Collaboration – An Important Ingredient in the Success of the Nursing Profession

There is a saying “two heads are better than one”. Of course that is just a literal meaning. What it really means is that when we work, it will be completed faster if there are more people who are helping. This is also true in the nursing profession. Nurses should keep in mind that working together as one unit can be beneficial not only for the patients but also for the nursing community.

Collaboration is an important factor in making the nursing profession a success. Each member of the medical care team has a task that they need to do. Of course, one can do it individually but it can be more fruitful if the members of the team will cooperate for the good of the patient.

Plan Carefully

In order for the collaboration to work one has to make sure that each one is in on the plan. The plan is the blue print on how to help a patient recover. Each one will have a role in the plan and it will not be successful if there are team members who do not cooperate.

Constant Communication

Communication is vital in any undertaking. Whatever is the profession, communication serves as an important key to the success of any plans. That is why each member of the medical team should have constant interaction with one another. Talking about the patient's development and what is happening to the patient's plan should be constantly done.

Appreciate the Differences

The reason why we are called individual is just that, we are different in many ways. No one person is the same, so instead of making this as an obstacle for the success of the team, use these differences as a point to make the team work more closely with one another. In the individuality one can discover a common goal.

Inculcate Trust

Perhaps one of the problems why there are people who refuse to cooperate with fellow colleges is the lack of trust. Trust should be enriched. This means that everything that needs to be talked about should be put on the table. Avoiding secrets and not giving complete information can result in the lack of trust and the ruin of trust. Make sure that each member has their say, give their opinions and discuss if there are problems among them. Trust is built and as long as it is practices it can only get stronger in the long run.

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Ways to Improve Nursing Education

It is surprising to know that there are a big number of applicants that are being turned down in most nursing schools. The reason for this is not about the lack of quality nursing education. It is more on the case of lack of qualified professors. If a person would receive a quality education, it is important that the nursing educators should be adequate to help students learn about nursing.

Most schools regret turning away students, but with the short of teaching staff, that is the only solution that they can come up with for the meanime. They know that they can not sacrifice the quality of the nursing education just to accommodate all the applicants who want to enroll in the nursing classes.

Quality nursing educators are number one priority for nursing schools. The role is very vital for students to learn the different theories and applications that they will need. If there are not qualified people to teach the students then it can be a big problem in the future. Nursing schools should invest in recruiting and looking for these people.

Nursing professors should have excellent experience. It is not only about theories but real life situations that future nurses will face when they enter into the nursing industry. These educators could be former nurses themselves who are looking for a change of profession but still be able to remain within the nursing environment.

Aside from professor, another thing that will improve is the adequate medical facility for them to transfer the skills they learned. One sad fact is that there are nursing schools that do not have the adequate facility to their nursing students might end up lacking some technical know-hows.

Perhaps more than the equipment or lab facilities, the nursing students should also be equipped with the right mental and emotional stability in handling the job. The school can teach all the technical skills but they also have to focus on how students can cope with errors or mistakes in the real world. In a school setting high grades are given when students performed well, perhaps there should be an option when professors have to teach that mistakes can occur and one has to have preparedness to handle these situations.

Nursing education can still be improved so that future nurses can adapt well in the real life setting and give a better service to the patients.

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How Can ASN Nurses Push Away the Feelings of Negativity

Why is it that it seemed so much easier to criticize a person than praise them? Why is it so much easier to join the bandwagon of negative people than positive ones? This is not about judgment but sometimes, it can be easy for most people to just be negative about most things. This is also true with ASN nurses. They sometimes stay more on the negative stuff. Maybe because the pull of thinking negatively is much stronger, so how can an ASN nurse combat the feeling of negativity and focus the energy on positivism?

The first thing that one should consider is to practice positive affirmation. This is a good way for the negative things to flow out of the system. When there is positive affirmation, it can help in making a person feel better about himself. Positive affirmation is a way for a person to combat the nagging thoughts that will not be beneficial for work as well as the development of the person's life.

The second thing that one can do in order to avoid negativity is to ready books that promote positive thoughts and energy. There are many of these books in the market and they are really helpful tools to combat the blues away. Negative thoughts start with negative emotions so it can be helpful if we combat these emotions by reading books that drive away negative thoughts.

The third thing one can choose to do is to be with people who are positive influence. This means that those colleges who do nothing but complain about their lives should be avoided at all costs. It is not wrong to rant or rave but to do it regularly can cause others to absorb the negative feeling. People who have positive outlook in life should be the one to look for especially in the nursing profession.

Being an ASN nurse is already a difficult job to do. There are already many demands that are being asked in the day to day responsibilities. It can help a lot if one has to face all these challenges in a positive way than the negative way. It can do wonders not only in being motivated but how well one can manage the stress. If positive actions are practiced, then it can pave the way to a happier, more contented and less stressful life of an ASN. Being positive is the best way to move forward.

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What You Need to Know About Medical Assisting in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is in high demand for certain services. Many hospitals are stretched out and do not have enough personnel to cover shifts. This has led to increases in workloads, stressed-out staff and an epic fail in covering the needs of patients. This has been known to prove costly and in some extreme cases cause death.

It has become crucial to find high quality staff that can fill this void. These workers help less the workload burden on nurses. The Medical Assistant role was created to fill this gaping hole. Many people confuse this role with a nurse assistant or aide. There are differences between these two professions. Firstly, nurse aide training takes less than a month of study. A Medical Assistant degree takes almost one year of study. They are taught the same skills of a Licensed Practical Nurse. They are also taught certain things that are not part of the typical nursing program.

The curriculum of a Medical Assistant includes Anatomy, Physiology, Medical Terminology, Testing and Lab procedures as well as patient friendly skills. Nurses learn about medications and the pharmacy in much more detail than the Medical Assistant.They are much more concerned with managing a medical office. This includes the gathering of patient data and imputing into a computer, scheduling of patients for appointments, medical transcription, answering the phone, validating insurance cover and processing the billing of insurance companies.

MA's are required to get important information from patients seeking treatment. This includes height, weight, blood pressure, pulse and body temperature. The MA also carries out a number of tests like blood draws, eye screening, hearing tests, electrocardiograms and glucose finger sticks. They are also saddled with the task of phoning in applications about prescriptions at local pharmacies. A Medical Assistant does not diagnose health conditions or offer any form of advice. It is the doctor who has the sole responsibility of deciding how a patient should be treated.

If you go to see a doctor, the MA is the person you met first. It is the MA that prepares a brief medical history about your condition and records the symptoms. It is the MA that informs the doctor about your condition and follows through any prescription that has been made. In order to qualify to be a Medical Assistant, students are expected to undergo an accredited course in medical assistance and score at least 80%. Students are then required to embark on a placement in a medical clinic for a few weeks. The student is considered to be undergoing training and is not paid any salary during this period. A state exam is required in order to be licensed to practice medicine.

In most states, an average salary of a Medical Assistant is over $ 30,000. However, you can use your skills and veer into more profitable industries and make up to $ 50,000 every year. A nurse is a nurse. But a Medical Assistant's career is a flexible one. You can choose to work in a doctor's office or process claims for a top insurance company. Medical Assistance is a great choice for an adult who is looking to kick start a career. In addition, it is a good option for a young person who is just out of high school.

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Some Character Traits That You Would Meet As an RN

The nursing workplace is teeming with different characters that it is so easy to get lost in. There are different people that you need to get along with. This is necessary to avoid conflicts and arguments at work. As an RN, a person is expected to deal with the different personalities they come in contact with in the day-to-day duties and responsibilities of a registered nurse. Here are some examples of the kind of people you may be dealing with.

Impatient Irene

This type of person wants everything done at once. She does not accept explanation why there will be a delay or why it can not be done immediately. In her book, everything she wants should be done immediately or else, there would be hell to pay. Some of our colleagues, doctors and even patients are like Impatient Irene. The best way to handle them is to show them the patience that they do not have.

By the Book Brook

An example of this type of person is someone who is a stickler for rules. There is nothing wrong with that but sometimes they are bordering on being inflexible that one feels there is no room to maneuver anymore. They are always citing the rule book and that any suggestions not found in the rule book will be turned down by her without even hearing the liability of the suggestion.

Overeager Orly

There are people who exist just to please other people. They are also the ones who try to do thing all at once just to please a supervisor, doctor or patient. It can be both a negative and positive thing. Eagerness is good especially when you are after the patient's care but over eagerness can also distract others from doing their work because you beat them to it. It pays to tame down the over eagerness and balance it with a little caution.

Hesitant Hank

He is the opposite of Overeager Orly. He wants to help but is not sure how to offer his help. It can also be a bit irritating because you know that the person is willing to help but is hesitant to show how they feel about it. It may cost time and money second guessing what they feel so you end up doing the work by yourself. The best thing to do is to give them the orders directly because then they would not be able to refuse.

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Values One Should Adhere to As a Paramedic

The life of a paramedic nurse is fast paced. It is almost like an action movie because the paramedic nurse moves from one accident to another. It is a luxury for them to idle the time. They are always on the go and they mostly have very little room for error when responding to the emergencies. However, even as paramedic nurses are busy and needs to act quickly on the patient they are treating, there are certain values ​​that they adhere to as part of their duties as a paramedic.

Serve All

Their duty is to be of service to the entire community that belong to. Race, gender and social status are tossed away when caring for the patient. The main thing that they focus on is to keep the patient alive. That is why paramedics are considered heroes because they do not distinguish the patients. They even endanger their lives because some patients may become violent and they are the first target. Despite this danger they remain loyal to the value of serving all that they can to the best of their abilities.

Do the Best You Can

When helping the patient, a paramedic will do everything in his power to save that person. They are trained to use all means possible to keep victims alive and even free from the danger of death. Of course, there will be heartbreaks because the patient was not able to survive. But as long as they did everything in their power then their efforts did not go to waste.

Give Response as Quickly as Possible

Another value that paramedics follow is to give their response or help as quickly as they can. This means that they will not waste any time. They find ways to arrive at the emergency situation as fast as they can. They know that every second counts especially when it comes to accidents and other disasters. If they are situations wherein the paramedics are late in arriving to the scene, it could be because they have experienced traffic or other road mishaps as well.

Practice Honesty and Integrity

Just like in any profession, these two values ​​are also inherent in paramedics. They are drilled to practice honesty in all of their dealings. This includes not giving false hopes if there is none especially if the victim has suffered serious injuries. They are also truthful about the conditions of the patients especially to the family.

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What It Takes to Be a Certified Nursing Assistant in the Healthcare Industry

If you want to be a certified nursing assistant, you need adequate training. There are many institutions, colleges and even online schools that can help you achieve this status. Once you are CNA certified, you open a floodgate of careers, opportunities and professions. Certified nurse assistants are one of the highest paid professionals in medical circles and the healthcare industry. Certified nurse assistants typically earn an average of $ 9- $ 14 per hour.

A certified nursing assistant concentrates more on offering personal care to patients and leaving them contented and comfortable. This can be a very rewarding experience for the patient and even friends or family who realize that it is no easy feat to be at the beck and call of someone old, disabled or dying.

If you are a certified nursing assistant, you can work almost anywhere in the healthcare industry. If you have the opportunity of working in a hospital, it is possible to switch jobs and end up in an elderly people's environment or work exclusively for home-based clients. CNA also gives you the chance to work and interact with experienced nursing staff who can help broaden your career horizons.

CNA is not for the faint hearted. There are certain things that might prove difficult for you to see, so prepare yourself. CNA entails you working with different people with different conditions. You may observe a husband who comes to visit a wife and she has no recollection of who he is. You might have someone telling you that a loved one, who died years ago, is coming to visit. In extreme, cases you might even have patients who hurt themselves physically or are violent to the people around them.

In addition, there is always that foreboding that a patient's condition might worsen and lead to death. This can be very painful because you may have grown attached to your patient. If you do experience the death of a patient, remember that you did your best to make their life better.

In line with HIPPAA laws, CNA's must clock in at work 5 minutes before their shift starts. And then report to the section where they are meant to work. The CNA that is resuming gets a report from the CNA that is leaving about the health status of all patients.

During the day, CNA's wash and change the adult diapers of residents. They also feed them and give them the walk around. If the patient is immobile and lies in bed all day, it may be required to turn the person from one side to the other every few hours. When bedtime comes, residents are helped into their night gowns, cleaned up and assisted to the toilet if need be, before being tucked into bed.

A certified nursing assistant must fill out paperwork on each resident or patient. It informs nurses about the ability of patients and the type of help required. This includes toileting, feeding, dressing, hygiene, bed mobility and transfers. In addition, if a resident is losing weight or is allergic to certain foods, a meal or snack book is prepared to address the challenges.

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The Traits You Need to Become a Disaster Relief Nurse

As soon as you finish your nursing education, the next step that you would make is to apply for a nursing job. There are many nursing jobs available that you can choose from. Nursing jobs are mostly in medical care facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, hospitality and hospitality. Your nursing education has equipped you with sufficient knowledge to handle different situations in these kinds of environment. However, if you are the type of nurse who is adventurous and would love to travel around the country and maybe the world, you can be a disaster relief nurse.

In order for you to become a disaster relief nurse, there are some hits that you need to develop, this may not have been part of your nursing education but it can still be learned and improved.


When you are a disaster relief nurse, you are expected to do some unexpected stuff. It is not just about providing medical care for those who are injured or sick. Most of the places that you will go through may lack the right facilities, so it is up to you to be able to adapt to whatever is available for you to save a patient.

Quick Thinking Skills

Being a disaster relief nurse requires a person to think on his feet. One has to have quick reflexes and to think quickly but wisely. It may be a tall order to ask but when you are faced with a situation wherein you are not ever allowed to dilly dally then it is imperative that you need quick thinking skills.

Physical and Emotional Strength

As with disaster relief, a nurse is expected to carry loads that may be too heavy. So it is best that one is prepared to carry on these kinds of loads. Also when you are faced with the different disasters, there will be patients and situations that may seem heartbreaking to most of us, nurses are not excluded. One has to make sure that they will be emotionally prepared to see these kinds of moments. It will be not pretty or clean, in fact some of them would really be hard core depressing.

To be a disaster relief nurse can take so much out of a person. It requires a huge amount of deduction and perseverance to succeed in this kind of field. It is also a career that would need constant sacrifice for the sake of the victims who you will save.

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Special Traits of an RN Educator

After several years of being an RN, one would think what is in store for the future. Are there other carers that one can consider if one needs a change of career path other than being an RN? It is not about leaving the nursing profession entirely it is just that one has to find an option to further the career or maybe some change in the environment is needed to recharge or find the right perspective.

If a person is thinking of leaving the nursing profession one can think of pursuing a great career as an RN educator. Of course not everyone will be suited for this kind of undertaking, there are certain hits that one must have in order to succeed in this path.


Just like in any undertaking or goal, one has to have passion. Passion is synonymous to dedication. This means that the nurse educator is committed to teaching new nurses to achieve their goal and staying with them until the end of the course. Passion also means to convey to these new students how important their calling is and it is not just a job but a profession that they should be proud to do even when the going gets tough.


An RN educator is a teacher that has to show patience to the student as well as herself. It is not an overnight success; one has to experience difficulties with the students as well as the transition of working in a hospital to being an educator. There will be hardships ahead but it will be easier to bear if one practices patience and endurance.


Dedication is about giving your all to the learning and teaching aspect of it all. One has to learn new things even if you have a number of years being an RN. Remember that being a nurse is different from being a nurse educator. You also have to be dedicated in teaching the nurse students all you know to prepare them for what lies ahead. You will encounter students who will struggle and because of the dedication that you will shower upon them, you will help them conquer the weaknesses and help them succeed to be great nurses in the future.

Nurse educators are still a growing profession. Hopefully, in the future the nurses will realize that this is a viable path to take because they can contribute well to the success of the nurse students.

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Valuable Gifts That Can Give Inner Peace to RNs

As the holiday seasons get closer most people are excitedly anticipating the gifts that they will receive. RNs are not different; they also are preparing and waiting for the gifts that their loved ones will give them this Christmas season. On hindsight, gifts are mostly material ones. That is not surprising since we mostly live in a material world. But there is still hope, there still valuable gifts that money can not buy. As RNs these are some of the things we need so that we can survive and live a much happier life.


It is sometimes ironic that RNs can show compassion to their patients. However, when it comes to themselves, they are stingy and do not give them the proper compassion that they deserve as well. Be kind to yourself especially when you commit errors. It is not the end of the world, errors are common so forgive and be compassionate to yourself when this happens.


As nurses, you live by the oath you have made when you started this career. Part of that oath is to be always truthful and honest with your dealings. It is not an easy path to take but this is the most worthy one. So, leave the lies and untruths behind and start living each day with honesty and truth.


There are already many inconsistencies in this world; to live your life following this precept can be hard and stressful. Make the habit of doing things consistently despite the hardship that you will face.


It is said that man does not stop learning even after graduation. This is also the same with nurses. We always learn new things during our duties and shifts but it would be more meaningful if you have a continuing education as well. This can help in improving doing procedures as well as gain new insights in the field of medical care.


Accepting things that is beyond your control is a gift that you should also give yourself. This would mean that there are really situations and events that you can not predict there before prevent from happening. So, it is best that when this situation arises, you are ready to let it go and accept it.

Gifts are precious especially when being given by our loved ones, but it can also be more precious if you consider these gifts you can give yourself to allow you to live a more productive life as an RN.

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How and Where to Find the Best Nurse Benefits

Of course every new nurse is concerned with what they will be making at their first job, but what many fail to realize, is that other factors of the job are often more important. Experience is the most surefire way to get a higher salary, but even a top paying job can be a nightmare if the working conditions are less than satisfactory. Nothing is worse than dreading going to work everyday because of the conditions, the lack of equipment, the lack of adequate facilities, or even just the terrible parking situation. And do not forget that despite you work in healthcare, you still need a good insurance package – think about your future child or your bad teeth when considering a new position.

Nurses are in high demand these days, even those straight out of nursing school. If you are a fresh grad, look for positions in an area that interest you, but be open to jobs in other related fields if the package is worthwhile. For the most part, a hospital is going to tell you what they will pay you, and as a newbie, you have little to no negotiating power. However, if you have a solid education and good recommendations, you may be able to ask for different options in your benefits package – such as tuition reimbursements for continuing education. This will also prove to your employer that you are serious about this career and want to keep up to date on all new information in the industry.

If you are an experienced nurse looking for a new position, you have a bit more weight to throw around, especially if you work in a specialty field. Again, the salary is the hardest thing to negotiate, but look for a place that has quality assurance and will pay the majority of your premiums. Ask for the hours that make your life the most comfortable and query about a coveted parking space. Chances are, if a hospital is openly looking for someone of your caliber, they are in desperate need and will do what they can to make you happy.

When searching for a new job, consider looking in a variety of different places geographically. Travel nursing by far offers the best benefits, but short term contracts and being on the road does not suit everyone. Scrubs magazine rated the top six hospitals for nursing benefits and found them to be scattered across the country. Stanford Medical Center was ranked number one, for its whooping eleven paid holidays, your birthday included, 3 weeks of paid vacation, and on-site childcare / pre-school. In addition, they offer help with carpooling, a free shuttle to transport you around campus, and a work / life center for all healthcare employees. The other hospitals listed, in order of rank, were Arkansas Children's Hospital, Methodist Hospital System, OhioHealth, the Mayo Clinic, and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. All of these hospitals have excellent benefit packages, among other specifics, and have a job growth rate of anywhere between 4-11%. Does your current job give you the benefits you need?

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Writing Your RN Resume

As you finish your RN education, the next step that you need to do is to prepare your resume. This is necessary for you to be able to find a nursing job. Since you have just recently graduated from your BSN degree, it is the first thing that most employers will look for. This is the time if they will consider you or not for the post based on the resume that you have prepared. Preparing your resume is not really rocket science, what you need is a careful plan on what to put on it as well as the meticulousness of preparing it. It is more about having an error-free resume than an over-the top one.

Truth and Honesty

This may seem an out of context requirement for an RN resume but this is the first thing that you need to consider when making your resume. You need to make sure that all the facts that are in your resume are the truth, no padding or exaggeration. Remember that if you are able to get away with it for the first time, it will still haunt you in the end. So, make sure that all the information in your resume can be verified.


Since you do not have enough experience yet to show-off, making sure that your resume appears well-prepared and neat is a must. Employers would see that you can be relied upon when it comes to making neat reports or writings. They will also see if you develop a logical mind because a part of the well-prepared resume is how well you itemize the different items like your education, trainings and seminars attended.


Aside from the different seminars and classes you have attended, it may also be advantageous if you list down your strengths outside of nursing. This can give a hint to the employee of how well-rounded is your character. They might see this as a positive trait because there might come a time in the future that you will need to handle other tasks that may not be related to nursing if the needs arise.

Remember that when you are writing your resume, it is like marketing yourself to your prospective employers. This is a must in order for you to fulfill your goal of having a nursing career. Marketing your nursing skills should have a balance that will show off your strengths as well as your accomplishments.

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Great Certified Nursing Assistant Jobs

To land yourself a certified nursing assistant job may not be that easy. First you have to complete a assistant training course approved by your state and obtain the CNA certification. When you have all the qualifications required for a certified job, you have to then be aware of the CNA job description you would perform.

As assistants are the primary caregivers of those who are aging, recovering and terminal patients, they are the ones who keep the hospitals and other health care facilities going. So, it is very important that you prepare for the jobs, if you have been planning to engage in nursing.

The amount of time needed for training and testing may differ from state to state. My best advice would be to contact the State Licensing Board for the accurate information. There is no exception to formal training when it comes to valid nursing certification. You can find yourself nursing courses and programs in your local health care facilities and even they offer free CNA classes. What appears to be interesting about certified nursing training courses is that you get paid while you are learning.

Other options for becoming a certified nursing assistant are local community colleges and Red Cross. People say these places are where you can get the best CNAs in the country. Classes last longer (up to 5/6 months) than those offered by hospitals and health care facilities. The average cost of training courses range from $ 300 to $ 700. Remember you can apply to different nursing job posts including nurses' aides, home health aides, patient care technicians and orderlies.Be mindful that the organization you will work for will do a background (criminal) check and also a drug test (urine tests typically ) before recruitment.

Deciding on Where to Work

You could talk to other certified nursing assistants and families who had been admitted into a health care facility before. Also, you can pay a visit to any chosen facility and speak with the employees about what they like and hate about their place of work. Find out the specifications on the orientation you'll be given in addition to ongoing medical supervision and in-services provided. You have to sense a good ambiance of something upbeat about the CNAs from all members of the hospital or health care facility. This is how you will know if the specific certified nursing job would be suitable for you.

Entry level certified nursing assistants earn about $ 9 to $ 13 per hour and experienced and skilled ones may make $ 15 an hour- the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. As a certified nursing assistant you can do overtime and get paid extra and even take multiple jobs to supplement your income.

Certified nursing assistant jobs are previously in demand since hospitals have a very large requirement for them. In addition to general infirmary jobs, nursing assistants may possibly work through home medical facilities along with clinics. Employment prospects are generally abundant relating to nursing assistants, from rural to urban areas.

In case of certified nursing assistant jobs, you will get a 1 week paid vacation following a one year service. Additional benefits consist of paid leave and holidays, and several healthcare benefits. With respect to the health care facility, certified nursing assistants could also enjoy pension benefits.

In order to get full certification, you have to take both the theoretical and the training classes and it is compulsory. While attending programs and courses on certified nursing, you will master many important skills (CPR for example) which are very helpful for you both at and outside work. With all the skills mastered, you can save lives anywhere.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics confirmed that New York and California are the two top places that held the most number of certified nursing assistant jobs. When you have the skills and knowledge required for a fit nursing assistant, there would not be much trouble for you to get a certified nursing assistant job, and other health support staff positions. You will be an esteemed and valuable professional member of the medical team who provides imperative care. Carrying out the duties and responsibilities all through the shift and extended periods may turn out cumbersome but the satisfaction in helping the sick is immense.

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Should Nurses Encourage Yoga for Their Patients?

The popularity of yoga has been swiftly on the rise for the past 10 years and is seen as one of the best ways for people to not only stay healthy physically, but mentally as well. The benefits of yoga are countless and it has been known to help people with physical injuries, mental disabilities, accident trauma, weight issues, anxiety and more. It is even being used on dogs to help with hip dysplasia and other joint problems. Unfortunately, when something becomes this popular, not every class offered is going to be safe and effective. There has been a steep increase in yoga injuries and yoga instructors, nurses and health practitioners are now discussing the best avenue to pursue.

The most common injuries from yoga are generally in the wrists, elbows, shoulders, ribs and lower back. However, joining that list are high blood pressure, neck injuries, risk or stroke and headaches. These and other injuries are becoming more and more common, and the flame can no longer be placed solely on the oveager student. While someone with an injury or medical condition who is a new yoga student should familiarize themselves with how the practice could affect them, they should not be expected to know how to keep them safe. A yoga teacher should know how certain poses affect certain injuries or conditions, what is most likely to cause injury, and how to adapt or change positions or asanas to keep students safe.

Victoria McColm, the founder of Prevent Yoga Injury, believes that in yoga teacher training, most medical conditions and yoga contraindications are rushed through or glossed over. She also mentions that those looking for more in-depth information or training have been hard pressed to find it. To address this, she created Prevent Yoga Injury and has written The Contraindication Index for Yoga Asanas, which will hopefully be the first step in educating people on this subject.

The book is not only a guide for Yoga teachers. McColm has designed the information to be accessible for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals, as well as yoga students with a general idea of ​​anatomy. The book cross references the 35 most common medical conditions with 112 fundamental yoga poses. There are instructions for modifying certain asanas, changing poses for injuries, and recommendations for avoiding some movements altogether. It welcomes people with perceiving limiting conditions to try some basic, gentle poses as a way to ease them into a practice.

Yoga is recommended by most healthcare professionals to overweight people for great exercise, to anxious people as a way to calm the mind, to pregnant women as a way to promote the baby's health. But many are hesitant to encourage patients to form a yoga practice sure to lack of experience or knowledge. Hopefully, this book will be a way for nurses and others in healthcare to have a more informed view on yoga and enable them to better help their patients. Would you recommend yoga to your patients?

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Helping Your Nursing Colleague to Feel Better

As a BSN nurse, it is inherent that we make our patients feel better. The BSN nurse is there for the patient especially during the times when the pain might be unbearable for them. Simply put, one of the primary duties of a BSN nurse is to make their patients feel better. What will happen if it is their nursing collections who may be suffering and may also feel some pain one way or another? It would be a nice gesture on your part as a college to uplift them from their melancholy mood.


This may seem an inconsequential thing to you because you did not really do anything. But this is huge for those people who really need someone to listen to them. Just the fact that they let it out of their chest is a big improvement. They can feel lighter and their moods can change for the better. If you feel that your collegeague needs to vent or air out their frustration then be ready to lend your ear.


When people are having a bad day, they tend to focus on the negative aspects of their personalities. They are blind to the achievements and success they have made. The role that you will play is to encourage them and point out to them their strengths. You need to show them that it is not always the case and it is just more of an exception than the norm.


Another vital effort that you can do to help your colleague is to be of assistance to them. To further reduce their stress level for the day, assist them any way you can. An act of kindness is totally free and the receiving party can treasure it as long as they live.

There are still other things that you can do to help make your colleague feel better. These are just some of the main things that you can do for them. Helping them feel better can also have a positive effect on you. It can be an achievement that you can carry with your through the day. Nurses uplift their patients all the time through their caring and nurturing, it is also the same with your collections. They also need the tender loving care that you can extend to them because they are part of your nursing community. You might need their help the next you are the one who might be feeling down.

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