If you are a recent graduate of a nursing program you may be somewhat overwhelmed by all of the possibilities ahead. It is important for you to understand exactly where your career can go, and where you need to start to get there. Looking into new graduate RN jobs will help you to understand where you can get your feet wet and where you can get started on your exciting and future career.

There are a couple of different entry level positions that a registered nurse can take once they have graduated from their program and passed them NCLEX-RN exam. Some choose to take on a nursing assistant job, hoping to gain more information by assisting one of the nurses in the hospital. This is generally an entry level job for those who have only completed 2 years of a nursing program, however, and is somewhere below the entry level jobs available to RNs.

Most new registered nurses are going to take full time positions as a nurse in a hospital setting or doctor's office. These nurses will have different duties based on their skill level and their experience. This means that new graduates are probably going to take the more basic nursing jobs that feature more basic requirements. These nurses will be expected to take vital signs and record patient information. Beyond that, the job depends on the place of employment.

Some hospitals and offices will rely on new graduate RNs to administrator medication to patients. Others will ask them to speak with patients about their medication, and about the issues they face. They will work with the patients and help them to understand their diet and exercise requirements or restrictions due to their injury, illness, or medication they will be taking. Other hospitals and offices are going to rely on their nurseries for more clerical work. New nurses are often put in a job that mixes clerical work with nursing duties. The offices and hospitals do kindly on these nurses in emergencies or during packaged hours, however, giving these nurses the hands-on action they have been looking for.

New Graduate RN jobs are available, and will pay well. Nurses will make, on average, $ 62,000 per year. Entry level nurses may see starting salaries around the $ 40,000 or $ 50,000 mark, but will see increases and increased profits at a fairly rapid rate.

Despite the poor job market, the nursing field is booming. New graduates can expect to find a wealth of jobs as they enter the job market. The nursing industry is expected to grow by over 20 percent over the next ten years. This number is roughly estimated at 500,000 jobs, opening up a job market for any interested parties. Most nurses will work in physician's offices or take on jobs in home health care services. Those who are interested in working in hospitals should know that the number of job opening for hospitals is expected to slow. With that being said, new graduate RN jobs will grow in all fields, giving recent grads an opportunity to jump into their career.