We look at ASN nurses as modern day heroes. Heroes are not just about superpowers. When we describe a hero today it is about the great service they have done for the safety of another person or for the good of the country. As an ASN nurse, they can be considered heroes because they have experienced many difficulties just to be of service to mankind. Sure, one might think that nurses only take the job because of money. There is no argument about that but they also take on this noble profession because they really care for the people especially those who are weak and sick.

In order to be of service to the people, nurses have faced difficulties yet they continue to strive to be of service to patients, colleges and doctors.

Patients and Relatives

One of the difficulties that a nurse faces is the patients and their relatives. There are instances when angry relatives and impatient sick people would demand a lot out of you. You try to be diplomatic and calm even when they sometimes go out of line. There are already instances when ASN nurses receive verbal abuse and even physical ones. Yet, even when these things happen they still staunchly stay at their job and be of service to people.


Even at this present time, nurses still have to overcome the stereotypes that people perceive about them. They are still considered assistants to doctors, people who did not pass medical school, or just nurses. These are hurdles that one has to welcome when you are part of the nursing profession. It is not easy but step by step one can finally succeed in convincing people that they are more than just assistants or helpers. Instead they are professionals who are in search of cures for the patients and advocates of health.

Labor Shortage

It is all over the news that there are fewer jobs compared to the past years. The answer to this is because there are many more graduates out there and there are already promises cuts being put into place. Here, jobs are hard to find and if there are jobs available there are other added difficulties like staff shortage, long hours and less pay.

These are just some of the difficulties that a nursing professional are facing these days. It can not be helped because it is the reality of life. What can one do is to be resilient and steadfast about it. This is the solution that one can do for the love of the profession.