Difficult conversations are part of everyday life. Almost all people from all walks of life experience this. This is also true with BSN nurses. It is something that one dreads because you feel that you do not know how to handle these conversations well. Either you end up in an argument or you do not talk with the other party.

Here are some difficult conversation scenarios and how to best turn it into a more positive exit:

The Blame Game

People have a tendency to point a finger to another person when there is a problem or trouble. Nurses would blame other nurses if there are glitches in the nursing procedure and a patient's life might have been endangered. The problem is no one is taking responsibility; it is nobody's fault which is absolutely false.

What one must do is to acknowledge the bad situation and look at the role you may have played in it. This is also true with the other party. It is not just one person's fault. Another thing that one has to realize is that instead of blaming, it would be better to just find the solution. After all the incident has happened already.

The Feelings Conversation

It is only normal that we feel, as a human being that is one function that happens. The feelings that we experience are not right or wrong. It just happens at a time when it happens. The problem arises when the person does not acknowledge it or does not do anything about it.

A possible solution to this problem is to accept that in a workplace different feelings may arise that can result into conflicts or arguments. Expressing a person's feeling is important so it has to be accepted. However, one also has to remember not to vent, instead describe how you are feeling. Make no mistake; one can not really solve his or her feelings. It just happens.

There are still other difficult conversation scenarios out there, but what is important is that you realize that it is not something to avoid. Instead it is a thing that you should face head on. It may be difficult but in the end finding a resolution is worthwhile for both you and the other party. You just have to remember as a BSN nurse, you will be face with these kinds of situations. You must learn how to handle them so that you will not be stressed too much.