If you are interested in starting a career as a certified nurse assistant, you need to take a CNA training course in order to become certified. Those of you living in the Big Apple will need to find a place to take get CNA training in NYC. After finishing your training course, you will be able to take the New York State licensing exam. New York is a great place to get your training.

One reason it is great is that New York is recognized for offering great and rewarding opportunities for the medical professionals. It also has a reputation of providing students with proper training that need that will enable them to work in New York.

The state of New York is responsible for regulating training for the medical profession. While each state requires students to complete CNA training before they can sit for the exam, the length of the training varies. New York requires a minimum of seventy-five hours. It must include both classroom and clinical training.

Even though it is shorter than some states, CNA training in NYC has been rated as one of the best that anyone can go through. There are many medical facilities and hospitals in New York City that offer these training courses several times a year. There are also community colleges in NYC and in the surrounding area that offer training courses each semester. There are even some institutions that offer online CNA training.

Free Training in New York City

There is one place that offers free CNA training in NYC. The Bronx Learning Center is located at 3450 Tremont Avenue, Bronx, New York. Their phone number is 718-863-4057. Give them a call and find out when the next free course starts.

Access Careers at 474 Fulton Avenue, Suite 201 in New York offers a CNA course. The course last 2 months and cost $ 799.

Finally there is a course at ABC Training Center. It is at 2471 Morris Avenue in New York. This course also last two months. The total cost for this course is $ 1200.

There has been a growing demand for certified nurse assistants lately. It is not just New York that has seen more job openings. Every state in the US has more openings available for CNAs. Most states will also accept a CNA certification from another state. This means that once you finish your CNA training in NYC, you can move to another state and easily find a job.