a license to work in the US
… and all this without leaving your computer, quickly, conveniently and at any time!