Are you currently working today? Do you want to earn big time? Many people are switching careers to be a nurse simple because of the many perks it offers. Being a nurse is a high demand in our country after all; there is always work available for every registered nurse. The compensation is really big and the benefits of being a nurse are endless. Not only do people get the chance to help fellowmen but they also have the opportunity to work according to their desired schedule. So, is a nursing career the best choice? It definitely is!

But, do you have what it takes to be a nurse? In order to become a registered nurse a person has to invest at least 3 years in school taking up BSN or any related nursing course. This is one of the reasons why many people would back out being a nurse. A lot of people think that it is such a big waste of time to spend 3 years or maybe 4 year in school. Aside from investing time in school one has to pay big amount of money for the tuition fee. It may be true that a nursing career would mean earning big time but it is also true that it can cost thousands of dollars to invest in.

Aside from that you have to keep in mind that being a nurse entails big responsibility. You are tasked to help sick people. Keep in mind that these sick people may be hot-tempered, irritable and ill-mannered. Can you handle the big responsibility of being a nurse? There may be times or instances when you will be unreasonably scolded by patients.

The nice thing about being in this career is that you can work according to the shift that you desire. If you are an owl-person who is alert and energetic in the evening, you can request to work on night shift and receive additional incentives. You can also choose the kind of environment that you want to be involved in; for example, if you enjoy being with kids and if there is a school nearby your home that needs a nurse you can apply and work there, you can also work in beauty clinics like in plastic surgery clinics as well as in hospice care facility. There is also a chance for you to be promoted and be able to further your education. Most big companies would financially support their nurses to further their education.

If you are a kind of person who is emotionally stable, strong and dependable you should consider being a nurse. One of the needed characteristics of a nurse is being emotionally stable; there may be instances when you will witness deaths of patients and if you have a weak heart this may stress you out. Will you be able to handle such emotional tension?

Just like any other career being a nurse has its own perks but it also has its own disadvantages. Decide for yourself if this is the kind of job you want to do for the rest of your life.