Have you ever thought about everything you do as a nurse? What you do each day can become such a part of your routine that you may not realize all the skills you have developed as a result. As a nurse, you share many of the abilities of at least 10 other professionals.

1. Lawyers because you advocate for your patients.

2. Teachers because of the time you spend educating your patients and their families about diseases, medications and self care.

3. Consultants because of all the times you are consulted by doctors and other health care professionals who want to know specifics about your patients' conditions and progress.

4. Social workers because you coordinate and manage the care of all of your patients.

5. Psychologists because of the counseling you do with depressed and anxious patients.

6. Mediators because you facilitate and negotiate to solve problems between patients and their families, patients and their doctors and sometimes patients and your facility's administrators.

7. Business men and women because of the changes you initiate in your institution for your patients to receive the highest quality health care.

8. Pharmacists because of all the time you spend learning about and administering medicines.

9. Parents for all the nurturing and loving care you administer directly to your patients.

10. Journalists because your experiences saving lives and helping patients through some of the roughest times of their lives are worth writing about.

As a nurse, you often multi-task to get everything done, but you might not appreciate all of the skills you have developed. You have a lot in common with at least 10 other professionals. As a nurse, you are multi-talent.