As ASN nurses we are tasked to take care of our patients as best we could. It is just more than a responsibility for us; it is our sworn duty to make sure that they will feel comfortable, secure and protected. During the time that they are in the hospital, the closest caring that they will get is from the ASN nurses.

It is good if the patients are always cooperative and obedient to everything you tell them to do for the good of their health. What would happen if the patient exhibits an iron that that even Margaret Thatcher pales in comparison?

It could be a nightmare for nurses because it would mean a big amount of patience should be practiced when faced with these kinds of patients. The nursing professionals should understand that one of the reasons why a patient would act out or be stubborn is because they are suffering from pain and discomfort. So how does one really handle patients that can be a bit more stubborn for comfort?

Firm but Gentle

Remember to be gentle to them but one must also stay true to what should be done. Being firm in a gentle manner can be a good way to handle them. Sometimes you get more if you use honey than vinegar.

Make Them Trust You

Another reason why some patients disobey is because they distrust or do not understand what is really happening to them. The key for them to follow is to make sure that they understand the procedure that is being done and make them trust you. One has to make sure that even if the patient will only stay for a while there should be trust.

Empathize with Them

If you talk to the patient sincerely and show them how much you understand their situation then maybe you can also get a more positive reaction from them. Patients need a person that they can talk to and understand them. If they feel that the nursing professionals are not sincere then it may add some complications and a battle of wills might ensue.

In a person's nursing care, patients are the most important factor to consider. There will be a big share of different patients that you meet along the way. Some of them would be obedient as a school kid and other would be as stubborn as a teenage person. Whatever will be the case make sure that you are able to handle situations in a manner that you will not add to the hurt or pain of the patient.