“Being a nurse is not just a matter of approaching high but it is more of a vocation rather than just a career.” The need for more competent and caring nurses all over the country is high. And for those who are looking for away to give back to the community and be able to help other people this is your chance to do so by being a nurse. There is nothing more satisfying than being able to help other people whether you know them by name or not it does not matter just as long as you are able to help them in your own little way.

There are actually different types of nursing degrees being offered nowdays and each kind of nurse have different requirements that would enable them qualify to work in the medical field as a health care provider.

CERTIFIED NURSE ASSISTANTS – certified nurse assistants or simply called as CNA works as an assistant of the nurse on duty as the name of the role speaks “nursing assistant”. The reason why hospitals, clinics etc employ certified nurse assistants is because most nurses do not have ample time to do everything in the course of their shift and the work of the CNA is to do the simple duties of the nurse like giving a patient a sponge bath, helping a patient get dressed, regularly keeping track of a patient's vital signs and many others. The certified nurse assistants would then report to the nurse on duty about their findings and from then the nurse would take care of the rest. Many certified nurse assistants would proceed to obtain education as a nurse in order to become a registered nurse.

REGISTERED NURSE – a registered nurse is responsible for taking care of the patients and they are qualified to stay on duty in an ER or perhaps in an OR. The nurses are not limited with working in hospitals or clinics but they have the option of working in private nursing homes or in private practices which is perfect because of the fact that there are countless jobs opportunities in this field. RNs work hand in hand with the doctors to assist them and to ensure that the patients are well taken care of. The registered nurse is also tasked to complete the chart of patient; This is one of the reasons why nurses feel a heavy burden in their work. Although, being a nurse is an emotionally and financially rewarding profession it is also a very challenging one.

LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSES – a licensed practical nurse are tasked to take care of patients by means of taking each individual's vital signs as well as making sure that each is able to take their medicines as assigned. They are also assigned to clean as well as put dressing in patient's wounds. Usually one can become an LPN within just a matter of one year. After completing the degree one has to take the NCLEX-PN exam to be able to practice his field.