As a consumer think about how much time is wasted on returning a product. Purchasing your nursing attire within the same brand each time is a number one foolproof method to avoid future hassles. Each brand or manufacturer varies in their dye lots, sizing / cutting, and choice of material used. Due to this reason each garment you try on or purchase will be different among the various brands available. Avoid the dreaded returns by mail or using obligatory time and money driving back to the store by reading why these garments are not all the same.

1. Color
Dickies Medical apparel has a scrub top in “Icy Turquoise”, Cherokee has a “Turquoise”, Baby Phat presents with “Blue Marine” and “Aqua Pearl”, Skechers named them “Aqua Pop”. They all look turquoise to my eye but I guarantee that the “Icy Turquoise” top will not match up the “Aqua Pearl” bottoms. Dye lots, and treatments done to the fabric play a significant role in the color output of each product. This results in a lighter or darker look in the garment.

2. Sizing and cut
A less known fact to most consumers is each brand vari in sizing. Each manufacturer has a different cutting system for their garments; because of this inseams, sizing, and fit / drape vary. For example Dickies inseams for women's tall sizing go to 33.5 inches while the Cherokee brand women's size tall goes to 34 inches. While the half inch might not seem to be a big deal, the overall fit may affect. An extra small in one brand is not the same fit, cut, or drape of an extra small in another brand. Make sure to note the sizing charts that some on-line stores offer, this is a helpful tool that is produced directly from the manufacturer.

3. Material used
Materials also affect the coloring and fit of nursing uniforms. There are a few different fabrics available to the healthcare worker. One material is 100% Cotton. This tends to run on the higher end of pricing due to increased thread count which contributes to the amazing comfort. Cotton also naturally absorbs color easier than other fabrics. There is 100% polyester, and Cotton / Poly blends which are usually the mostought after due to durability and price. Denim is making a come back in the market, while Cherokee Flexibles offers spandex in the sides of their tops and bottoms for a little extra room.

So if you should receive a gift that is not a set or find the perfect top on sale but not the bottom, just remember that you can easily complete your outfit by purchasing within the same brand. Depending on the site (or store) you are buying from, look to see if there are helpful tips or reminders to purchasing the perfect uniform. Shopping for your next nursing outfit should be fun and enjoyable, with the right tools and knowledge it can be less time consuming and much more economic.