The program Nurses in the United States is aimed at solution of shortage of nurses in the United States problem. The main purpose of the program is training medical personnel and its further employment in the US for nurse specialty.

Immigration assistance

You fly from your native country to the United States, where the company representative meets you and takes to your residence. You will be given at least 3 (three) days for resetment, overcoming the effects of time differences and getting used to new surroundings.

Living Conditions

The company will select and provide you with temporary housing near the workplace. Usually it is a two bedroom apartment with two bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom (accommodation for 2 nurses in each bedroom), and nurses pay for the apartment on their own. A family may be offered a separate apartment.

Living Expenses

Since your arrival in the US and prior to (but not more than 30 days) starting of work, the company will provide your initial expenses for the apartment and food by providing you with a cash advance, which amount will be determined individually. A nurse will need to return this advance to a company within terms stipulated in the Agreement on training and employment.

Taxes and social security

During the first week of stay in the US, participants should apply for a Social Security card. All workers in the US must have this card – it is a document for identification, which must be presented in different cases, ranging from health insurance and ending with opening of bank account.

Nurses employed in the US are taxpayers in accordance with US law, as well as any other workers in the United States. Average tax rate will be determined by various factors, such as income, tax laws of the State, family size and nature of work.