As we journey through our daily tasks as a registered nurse, we are beset with negative situations left and right. Sometimes when we struggle to overcome these negative situations we are left with a mind-numbing tiredness that it is impossible to have a positive outlook. The responsibility of a registered nurse is quite huge and encompassing when it comes to patient care, every day you strive hard to become the best registered nurse that you can be. In the cruel world that we live in, there will be protagonists that will constantly weigh us down with their negativity.

Finding ways to become positive can be in itself a very strenuous challenge, but as they say, there are two sides of a coin, there may be some difficulty but it is still achievable. How to be a positive nurse for your patient, college and most importantly for yourself?

Take Some Time for Yourself

Meditation can be a helpful tool to purge the negativity within you. It is like taking a nap but with a much deeper purpose. This is to be one with yourself and discover you in your terms without any outside distraction.

Count to Ten and Breathe

When you feel you can not take the negativity of other people, slowly count to ten and take a deep breath. It will help you calm down and let you be focused on what is more important. It can also lessen the impulsive reaction or word that you might utter that that make matters worse.

Stand Up and Be Heard

This can be one of the most difficult things that you can to do combat negative people. Since most people normally take offense if they feel that they are criticized, then this can be a start of lost friendship and uncomfortable working relationship. So, one has to tread carefully when doing this positive action.

Find an Affirmation

If you find that you can not speak up then it is all right. We can not conquer everything at the click of a finger. Instead we find another way that we can still stay positive. One of them is repeating a positive mantra for yourself.

Change of Scenery

You can find other people to hang out with. As the saying goes, you can tell how a person is based on the friends he has. So find friends that practice positive action and thinking. Find a new group that you can learn from and feel the positive energy.