CNA certification companies developed a unique distance learning project that will expand the boundaries of your medical career. The project allows you looking at yourself, your profession and the whole world in an absolutely new way!

Distance learning meets the requirements of modern life, which causes growing interest in distance learning, its many different forms necessary for a contemporary person.

The project Nursing Career offers any health worker, doctor or nurse making a huge breakthrough in their medical career anywhere in the world and at any time for a fairly short period of time.

Select your reason for joining the project:
– License of a nurse to work in US clinics;
– Employment contract for 3 years with any clinic in the US;
– Green Card with the right to work and stay in the US for you and your family;
– Social benefits and health insurance for you and whole family;
– Assistance in relocation and accommodation;
– Getting an invaluable experience in high professional clinics;

Choosing such program, a doctor gets an opportunity to work abroad in the specialty of nurse. Those professionals, who still want to work in medical specialty, are offered an opportunity to undergo the procedure of medical diploma and competency verification. These procedures involve examinations, upon their passing, a doctor enter the residency.

Based on the foregoing, each doctor will be able to work as a licensed medical nurse and simultaneously undergo the process of medical diploma verification, which will allow financial support for them and their families for a lifetime; You have a choice: to pass the whole way of the project or use individual services. Joining the program at any stage, you will achieve the desired result! Qualified teachers, their methods and professional consultants will help you in this.

Over the years, CAN certification companies gained enough experience to accompany you through the project. Therefore, with their full support, you will be taught all necessary knowledge, get the license, successfully pass your tests and get exactly the good things of life you deserve! What do you need? Just desire and the Internet!

Distance learning technologies allow you to be retrained with a substantial savings of time and monetary resources.
Candidates having a diploma of nursing education degree get an opportunity to pass refresher course for elimination of lack of hours on some subjects, which presence is necessary in accordance with international CGFNS requirements (Credentials Evaluation Service), presented to profession of nurse in the US