Who can participate in the program?

The program involves:

• doctors;

• medical assistants;

• nurses having General Nursing Diploma;

• final year students of medical schools (colleges);

The procedure confirmation of the diploma in CGFNS commission is one of the main stages of the program.

To make commission confirming your CGFNS certificate, the number of listened theoretical and practical hours in your diploma should meet American standards. To date, other countries' and American nursing diplomas have a slight difference in hours on certain subjects.

In this regard, we provide an opportunity to pass a special course in order to eliminate this difference.

To join the program you must:

Be interviewed

The interview provides an opportunity of being acquainted with all phases of training and further employment of nurses in USA health care system, answer your questions.

During the interview, you fill in the questionnaire and specify your technical skills and experience in medical field.

Then you will pass tests to determine your level of proficiency in English. Depending on the test result, you will be enrolled for training in groups of students at your level. Your English level can be optional. People, who English level is zero or minimal are offered separate groups.

Consideration of education certificates and other documents

You will be presented a list of documents required for participation in the Program, and detailed instructions on how to collect and prepare such documents. List of documents is compiled by requirements of consular offices and the Commission on graduates of foreign nursing schools – CGFNS Commission. These materials will be provided to CGFNS Commission, including documents confirming your education.