Bullying is part of our society. It is present in different age group, industry and country. Sad to say that even in the nursing profession, bullying can be felt by nurses. It is something that people want to get rid of but still it persists and we as a society still find ways on how to protect ourselves from bullying. It is hurtful and it is scary hanging on the kind of bully that a person comes face to face with.

As ASN nurses face their responsibilities and duties, they still have to contend with this kind of sad reality. As ASN nurses, you can be victims or you can learn how to fight them back.


There will be different people that you will work with in the nursing profession. There will be doctors, nursing assistants and other nurses. Look at them and find a person that makes other people feel miserable. This can be more or less the bully that you need to protect yourself from.


Once you have established that a person is the bully, then you have to avoid that person at all cost. It may not be easy but make sure the contact or communication that you have with them is limited or none at all. Without it will be work related then that is the only time you permit this person to talk to you.

Be Professional

Always act with professionalism when you talk with this person. Make sure that there will be no opportunity for him to hurt you in words or actions. Be businesslike toward the person.

Ask for Help

If there will be situation wherein you are harassed by the bully, then do not hesitate to ask for help. Sometimes, it will make you stronger if you feel that there are people that will support you and can back you up when this bully will try to hurt you.

Be Strong

Bullies can use hurtful words that can make you cry, this is all right, you can cry about it but not in front of the person. If they see that you are hurt by them in any way then this makes their day. As much as possible be emotional when you are by yourself or with a trusted friend but never in front of these bullies.

The best possible way to fight then is to stay away from them. If that is not possible then show them that you are not affected.