We all know that the life of a registered nurse is not easy. There are different difficult situations that can happen during the work hours. It can be due to different factors like patients being difficult, demanding doctors and uncooperative collections. However, this would seem a walk on the park when you compare the duties of a registered nurse in the oncology department.

Aside from cancer as the dreaded word, another one that you can add to this is oncology. It is a department in the hospital that deals with cancer patients. Imagine the life of a registered nurse that belongs in this department. It has its highs and lows.


As an oncology nurse, one is tasked to take the vital signs of the patient. One also has to assess the physical capacity of the patient in receiving cancer treatment. Another responsibility of a nurse is to administer the chemotherapy as well as other procedures necessary to help the cancer patients get better.

Aside from the day to day responsibilities, one has to learn about the cancer that the patients are experiencing. The thirst for knowledge is never ending. One has to consistently and continuously seek to learn about the chemotherapy guidelines and other new procedures that can be made to the patients. One also has to enter additional classes to learn more about the different cancer cells that can attack the body.


The reward of this job is to see a patient recovering from cancer. It is such an accomplishment for most nurses in this department when they see the person walk out of the hospital.

Painful Reality

Every nurse would want their patients to get better and go home. Unfortunately for the oncology nurses the percentage of patient recovery may be not that high. Their lives are cut short by the cancer cells. It is a sad day when you lose a patient. When you first start it may seem that every time you will lose a patient it is the end of the world. However, one has to realize that death is as constant as life. People die, so it is useless to feel as if you are the one to blame.

What is best to do is to cope with the loss. This will somehow less the pain and time alone can repair the sadness that you feel. If you think that you can take on the challenge of being in the oncology department then you can consider this as a great nursing career.