Trust is a very big word. It is not something that one should take lightly. Trust is given to those who deserve it. Trust should be mutual and should be developed. Among the professions out there, it is said that the nursing professional is one of those people being trusted. This is a big compliment because it is not every day that you hear strangers say that they can trust a nurse even if they do not know them personally.

Even if you hear this about surveys, as a nursing professional, you should be conscious of establishing trust with your patients, colleges and doctors.

Positive Words

Most people put their defenses up if they feel that they are being attacked. When you say attacked it is not only through physical means but it can also be verbal. Sometimes the words you say to a person can be more hurtful than dealing them with a physical blow. One way to establish trust is by giving positive words instead of negative ones. It can do a lot of wonders if you practice it not only to your patients but to people who surrounds you at work.

Admitting Mistakes

We are only human and we can commit errors. As nursing professionals, one thing that we can do is to admit to the mistake we made instead of burying it in excuses. It is better to know that one can readily admit to a mistake and would try to correct it than hearing a person blame other people or situations for the mistake he or she committed.

Be Consistent

Consistency is an important part of developing trust. If a person sees that you are being consistent in your words and action then trust does develop quickly. Inconsistency could result in broken promises and actions that will not be accomplished.

Best Interest of Others

Sometimes making the unpopular decisions can be a difficult thing to do. Most world leaders suffer from this dilemma. It can also happen to you, are making a decision just because it is popular or are you going to go to a decision that many will not like but it is for the sake of your patient? It is always for the good of others that you should base your decision.

Show Respect

This action may be neglected by others but in order to establish trust one must also show respect to other nursing professionals and medical personnel. It is said that respect and trust go together.