Midwife saloons are going to change based on a wide variety of factors. It is hard to pin down the specific average salary because of the two types of midwives that exist – direct entry midwives and certified nurse-midwives. Each type of midwife requires a drastically different amount of education as far as schooling is concerned, which can change the amount of money that will be made. There are various other functions that can change a midwife salary. This information will help you to better understand how each aspect of the midwife career can affect potential salary.

The training you receive as you learn to become a midwife will change your salary. It is possible to become certified as a direct entry midwife. These midwives are recognized as educated and professional, but learn their craft through smaller programs and apprenticeships as opposed to large amounts of institutional education. Nurse-midwives go through a normal four-year college degree and the required nursing education before attending classes for midwifery. Those who are registered nurses who practice midwifery are generally paid more than those who are direct entry midwives.

Salary can also change based on the practice that you run as a midwife. While some midwives stick with pregnancy and child-birth for their practice, others perform a wide range of services. Midwives now handle generally primary care as well as gynecological care and menopaal care. Midwives are expected to handle a wide variety of women's needs and will make a higher salary based on the amount of care they provide.

With that being said, those who specialize in specific forms of midwifery may be able to charge more based on demand. While some women do use midwives for gynecological care, most readily on these professionals for their pregnancy and childbirth needs. If a midwife is well recognized in his or her profession and has experience they will have a higher salary.

Those who are interested in making a living out of midwifery should know that the job will be in high demand over the next ten years. Those who are in the field of nurse-midwifery will see nursing jobs jump by nearly 30 percent. Nurses who can help in obstetrics will be in high demand, helping to make the job market something open. Most will find solid care workers in entry-level positions and will make wages that come close to, or match, nurse wages. Nurses average annual wages of around $ 62,000.

If you are interested in jumping into the health care field and are interested in the field of midwifery, you should know that there is a decent amount of money to be made. While Midwife salary expectations will change based on location, education, and jobs performed, there is money to be had. Take the time to research midwives in your own area and see how much the nurses and practicing midwives make. Talk to them about wages and their entry level wages to better understand the salary you may have if you choose to become a practicing midwife.