A nursing career is one of the most thought-after election for most young generation these days simply because it is a high paying job and also because it has many perks. For the past five years the salary of nurses have increased and that is also one of the reasons why many people have been thinking of switching careers and be a nurse. There is actually a high demand for nurses in the country and it is such a sad fact that our nation can not meet the high demand for capable nurses that we have to outsource Asian nurses. Of course we are more than happy to have them but what about us? Are not we capable of caring for our fellow countrymen? Are we not happy to be able to serve our people? Is there really a need to outsource foreign nurses?

Nurses can attest to the fact that for the past 5 years their careers have increased and would not it best if our fellowmen will have the chance to enjoy this financial benefit? Being a nurse would take more than just intelligence. One of the most important characteristics of a person in order to become an effective nurse is patience. Without patience a person will never be a good nurse. And who wants to be catered to a grumpy, hot-tempered nurse? That is why for people who have no patience, love for other people and has no forgiving heart should never be a nurse.

Many things in life are not all about money. In fact, there are so many things in life that is more of giving our self through service to other people for the betterment of the community and for the whole country. But come to think of it; being a nurse is like shooting 2 birds in 1 stone. You get to help other people and at the same time you are learning big time!

There are several factors that would greatly affect a nurse's salary and one of the most important aspects of getting a larger pay is if the nurse has a long number of years of experience. Earning potential of an RN increases as his number of years increases; meaning to say that if the nurse has been in service for 10-30 years then high alert ability will increase increase. That is why right after graduation from an accredited nursing school it is important to apply for work immediately provided that the person has passed the licensing exam. It would be unwisely to waste time by not working if you already passed the licensing exam. Nurses with 10-30 years experience can earn as much as 25-30 dollars an hour while the minimum pay for nurses with a year of experience can only earn as much as 20-21 dollars per hour.

Another factor that can help raise a nurse's salary is the job performance. Nurses who are always absent or late may never have the chance to ask for a raise. While people who work hard and who are always punctual while doing their best every single day can expect to have a raise.