Being a part of the health care field has certain requirements and it ranges from simple to complex ones, depending on which role you want to take. One of the simple ways in being a part of the health care field is by being a licensed practical nurse (LPN), it does not require much time and all you need to do is to complete certain trainings and programs and pass a licensing exam. There are also some training centers that offer online LPN programs.

A licensed practical nurse works under the supervision of doctors and registered nurses, some of the basic jobs of the LPNs are taking vital signs, assisting in simple medical procedures and delivering injections, providing and assisting the needs of the patient from food to hygiene, collecting lab samples and do laboratory tests and more. Nurses could also work in different establishments from hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, home health care services, and more.

Nursing programs are mostly offered by state approved training centers located on vocation schools, high schools, junior colleges, technical schools, community colleges and hospitals. In order to complete a program, the trainees are required to attend classroom lecture and complete a certain number of hours as interns on clinics and hospitals. There is also the National Council Licensing Examination that must be passed for a trainee to become a licensed practical nurse.

These programs usually last from 9 to 18 months and there are also some schools that offer it in shorter time. The basic curriculum includes nutrition and diet therapy, psychiatric nursing, maternal child health, fundamentals of nursing, contemporary health issues volunteer adjustment, growth and development, intro to pharmacology, medical-surgical nursing, and anatomy and physiology. Additional courses include chemistry, emergency medical technology, first aid, and biology. The top schools that offer a nursing program are the Lincoln Technical Institute, Everest Institute, National American University, Fortis College, CDI College, and Sanford Brown College.

In addition, one could also apply to LPN to RN programs and these would enable more opportunities and higher salies. Some of the universities and colleges that enable these college programs are the Indiana State University, Kaplan University, Walden University, Liberty University, Grand Canyon University, Herzing University and more.

In terms of salary, being a licensed practical nurse has its advantages. Since the demand for nurseries are high, the salary is also lucrative and could even increase as a person gets more experience. Another consideration on the salary is the kind of hospital or health care and nursing home a person would work in.