Mistakes That Happen in Your Nursing Career

There is no mistaking that a nursing career is a good choice to make. Nurses are in demand; they are needed in health care facilities. However, there are some mistakes that one has to avoid in order to continue being successful in your nursing career.

Stress and Burnout

Nurses are people who can be easily stressed. They have a lot of things that they need to accomplish in a day. That is why they are most prone to burn out. Burn out can be one those things that can endanger you your job. When one is burnt out you tend to suffer in terms of job performance. This can affect your work evaluation and it might be the end of your nursing career.

Changes in Specialty

It can be confusing to employers if you change your specialty too many times. Although, it may seem good in your resume, the truth is it can send a wrong signal to your employers. What one should do is to show commitment to one nursing specialty.

Wrong Specialty

When choosing a specialty one must be sure to choose the right one. It can be hard to work in a specialty that you do not believe in. It can be both a problem for you and your collections. It can also decrease your motivation to work. This can also be a time that you will think that it will be better to change specialty. However, the best thing to do is to analyze first which kind of special interest you, this would make it easier to find the nursing specialty for you.


Nurses should always prepare a portfolio of their work. They need to put together their accomplishes. This is especially important during evaluation and one is seeking a promotion. This can help the management to decide if you are worthy to be promoted or not. If you do not have this, then it may take a longer time for them to evaluate your performance.

A nursing career is very important to take care of. That is why it will be healthy to know some pitfalls that can happen if one does not take care of it. It is something one has to take care of and constantly improve on. If one feels that their nursing career is in a rut then they have to do something to bring it back to life. It is your job, so take care of it.

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Proactive Practices for the LPN Nurse

One of the most accredited trait in a worker or employee is to be proactive. This means that instead of person being just reactive to a situation, they already find solutions to problems without anyone telling them to do so. As an LPN nurse, there are difficult situations that you face each day. These situations can be handled easily if one will have a proactive mindset. To help you get started, here are some reminders for you to be able to develop the habit of being proactive:

Reflect and Ask Questions

The first thing that you need to do is to look within yourself. Are you the type of person who reacts without thinking? Are you always thinking negatively of the work that you have to do? If these questions plague you and you may be guilty of doing these things, then it is time to reconsider your way of thinking.

Create a Plan

Once you have analyzed and improved your attitude towards your work as an LPN nurse, it is time to make a plan. Plans can help you put things into perspective and sort through the important and not-so important tasks. Remember that plans are not written in stone, they can be changed or developed further.

Dwell on the Solutions

Some nurses have a tendency to dwell on the problems instead of possible solutions to the problems. When you catch yourself doing this, stop it immediately. One has to find the solutions instead of prolonging the problem.

Evaluate Procedures

Sometimes, procedures can be the culprit on why tasks are not finished. Make sure that you evaluate the procedures you are doing to help you realize if you are doing the right way. Procedures can be improved so that work and responsibilities will be easier to bear.

Anticipate Needs

Would not it be nice that when you are just thinking of having a nice, tall glass of iced tea, it would just mysteriously materialize? However, that only happens in movies. But what you can do is try to anticipate what could happen. Develop several scenarios and make sure each one has a game plan. This is most especially crucial when dealing with patients.

Make Things Easier

Have you heard the term “working smart”? This means that even if you have tons of work to do, you are still able to finish them in time. Make a routine more automated so that less action is required of you.

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Consider a VA Nursing Career

If one is seeking a nursing job and is still quite new to the business, one can consider visiting Veteran's Hospitals or Veterans Affairs Office. This can be a good opportunity to practice your nursing career. Most people hear about jobs in private hospitals and nursing homes. Unfortunately these days, the places mentioned may already be seated with nurses. It is good to find alternative places where one can practice nursing and establish a nursing career.

One of the benefits of working for a veteran's hospital is that they help nursing students in pursuing their education. They are also given a chance to practice clinical rotations with tie-ups in different nursing schools. Then there are also entry-level positions that one can consider as a start of their career.

Another job that they can consider is to be part of the VA Travel Nurse Corps. This is a great way not only to jumpstart a career but it can provide opportunities for travel. The nursing professionals can be relocated in different Veteran's hospitals across the country. The only downside is that training may be nonexistent because staffing may be not be adequate.

Another benefit that one can get from working at a VA hospital is that they are given the task to improve patient safety initiative and clinical nurse leadership.

Working for VA hospitals may not be for everyone. It can be a bit more demanding than ordinary hospitals. It can also be more challenging and one has to really be on their toes to make their nursing career successful. But when you consider some of the perks they offer it can be worth your while. The main thing that matters is to find a stable and rewarding job. Aside from that, if a nurse decides to further their studies, there are scholarships programs available as well as tuition fee reimbursements.

It is a step to fulfilling your goal of helping patients. It may not be what you have envisioned at first but it is a start. One must remember that as a nurse, one can not really choose who to care for.

Now that you have heard about the advantages of working for VA hospitals, maybe it is time to consider it more because it can mean a better future for you and for your career. VA hospitals can be found all over the country so it will not be hard to ask if they are looking for a nursing professional.

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Perseverance As Part of Nursing Care

Did anyone ever tell you that you are persistent? Instead of making your hackles rise, treat this as a compliment. The reason is that nursing professional you are expected to be persevering and persistent. The nursing profession has never been for the weak of heart. One has to have an iron will in order to survive and succeed nursing.

Nursing is a tough job and there is no sugar-coating it. Most would want to romanticize and think that it is about helping people and doing well to the community. There is no argument there but one also has to work seriously hard if one has to help and care for the people.

Perseverance is a trait that most nurses should have. It is like developing a thick skin and not knowing when to give up. When a person entered nursing school, there are already different expectations from you. Just imagine if you quit in just your first year of nursing? What kind of character does that show?

When you start your nursing career, you will experience different difficulties as well. To most people, giving up is always an option. This is also true with nursing but you can not really consider yourself as a true nurse if you quit at the slightest sign of discomfort.

Nurses are meant to be persistent. When they are faced with adversity, they push on and continue with determination and tenacity. There is no such thing as giving up and throwing in the towel. That is not an option that is being considered by nurses. Instead, when the going gets tough, nurses will look for and arrive at solutions. They have several game plans so that when one does not work, then there is another strategy that they can use.

It is no wonder that most people trust nurses very much. It is because they see the do-or-die attitude of the nurses. If the patients lose hope, they only have to seek the nurse and feel that they are guided in a way that will motivate them to get better. In a way, nurses can be drill sergeants but in a gentler way. They will drill and nag the patients to see the end goal which is to get better.

Success comes to those who tried and tried until they reach their success. If there is failure along the way, then it is treated as something that has to be overcome.

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Key Factors Necessary for Improving Nursing Care

It is heard time and time again about poor quality of health care in some medical care facilities. There might be different reasons why this is happening right now. There might be budget cuts that results in short staffed facilities. Even if most of us focus on the negative, there is a much better way to address this nursing issue. We have to work on the key factors that can improve the nursing care that we give as well as receive.

Empathy and Understanding

It is drilled to the minds of nurses to protect their patients to the best of their abilities. This would only be possible if there is a defect understanding of what the patient is under. Empathy or putting yourself in the shoes of the patient could further cement the goal of patient protection. If we understand and empathize to their situation then we can somehow find different ways in which to be of more help to them.


It is not enough that nurses encourage their patients. It is also the patients' responsibility to be engaged. If nurses show motivation and care for them, then they also have to find the will to fight and be more concerned about their health situation. Remember, it takes two to tango. Nurses enterprises only the fifty percent of patient recovery, the other half is from the patient.


Most successful relationships happen because there is adequate communication between the two parties. This is also the same with the nurse-patient relationship. The nurses have to know what patients are feeling and vice versa. There has to be an open communication because once it has a barrier then it might result in misunderstandings.

Similarities and Differences

In our world that cultural diversity abounds, it is also wiser to set aside the similarities and differences in opinion. From this part, one can learn about the different cultures but this is not to be a hindrance. Instead it can be a coming together of ideas to arrive at a solution to the health problems.

Improvement of nursing care is vital for the patient to recover from his sickness. However, this will only be possible if there is conscious effort to work and cooperate together. Nurses should make a conscious effort of always setting the standard high in nursing care. They have to constantly seek ways to improve on how they care for the patients.

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Learning the Different Online Nursing Programs

Since technology is almost ruling every aspect of our lives, it has also acquired the world of education. Most schools are now offering online courses for students to take. With this kind of choices, it has become easier for most people not just young ones to obtain a college degree of their choice.

This is also the same with the nursing programs; there are now online nursing programs that one can choose from. Most of the online nursing schools offer nursing programs that you can choose from.

LPN to BSN Programs

This program is being offered to licensed practical nurses to complete their bachelor degree for nursing. This is open to LPNs and those who have LPN licenses. This kind of program is given so that more job opportunities can be found for the student who will finish this course. Graduates can apply and sit in for the NCLEX-RN degree.


This is open to licensed RNs who may still be working but would like to continue their education through online classes. This training requires licens exam to be qualified for the program. Students must be licensed already before they are accepted.


This course is designed to let RNs proceed to their master's degree. They are taking the core subjects of the master's degree while at the same time finishing their BSN courses. This kind of program accepts associate or diploma level nurses. Once you take your course, your master's study is in a condensed format. The benefit of this kind of program is that it lets a student finish the course earlier that can offer big savings in the long run.


This is a master's degree course that is offered for those who have obtained their BSN degree. There are different kinds of specialization for this degree previously nurse educator and nurse administrator.


This degree is not as common online. Although, there are online schools that offer doctorate or PhD. This is obtained after the students have finished the MSN program. The reason for this specialization is to help those who are interested to be in the field of research or education.

The nursing degree is really a diverse field. Online programs that are available can help people to decide what they really want to specialize in. This is not only an opportunity but it is also a chance for them to take their diploma in a more convenient way.

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Tips for RNs Who Will Do Volunteer Work Abroad

Volunteer work for an RN is part of their sworn duty. They believe that their talents for helping patients should not just be defined in one area alone. Here, they give their time and effort in order to help patients who are in need. Nurses volunteer because it is their way of giving back to the community. Some nurses would even extend their volunteer work and go out to far flung countries. To some it is their way of making sure that health and care are given to anyone who needs it regardless of race, gender and culture.

If you are an RN who decided to do volunteer work abroad, you have to make sure that you are well prepared. You also have to make sure that you are protected because how can you help other people if you yourself are not well and capable?


Medical missions have their itinerary on the places that they will go to. As a volunteer nurse, you need to know all the information needed about the place that you will go to. This is necessary so that you can prepare and be as ready as you can be.

Passport and Visas

Aside from your RN documents, passports and visas are also important documents that you need to prepare when going out of the country. This is part of your identification so these should also be prepared ahead of time.

Clothing and Luggage

Since you know the itinerary of your volunteer work, it would be easier for you on what kind of clothes to pack. One also has to keep in mind that too many things on the luggage could mean difficulty in mobility. One has to learn how to travel light.

Departure and Arrival

Make sure that you have the exact time and date of departure and arrival. It would help to avoid inconveniences if you know these kinds of information.


Find out the currency of the country you are going to. Calculate the exchange rate to avoid getting short or not having enough money when you go there. To be safer, bring along your credit cards but check with the credit card company ahead of time about your credit limit and if it will be accepted in the country that you are going to.

Being a volunteer nurse can be a fulfilling job for most. It is something that money can not buy. However, it helps that when you do these volunteer works, you are prepared.

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Choose Travel Nurse Agencies Wisely

With nurses being required by people of all ages, the demand for travel nurse agencies has been on the rise laately. This has led to the splurge of the recruitment of male as well as female nurses. Many nurseries are in love with their work, while there are others that are ready for a change of scenery. All nurses want to enjoy what they do and this has given rise to the concept of travel nursing. The profession is fast growing and it has attracted a lot of nurses to different parts of the world. Most of the nurses who apply for travel_nursing are the ones with a penchant for traveling and new places.

Once you are registered by a travel nursing agency, you will perform your job as a nurse while getting the opportunity to travel to various places in this wonderful world and meeting new people. The travel necessity could be asked to travel to different places for 2 to 6 months and stay free of charge at a luxury hotel or accommodation. The saloons are agreed upon, and you are contracted to perform the responsibilities of a nurse. If you want to be a nurse or are one, would you let go of such a chance?

Often, the agency that hires these nurses is not very organized, so you will want to do a little research to verify before joining. Salary can also be a common problem, or failed promises like unfulfilled benefits. If these mishaps are to be avoided, the travel necessity should make sure to start the verification procedure before signing any paperwork. Verify that you will receive what is being offered in your employment package. There should be a strict adherence to the clauses of the agreement. Salary is a major issue, but that depends on the job location. A faraway location, high cost of living and demanding job responsibilities are some of the things that deserve a plumper pay package.

While some travel nurse agencies provide a lower salary, they compensate for this deficiency by providing excellent and competitive benefits. Other companies provide free accommodations in order to make up for a lower salary. The nursing agency should also have a caring and competent customer service department that will handle your issues and concerns. Some nurses are assigned beautiful travel destinations and they enjoy a splendid vacation-like employment period. However, tourist spots are not present in all of the assignments. If you want to be a travel nurse, you may travel around the city you currently live in, instead of across the globe. Search for the ideal travel nurse agency to fit your lifestyle and desires.

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How Can Registered Nurses Help Their Patients Who Are Suffering From Pain

One of the reasons why people go to hospitals is because they suffer from pain. As registered nurses, we have the vital role of being of service to these patients. Registered nurseries may not be the one that will give out the prescription or treatments but they can be a partner of the patients in order to find a suitable way on how to manage their pain.

Patient History and Physical Check-up

For the registered nurse to be able to find out what the cause or origin of the pain is, one has to look into the history of the patient. What can be the cause of the pain? What are some of the actions taken to relate the pain? These are just some of the questions you can discuss with your patient. This can help in further understanding what the patient is going through.

Additional Test or Diagnosis

When the patient and the nurse arrived at the understanding of what kind of pain the patient is going through, there may be suggestions of additional tests done in order to verify and collate more information. There could be blood tests done. There is also X-ray or MRI.

Discussion of Attainable Goals and Further Treatment

The registered nurse and the patient would now sit down and list down the desired goals of the patient. One has to discuss what the plan of action is. There are also the different kinds of treatments that can help alleviate the pain, one must know which ones the patients are highly amenable and which ones should not be done because the patient might not be comfortable with it. '

Formulation of the Plan

After everything has been settled and agreed upon, it is time to write up a formal treatment plan for the patient. This would include the check-ups, diagnostic and follow-up visits to ensure that the pain monitoring is accurate.

Alternative Solutions

If the formal treatment plan may not be working as they should, then it is time to come up with an alternative plan. It is at this time that the nurse will plan to suggest a referral to specialist that can be of more help to the patient.

These are just some of the strategies that one can suggest to patients to help them alleviate their pains and aches. These are not fool proof plan; there are still things that need to be individualized depending on the patient.

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Disinfecting Your Medical Scrubs Properly

As with any profession involving people, medical professionals run the risk of carrying bacteria, then passing it on to patients and along to family and friends. Research proves that a main transport vehicle in carrying bacteria to another person is the apparel worn by a medical professional. According to recent studies, scrubs which are laundered at home contain high bacteria levels, as compared to scrubs laundered in a professional laundering facility or at the hospital. If you are responsible for cleaning your own scrubs, just follow these tips for properly disinfecting and cleaning your medical scrubs at home.

To begin, when you get new scrubs, wash them using cold water and a half cup of vinegar. This allows the color to set and will keep them from fading. The scrubs will go through a harsh disinfecting from here on out, and this simple step will help in extending the life of your scrubs.

Put your scrubs on and take them off at the hospital, right before and after your shift. Place your scrubs in a plastic freezer bag after the end of your shift. Seal the bag and keep the seal intact until you are set to wash your scrubs. Discard the bag after removing the clothing.

Once you are ready to wash your uniform, do so separately from your other laundry. To conserve energy and water, just wait until you have a few sets of scrubs ready to wash. However, it is important that your load not be too big. For proper cleaning, the scrubs need to have plenty of room to move around in the washer and dryer. Use stain remover on any visible stains. Your medical scrubs will require two washes. The first will loosen and remove dirt and debris. The second will disinfect the scrubs.

Before the first wash, turn the scrubs inside out to avoid pilling. Use regular detergent and cold water for the first wash with a normal setting. Once the first wash is complete, check to ensure all stains were removed. If not, repeat the steps for the first wash. Otherwise, stains will set in the second hot wash.

The second wash will need to use hot water and bleach. Allow the washer tub to fill before adding c cup of bleach, or use the bleach dispenser if your washer has one.

Follow this step by putting scrubs in the dryer on the highest heat setting. Allow the scrubs to tumble dry for a minimum of 30 minutes to kill bacteria. Then iron your scrubs to kill even more bacteria. Place in a plastic dry-cleaning bag or roll scrubs to put in a clean, plastic freezer bag to keep them clean until your next shift. With this routine, your scrubs will be clean and disinfected, ready for the next shift.

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New Trends to Consider by Nursing Professionals

Nursing professionals have some dilemma when it comes to job hunting. Since there are many nursing graduations every year, the market for nurses is becoming settled. Although, you can still read reports about how the nursing profession still has a bright future, it can still be a good idea to find alternative jobs as a nurse.

Nurse Entrepreneur

Like businessman, this can have a lot of potentials right now for nurses. Putting up your own business can offer you a better opportunity for competition. You can plan and make your own destiny when you become a nurse entrepreneur. The only thing that may slow you down when you plan to become one is the money that you will need to put up your own business. However, if you have the savvy and know who to approach then maybe you should consider being a nurse entrepreneur.

Traveling Nurse

If you are the type of person who would like to help people and at the same time learn about new cultures, then this type of job may be for you. This is a type of work that can give you a chance to see the world while at the same time practicing the profession that you love. You also have a chance to see how other nurses from different parts of the world work and how you can adapt their positive practices to your work ethics.

Mobile Clinic Nurses

Another emerging trend for the nursing professionals is the mobile clinic nurses. There are mobile clinics that sprung all over the country. Since this is technically still a medical care facility, then nurses are also needed to help run these facilities. This can give you an opportunity to see other places although not in a larger scale as a traveling nurse. Still, it can give you a chance to see some parts of the country that you may not have yet seen.

Nurses are people that are resilient. They will find a way to find jobs that will help them earn a living and at the same time time help people who may be suffering from sickness. It is a challenge these days because the market has become competitive but with these new trends of nursing jobs, it is very encouraging for those who may want a different way of practicing nursing. You can choose the option that will suit your personality and lifestyle.

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Options You Should Consider for Nursing Schools

Future nurses develop a headache when it is time for them to choose a nursing school where they can study. There are many worthy nursing colleges and universities all over the country. They also offer good nursing curriculum for anyone. There are many options that you can consider in finding the right nursing college for you. However, there are key things so that you can narrow down the choices.

Nursing Program

The best thing to consider is to find out what nursing program you would like to specialize in. This is a major point to consider because you need to go to a school that offers only the best in the nursing program you have chosen.


One also has to consider how far or how near a school is. If you are willing to travel across the country so that you can study in the school that you want then do so. However, if you are planning to stay within the community you live in, then a school near the area would be more ideal.

Size of the School

Some would consider the size of the school. The reason for this is that if the school has a big population then the program might not be as individualized as they want it. Others would prefer a big school to get better opportunity in meeting more people and establish contacts.

Class Size

Another good thing to consider is how big the class is per nursing course. One has to consider the ratio of the teacher and the students. If there are too many students per teacher then it can be a problem when it comes to academic performance of the student. They might not be closely monitored compared to the class size is not as big.

Clinical Rotation

This is an important aspect of your nursing course because this is when you will be able to practice all that you have learned. If the school does not provide sufficient clinical rotation among the students, then it could mean unpreparedness for the students.

Passing Rate

A good mark of a nursing school is the percentage of its passing rate. One has to see if the moving rate of the school that you are going to enroll in shows a high percentage. This is an indication on how the school prepares the student in being a future nurse. If they have a low passing rate then make sure that you avoid that school and choose another one.

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The Nursing Motto – Believe in Yourself

As people pursue their nursing education, there will come a time when they will have doubts about the choices they made. It is not a secret that nursing education is one of those courses that is difficult and highly competitive. Many nursing students are pressured to perform their best at nursing schools because of the job market. When students fail tests or did not receive the grades they expect, then they begin to doubt themselves. This kind of intrusive is quite normal. People sometimes doubt their abilities. However, even if people would doubt themselves, it does not mean that they will give up.

One of the nursing mottos that a person should take seriously while having their nursing education is to believe in themselves. This is probably why; some new nursing graduates feel overwhelmed when they leave nursing school.The reason is because they do not have enough faith in their abilities. The confidence that they have to feel should be absolute. It is not about bragging or being proudful. It is about knowing who you are, what you want and where you want to go as a nursing professional.

When a person completely believes in his abilities then everything follows. It may not seem like that way at first but in the end it will be. The reason that nursing students should practice believing in themselves is because there will be a lot of trials and obstacles that will come their way. It is not just about surviving nursing schools and cranky professors. It is also about how they can handle the daily difficult situations that are waiting for them when they step out in the real world.

The simulation classes that they attended are nothing compared to the real world. If they falter or feel unsure then their confidence in their profession may suffer. Nurses have faced different kinds of trials in their lives, and they are never ending. This is not to scare the young people out there; instead this is something that will prepare you for what lies ahead. When you decided that you wanted to be a nurse, it is a signal for you to look at yourself closely and see how far you can take the challenges.

The nursing education that you have taken and the confidence that you have developed can be the tools that can help you get through any obstacles that you may face in your nursing career.

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Studying to Be a Nurse: A Great Decision

With increase in demand of medical services, studying to be a nurse can be an ideal career option. The nursing job requires both technical and practical knowledge. Studying to be a nurse may be harder but the career opportunities ahead of nursing course are tremendous. Today universities offer many programs to study nursing. The nursing job involves helping people and is the most respectable job.

Prerequisites for Nursing

If you are planning for nursing care you should be well aware about certain points such as where to start the study, how to apply, what are the career prospects, and what are the colleges offering these courses. The minimum qualification to qualify for nursing is high school. The main subjects in your high school should be chemistry, biology, and English. Most of the colleges conduct admission examinations for admissions in their nursing schools. Also, they consider your academic records. Since nursing skilled involves hard work and intelligence, the colleges offering admissions prefer to take creamy layer students. You need to have excellent high school knowledge. Thus, hard works in your high school academies will open doors for you as a nurse. When you are preparing for the entrance examinations of a particular nursing college, it would be beneficial for you to have a word with some instructor or senior student of that college. This will help you to prepare for admission exam in right way. It would be a better idea to research online for nursing entry paper to practice for your entrance exams.

Nursing Courses

Once you have decided to be a nurse, now you have to choose the nursing course you want to pursue. Selecting a specific course for studying to be a nurse depends entirely on your goals.

As a start for studying to be a nurse, you need to control yourself for the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program. This program is of six to twelve weeks. This course will teach you basics of medical science. With this course, you can work as a nursing aide. This involves basic tasks such as taking blood of the patient and patient care assistants. A CNA works under the supervision of the nurse.

Here is the list of some of the courses available:

· Vocational Training Nurse: This course is of almost 1 year and involves both classroom training and clinical practice. In classroom training you acquire fundamental skills and in clinical training you will get a chance to train under experienced nurses and doctors. This will be a great opportunity to start your career immediately. Once you complete your training training, you need to obtain a license for nursing. This license is obtained by passing a competency test developed by the boards of nursing in your region. As a licensed voluntary nurse (LVN) you will be involved in services such as take vital signs, wound care, and administrator injections. After studying to be a nurse in voluntary training involves basically taking care of patients, they can easily get job anywhere in the world. Moreover as per time schedule they want because nursing requires 24/7 assistance to the patients. Vocational training course is just a beginning for higher studying to be a nurse.

After studying to be a nurse as LVN you need to apply for Registered Nurse (RN) degree. There are two types of RN degrees to choose, viz, Assistant Degree Nurse (ADN) or Bachelor of Science Nurse Degree (BSN).

· ADN and BSN program: The ADN degree is of 2 years. This is also nursing career achiever but is less paid than BSN program. You can enroll yourself in bachelor's degree in nursing, ie Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program. For admission in BSN you need to have associate degree or diploma in nursing. This is a 4year program and is highly competitive. This program opens doors for big opportunities and higher salies. Before enrolling in any of these courses, you must enroll in the colleges or universities which are accredited by Nursing Accrediting Commission.

Either of the program you opt, you need to pass National Licensing examination of your state or region. Once you are a Registered Nurse (RN), you get a variety of options while working such as operating rooms and health clinic. The RN's are highly paid and their salary increases at much higher pace with experience.

· Once you complete your BSN and want an advanced level in nursing, you can pursue Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) program. The RN should pursue the MSN program for career growth. MSN is the advanced level of RN. With advance programs you can choose to become a specialized nurse, ie in specialized fields such as midwives, anaesthesiologists, nurse practitioners, and surgical nurses. Once you own get the license of nursing, you qualify for the titles of voluntary nurses, registered nurses, and practical nurses.

The need for doctoral program in nursing continues to be a major concern. As more and more PhD nurseries are required, their numbers remain less. The basic reasons is that the women are involved in family care, most of the RN prefer to start their clinical practices and they do not even think of continuing education.

Many online programs are also available for nursing care. You can get technical knowledge from online courses and you need to go to practicing your nursing.

When you are studying to be a nurse, the teachers teaching you are generally the experienced nurses who are trained educators. Generally the subject taught in studying to be a nurse are chemistry, nutrition, anatomy, behavioral sciences, psychology, physiology, nutrition, and microbiology.

Things to remember while studying to be a Nurse

· Once you get admission in nursing school, the first thing you require is to be prepared. You should be mentally prepared of the hard work you are going to spend. A nursing care involves their devotion of holidays, festivals, and even at times their family. If you have kids, better arrange for a baby-sitter. As of the stationary items you should have a stock of highlighters, pen, and notepad. A computer is a must for your studying to be a nurse.

· You need to be organized in your study time. Be up to mark on your revision works. Keep your nursing tools well and clean in place. Always plan “To do task” list on daily basis.

· It will be a good idea and a great support for you to study in groups and consult your senior nurses for help. Study in groups will help you to find solution and even the problems of many cases which you or your group would have handled. Medical services come with experience of the people. As you come to know more about cases and their solutions, your brain will brush up for the cases you may handled in future.

· At times you may feel overwhelmed, boost up yourself and remember that the nurses on respectable post also went through this stage. You may also face some issues with your clinical instructor. The best way is to always use the clinical instructor's words as their experience. A positive approach while studying to be a nurse will make you achieve your goal.

· Do not always book yourself in books. Instead, read about the outside world may be the achievements and cases going on in the nursing profession.

· Connect with other nurses even with the nurses of different states and countries with help of internet. This will help you to gain knowledge of what they are learning and experiencing.

Most of the people think that nurses are just an assistant to the doctors. And so they get themselves back from studying to be a nurse. However, this thinking needs to be changed. People studying to be a nurse have a great contribution in medical sciences. Their profession is taking care, maintaining health of individual. They play an important role in saving life. We should thanks Florence Nightingale for her tremendously contribution to the foundation of nursing. She plays a role model to the students studying to be a nurse. Every student who is studying to be a nurse should follow or even once read her theories and principles. This will be a great inspiration for them.

Studying to be a nurse should be taken seriously as it involves with the life of individual. For patients, nurses are next to GOD. They have strong belief in doctors as well as nurses. A nurse is found in every field. From taking care of employees in a company they have great contribution in taking care of soldiers in the battlefield. Your decision for studying to be a nurse can be a life safer for so many individuals.

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Helpful Tips to Pass the RN Board Exam

The RN Board Exam is an intimidating factor for most nursing students. This is the final hurdle before becoming and getting the title RN or registered nurse. Most of the people that will take this test develop anxiety and fear. They think ahead of themselves and end up stressed out. The board exam is really a big part of becoming an RN however; it is not an excuse to make you feel anxious and worried. To help you relate some of the worries, here are some basic tips that can help you overcome the fear of taking the test.

Take Each Day at a Time

The fact that it is a review means that. It is not about going back to your first year of nursing studies. It is remembering the different topics that you have discussed during your nursing school days. It is not done in a day so make sure not to cram or memorize everything in a day.

Be Confident but Not Too Much

Psyche yourself that you can do the test. The power of positive thinking works a lot. However, too much confidence can also be bad. Balance things out. Believe in yourself but still continue to study and review to make you better prepared for the coming day itself.

Seek Support

Find support from your family, friends and collections. They will be the one to give you further strength especially during the times when you doubt your abilities and just want to give up. They would also uplift you and encourage you to succeed.

Nourish Your Body and Mind

Do not forget to eat. This is necessary to keep up your strength. You also need to rest from time to time from your review. Find some relaxing time to do recreational activities like watching movies or TV, or even go out with friends to take your mind of your board exam worries.

Get Enough Sleep

Being sleep deprived will not help your cause. Eight hours of sleep a day can do wonders for your power of concentration. It will also help at the actual test itself because it will prevent you from being sleepy. If you have difficulty in sleeping at night then try drinking warm milk. It can also help if you listen to relaxing music.

Passing the RN Board Exam is an important part of being a nurse. One must be prepared about it. But the most important thing to remember is to focus and stay positive.

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