It is quite upsetting when nurses get a lot of stick in the media about how they do not cut it anymore. Everybody is going on about how the 'care' has gone out of nursing. Very hard to swallow if you're a dedicated nurse working long hours, sacrificing time with your kids and bending over backwards trying to please everyone. There is a lot to be said for being perfect. Nurses are expected to be super humans who can do a million and one things and all at once too. The truth of the matter is we are all human beings and to err is human.

So do you think you can do a better job than I can? Let's see how you fare against my idea of ​​being a good Recovery Nurse.

How to be a good Recovery nurse tips:

1. Be prepared to answer the same question about twenty times in one minute and hope they remember not to ask it again. They really do not remember ever asking it.

2. Do not get disappointed when they do not remember you when you pass by the ward to check on them the next morning. They honestly do not remember you.

3. Learn how to read Hieroglyphics – it's the only handwriting doctors know.

4. When that sweet old lady has to go she has to go. Be prepared to say goodbye just as you're getting to know them.

5. Learn how to say no for you'll get many a marriage proposal!

6. Keep their secrets just that – a secret, remember they do not mean to tell you anyway.

7. You will get spat on; sometimes you might even get a punch or two but remember they will not remember a thing minutes later.

8. Learn how to give cuddle to crying babies.

9. Remember you could end up with an extra patient when mum comes to collect her upset baby!

10. Be prepared to feed off the adrenaline rush every now and again. They do not call it recovery for nothing!

11. Always remember it could be you lying in that bed screaming in pain.

12. Blood, urine, vomit- it's all part of the job. Deal with it!

13. Choose your words carefully.

14. Privacy and Dignity- Enough said.

15. How are your 'DIY' skills? You'll need them when it comes down to it.

16. SMILE, SMILE, SMILE. Nobody likes to wake up to a grumpy face!