Most people have a fantasy vision of what retirement looks like to them: sleeping late, no appointments, traveling, no more time clocks to punch, no boss, no more daily friend connections, no more kids in the house. This sounds boring to me.

After working under one roof for 21 years I have witnessed many people “retire” and then return to work within 30 days because they are bored or can not live off of half the income they were used to.

We have had nurses who talked about retirement for years. When the time came, they were not prepared to leave the nursing field. Some had spouses or family who became ill and caused them to return to work in their later years for extra income. Somewhere in life, a picture of a wonderland life comes to mind when the word “retirement” is spoken. Many think they can just lie around and do nothing and it would be a wonderful life. Our bodies are made to be busy, and when they come to a halt after years of being on the go, they die.

What are you doing to prepare for retirement?

Nursing is a physically draining profession that is not for the impaired nurses. Nurses end up with bad backs, bad feet, bed knees and general aging slows them down energy wise. Seasoned nurses who retire can offer their mentorship to the new nurses. After spending 24 plus years in nursing and as a seasoned nurse, I have many skills to pass on to the new nurse.

I have no plans to sit in a rocking chair and watch age catch me. I want to give age a run for its money.

I began planning my next 30 years of caring for people and meeting their needs like a nurse does in a new way. By being a nurse and sharing my skills, experiences, and knowledge, I will do the job of nursing at a new level. I enjoy talking to people, hearing their stories, finding ways to offer a service, which gives me something extra. I do however, have to be careful not to allow someone else's needs to interfere with my own goals.

During my working years, of barely getting enough rest to fuel the long 13 hour shifts, I invested in a company to build my nest egg for retirement. My husband and I have several big trips we want to enjoy without counting pennies when we go. The work-place's time clocks will be quiet and the life clock will be ticking to a new beat.

I began educating myself for the next 30 years as a season nurse sharing an energized future.