If one were in their first nursing job, then they would be pretty much interested in knowing about the Nurse Union and how it is going to work out for them. If any one of their parents had been part of a union, then that experience could have helped the newly joined nurses in getting an idea about the unions.

Unions have been primarily created to protect the workers from unlawful exploitation by the business owners. Some of the areas in which the workers needed some support were the areas of Worker compensation, working hours and working environment. Here is the need for the unions to protect the employees from exploitation by the business owners on the above mentioned factors arose. Trade unions are formed by a group of workers with an elected leader.

Union leader's main responsibility is to represent the workers and fight for their rights in terms of obtaining the correct wages, proper working conditions and other worker related benefits. The Management of the company have to discuss with the union leadership regarding all related matters such as Worker Firing, Hiring, Worker Bonus related issues and worker compensatory leave benefits.

The entire work is legally bound to work according to the agreement reached between the Union leadership and the management. A newly joined nurse can take up the option of joining the Union, as it gives them the security of being in a group, which gives them the stability that is needed at the beginning of the career. Joining a Union is has its own benefits and disadvantages.

The benefits that one accrues are that they will be a part of all the benefits that are negotiated by the union leadership with the Management. These negotiations will cover the Compensation benefits, bonus related discussions, compensated time offs and health care coverage. But there are some areas where the union member may be interested, but the union members has a majority may not be interested in that.

For example, the member might be interested in the Reimbursement of education program, but the other members of the union might not be interested in that. So, there are pros and cons of being in a nurse's union. Before joining the union, nurses should pose them some hard questions.

These questions should give answers with respect to the role that is going to be played by the union in trying to safeguard the interests of the nurses. A Nurse should feel that the Union should be beneficial to the entire business group as a whole. Union should not put the necessity work against the management just for the sake of satisfying certain section of the union. If the nurse gets a positive feel of these situations, then they can go ahead and join the union.