The Ins and Outs of Fast Track Nursing Courses

The demanding increase of nurse requests from hospitals and other health care centers has made the need for fast track nursing course's go up.

Fast track nursing courses are an excellent way to get a nursing degree in a short period of time. These courses are very intense and demanding, and that's why students are encouraged not to work during training.

Although very attractive due to its duration and job perspectives, fast track nursing courses have their ins and outs like any other course.


  • These nursing courses have a shorter duration than regular courses. This is excellent for those wanting to finish the course to start working as soon as possible.
  • In two years or even less time, the student will have the equivalent of a three year course. No extra certificates or exams will be needed since the student will have the same level of training and know-how as students from regular courses.
  • Due to the high number of nurseries requested for hospitals and other health care institutions, a nurse will get a job almost immediately after course completion.
  • Nursing is a very rewarding career at personal level. Helping those in need raises the nurse's self-esteem turning them into an even more loving and caring person.
  • There is a high level of success and most students graduate. When they apply, they are committed to finish the course to get a job and earn income as soon as possible, and that's an incentive to success.


  • Due to a full time schedule, fast track nursing courses are very demanding and full days are spent in classes and training.
  • As they are full time courses, it is not possible to attend them while having a job or other commitments. Hard work and total dedication are needed.
  • Competition is huge. Everyone is looking for fast learning to enter the working world, and if there is a course available, rushing to get a spot is a must.
  • Sometimes institutions holding these nursing courses only accept students with credits in science and biology courses. Other pre-requisites may be requested but it all depends on the institution you are applying for.
  • Until the course ends, holidays will be part of the past because that time will be used to study. Taking advantage of that time makes it possible to shorten the duration of the course.
  • This type of course is very expensive. The price might be double of the one paid for regular teaching. It is a question of having or not having the money to pay. Working during the course, even if it is just for a few hours a week, is out of question. Intensive classes like the nursing ones leave no free time to work even in part-time.

Fast track nursing courses are absolutely a good opportunity for those looking for a promising career in the health care field. Being a nurse gives you the opportunity to help others during times of pain and despair. It is a career that never ends. There are many additional courses to be taken in case the nurse desires to progress in the career and acquire new qualifications.

Although there are some disadvantages with this type of course, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages when the application day arrives.

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Reasons To Take Certified Nursing Assistant Online Classes

Many people who are looking for a new career turn to nursing assistants for their careers. This profession offers people a chance to give back and do something meaningful while while earning a decent wage for their work. If you are interested in pursuing such a career, you may be interested in taking certified nursing assistant online classes.

As a CNA, you will be helping both doctors and nurseries do their work, while working with patients. Some of your duties may include talking to professionals and patients, observing patients to ensure that they are doing well, and helping out with the paper work.

Training for this type of job does not take very long and many people complete their programs in well under a year. Fortunately, there are many different ways to study towards a certification, such as studying at a campus or through the Internet.

Many people choose to take courses through the Internet because it provides them with the freedom to live wherever they want while studying. They may also be able to continue working at their current jobs and they generally have more time to spend with their families. The number of Internet based courses is also increasing, which means that you should not have any trouble finding a suitable program.

Before you choose an Internet based program, you should ensure that it has been accredited by the appropriate institutions. If you participate in a program that has not been accredited, your certification will not mean anything and you will have to find another program to enroll in.

Certified nursing assistant online classes are a great way to get your certification. People who have these skills are in high demand and can work in a variety of settings, including hospice care, hospitals, correctional facilities, and in long term care homes. The salary for this type of work is also quite good when it comes to entry level positions.

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Certified Nursing Assistant Online Courses

If you have ever considered working in the medical profession, then you should start with certified nursing assistant online courses. You will receive a certificate which will allow you to study for a degree on the internet at the comfort of your own home.

Studying for a CNA is truly the best experience as you can continue to work at the same time as studying at home. In fact, it is possible to obtain your degree without attaining a classroom as long as you have access to an internet connection.

As a qualified nursing assistant, you are expected to provide ongoing care for older patients in hospitals or care homes under the supervision of other medical staff. Your duties will include feeding, bathing, dressing and giving medicines to the patient.

One of the great advantages of studying online for a degree is that no matter where you have learned it, you can still find gainful employment in the medical field. Obtaining a certificate is essential as it will allow you to progress in the health sector and become a doctor after a few more years of study.

The internet based classes are often held by local colleges too. It is highly recommended to first determine which program is the right one for you before committing to one. The second factor is to ensure that the certificate offered by the school is recognized in your state.

These online programs are ideal for busy students or those who wish to keep their day jobs or work on their own schedules. It is a convenient way to fulfill your long term dreams of working in a rewarding profession without losing your current job. Once you have determined that the certified nursing assistant programs are for you, you are just a few clicks away from enrolling and starting your course.

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Nurses in the USA Program: Questions and Answers

In 2004, licensed nurses held about 2.3 million jobs being the most common profession in health care. Work of Licensed Nurses (LM) is to promote healthy lifestyle, prevent diseases and help patients to combat illness. LM explains patients, their families and the rest of the US population how to support health. In the process of providing direct patient care, nurses learn and record symptoms, reactions and speed of recovery, assist physicians during examinations and care, monitor medications and help during recovery period. LM also develops rules for patient care; monitors their implementation; teachers family members how to properly care for the sick.

What do you need for employment in the US?
The program provides receiving US nurse license to each specialist.

Which visa is necessary for a necessity to move to the US?
US delegate opens an immigrant visa I-140 (Green Card).

Can I move to the US with my family?
A nurse can take husband / wife and children under 21 years. Parents or other relatives may join a nurse, using a government program of family reunification.

Will children be able to get or continue their education in the US?
Children of a nurse have the right to education in the United States. Education in government schools is free. One can continue education in a college or university.

Will family members be eligible for legal employment in the US?
All family members will have permanent resident status (Green Card), which entitles you to unlimited live and work in the United States.

Where nurses will work in the US?
Work will be provided in various health facilities of the United States – hospitals, medical centers and clinics.

Can I choose a place of work and state?
In presence of close relatives, the US party will do everything possible to satisfies wishes of a necessity.

Which salary will be guaranteed for a nurse?
Wage rates for nurses vary from state to state year after year. In this case, wages of a licensed nurse is a minimum of 42,000 dollars per year ($ 21 per hour).

What is a maximum sum to earn?
The maximum earnings could amount to about 70 thousand dollars in the first year of the contract by working after hours, weekends and holidays, as payment for each hour of extracurricular time is executed with an index not less than 1.5. Rating of each such hour is stipulated in the contract between employer and nurse.

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Considering a Nursing Career? 3 Ways to Get More Information to Decide If Nursing Is Right for You

Are you interested in becoming a licensed professional nurse (LPN) or registered nurse (RN), but are unsure if nursing is the right career for you? How do you decide? Here are three ways to get more information to help you make up your mind.

1. Volunteer at your local hospital or clinic.

This will give you an idea what being in a health care environment is like. Depending on what area you work in, your interaction with nurses maybe limited. You may not see what nurses actually do. If that is the case and you know a nurse, ask to spend a day with her / him. My niece spent a day with me when I was an adult nurse practitioner working in a family practice clinic. For more exposure, she tagged along with a nurse in the pediatric clinic and a nurse in the obstetric unit of the hospital. She is now a registered nurse working in labor and delivery.

2. To see first hand what LPNs and RNs do, become a nurses 'aide (NA), certified nurses' aide (CNA) or home health aide (HHA).

Each state has different training requirements. For most, the training lasts from a few weeks to a few months. Some employers offer free CNA education in return for a commitment to work in their facility for a period of time. Many nurses start their career as a CNA or HHA. Once you are sure you like what you are doing, you can further your education by entering a nursing program. Completing a LPN program takes one year. A RN program lasts two years. If you want to pursue your bachelor's degree, you will spend four years in school.

3. Visit nursing sites on the internet.

One of my favorite sites is Johnsons and Johnsons' You can get many of your questions about nursing answered there. As you explore the different nursing sites look for descriptions about what what nurses do. Look at the different ages of people nurses working with pediatrics (babies and children) to geriatrics (older people). Find out more about the settings where LPNs and RNs are employed. In addition to hospitals, nurses work in clinics, schools, independent practice and even in helicopters.

This may be your first glimpse into the world of nursing. Maybe you liked what you saw and are ready to start your career in nursing. Maybe you are not sure yet. Keep seeking out information, and give yourself some time to make your decision.

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CNA Training: Certificate Confirmation

Each Medical Career project participant events a compulsory procedure of diploma confirmation by CGFNS Commission. Without this step, you will not be able to register at and pass NCLEX medical terminology exam, VISA SCREEN procedure, prepare for and pass an interview and sign a 3-year contract with clinic. What is the Commission of Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools CGFNS? This is a professional organization in the US designed to assess the level of training of nurses who received education and skills outside the US, which also carries out consideration of foreign necessity qualifications.

The Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) provides a comparative analysis of professional knowledge and skills of nurseries relative to American standards. CGFNS International protects interests of US citizens through taking necessary steps to ensure nurses and specialist of other qualifications health area, educated outside the US, have skills required to obtain license for immigration enforcement and compliance with other requirements for working in United States. Report of Credential Evaluation Service (CES) is the key for government health system departments when deciding on nursing diploma confirmation.

Service you get:
– Employees fill Applicant forms;
– Collect and issue all necessary documents;
– Translate and verify translations of required documents;
– Apply a set of documents in strict deadlines for the CGFNS Commission.

Successful completion of CES procedure gives you a status of registered nurse, which is a prerequisite for an immigrant visa. In addition, CGFNS Commission conducts a Visa Screen procedure. The Immigration Act requires that health care professionals confirm their readiness to work in the specialty to obtain working visas.

Select your reason for joining the project:
• obtaining nursing degree for 1 year;
• licensed nurse diploma to work in USA clinics;
• employment contract with any clinic in the US for 3 years;
• possibility of medical diploma verification in the United States;
• Green Card with the right to work and stay in the US for you and your family;
• wages from $ 42,000 to $ 70,000 per year;
• social benefits and health insurance for you and whole family;
• assistance in relocation and accommodation;
• obtain valuable experience in high professional clinics;

For a general employer's overview with an applicant for nursing position, an employer considers an applicant's resume, composed in a specific way with indication of necessary information about candidate.

Employer auditors both resume and a checklist displaying an applicant's professional skills. Filling a checklist is an important step, as it reflects not only professional qualities, but also applicant's abilities. Incorrect or inaccurate information can already determine the interview output. Specialists of CNA training companies will help an applicant fill the checklist correctly and competently.

To succeed in an interview with the employer, one requires proper training, through which an applicant for work in the US will give correct answers to specific employer's questions, assessing applicant's knowledge, skills and abilities.

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How To Find Certified Nursing Assistant Free Training Courses

Many elderly homes, aged care facilities and hospitals are in need of staff to provide essential primary nursing care services to their patients. These health care providers are often willing to employ staff and provide them with fully certified nursing assistant free training. This enables the student to learn and earn and receive their coaching with very little personal expenditure.

Job outlook for CNAs are very secure and are for the long term. Most health care based jobs are in short supply and this shortage has provided the necessity for employers to find suitable staff to fill essential positions within their workplace.

Opportunities for career advancement beyond basic courses, makes taking advantage of employer provided coaching a wise choice and time investment. The internet provides a useful starting point to check for services providing these courses located near your home.

Employment agencies are also often good sources of information and may be contacted by the health services to assist with recruitment of unemployed people who may be unaware that they can work and receive an income and receive credit in the form of their certification at the conclusion of a contracted work period.

An alternative option in some countries to receive free courses is via a job employment service provider. Long term unemployed people in some countries are eligible for government provided assistance to enter some coaching programs. CNA training is available under this provision in those countries such as Australia that subsidize or pay for coaching.

People who choose to train as CNAs have a secure future ensured in the current employment climate. With so many opportunities to receive certified nursing assistant free training, it is an excellent time to search out and pursue in learning program options. The rewards are gratifying and self satisfying in terms of job security and excellent ongoing career care opportunity.

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Practice Test For Certified Nursing Assistant

If you are looking at getting into this particular field of work then it is important you understand the ins and outs of the practice test for certified nursing assistant workers before you begin. These tests are designed to let you see which areas you need need to work on a bit more before you do the actual final examination so it gives you a better chance of passing.

First of all you need to make sure that it is relevant for your state as the licensing and examination procedures may vary across state borders. You also need to make sure that these tests have been created by the relevant people so they are a fair reflection of what you may be asked in your real examination.

You need to check that you are actually eligible to take these but all that is required is you are a student who has actually completed the classroom section of the training as well as taken part in clinical training as well. As long as you have done this then you can go on this special course which tries to replicate the examination moment in order to really prepare you for it.

Some associations will give you a special clinical training program which is heavily supervised and monitored just like the final examination so that when you get to it there is less chance of you being phased by anything. It will focus on several areas but it is impossible to list what these areas are since they can and do vary from state to state.

You are also able to find examples of questions that are asked on the internet and it may be an idea to see how you feel in answering those prior to using these kinds of tests although it does not create the kind of feeling you get in the exam . It is also important to never think that just because you can answer some multiple choice questions online that you are ready as it is perhaps better to be over prepared than under prepared and these courses can help you with this.

By doing this practice test for certified nursing assistant workers you can there before increase your chances of passing the real final examination which allows you to work in various health care locations. They are there for anyone and not just those who possibly lack in a bit of confidence as extra preparation is always an advantage.

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The Importance Of Getting On A Certified Nursing Assistant Registry

All states maintain a certified nursing assistant registry where all nursing assistants bought to get registered. Prior to getting registered, they need to clear the corresponding testing program and meet certain criteria. Most states tend to have different set of rules and regulations and all these should be checked by interested individuals.

Every health care facility including hospitals etc verify the credentials of individuals prior to their selection. Only after matching the employment status and assessment of other requirements, an individual is considered for employment. Status update can also be considered by the facility if it is deemed fit.

After the credentials of the applicant have been verified, it is the time of competency evaluation. It is verified by the health care facility that whether the applicant will be able to provide the requisite health care. The applicant should have cleared the competency evaluation exam conducted in a relevant State.

It is mandatory for every individual to clear the skills and written portions of the exam. Only this ensures that whether the individual is eligible for getting employed in a state or not. One may have to wait for a certain period after clearing the exam for getting on the registry. The specific time interval for the same depends on the relevant state policies.

One has to clear a certified training program and a competency test in the state for working in the state. The former step may or may not be included in the mandatory requirements of a state.

Some states also require every applicable to have worked as an assistant in the relevant state for a certain time. For instance, some states may require them to have worked for a minimum eight hours in past one year. The specific steps for getting on nursing assistant registry of a state can be had from a relevant health department.

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Certified Nursing Assistant Verification Online Registry

Certified Nursing Assistant Verification is important to maintain the integrity of hospitals and to keep them licensed and legally operating. CNAs work with nurses in every hospital and clinic, so they are invaluable, however it is necessary to make sure that they have had the proper training and are registered.

All hospitals whether privately owned and financially supported or public hospitals paid with government funding must have a registry of nurses and certified nurses assistants who work there.

The registry is a list of medical employees and it includes the first name, surname, the place of employment, education degrees and certificates and proof that they are registered with the city and county they are working in.

The majority of cities and counties in the Western World; United States, Canada, United Kingdom, etc. Use an online registration verification database through the Internet. Some places still use the paper based, filing, data system which is quite antiquated.

Once a nursing assistant has finished the CNA course and passed the exams, they are certified. After that, a CNA must take a licensing exam and they receive a licensing number which allows them to work independently. Most nursing assistants are very busy and keeping track of licensing can be an arduous task. To avoid the hassle of a lot of paperwork, a CNA simply needs to find the nurse aide registry website for their county and city and vist the office to turn in their certificate and license so that a copy of the original is made. After that the CNA is able to keep the original documents and the registration verification office will post this information on the verification database for the medical community and the government.

One example of how the online registry functions, is that within the United States, the Department of Health and Human Services website exists for each county and city. An individual must enter the person's first name, surname, and their social security number on the website to find out whether the CNA is certified and registered.

It is also important to look for multiple certificates and licenses of a CNA and verify the date and expiration of the license because many nursing assistants have taken courses to work in a variety of medical fields and are licensed for more than one city or county.

Inquiring about verification of registration is simple enough, all hospitals keep record of the list of county and city verification registries. This simplifies the process.

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Certified Nursing Assistant Licensure Information

Should you wish to work in this part of the health care industry then it is important you understand exactly how the certified nursing assistant license actually works. Without this you simply are unable to have a job in this sector and at the same time you need to know that all of the correct paperwork has been submitted.

Legislation states that a person must have the relevant license from the state board for wherever they wish to operate. This is because each state may have different rules and regulations that must be followed so a license is granted on this individual basis to ensure everything is above board and correct.

It can be obtained by going on a course which is deemed to be satisfactory by the licensing board and then sitting and passing the final examination. The pass marks can vary again from state to state with some being more stricter than others.

You are certainly advised to discover just how much training is required by your state medical board before you even begin as there is more work than most people initially realize. Some areas may require a certain number of hours working in a clinical environment before you can be granted a license while other states may work to different numbers.

The examination will quite possibly be instituted by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing as this is recognized by twenty one states which does not give you more scope for being employed in different areas. However, even though you may have sat this particular examination your license is still going to be for one state and for a set length of time.

When you are researching into the certified nursing assistant license do pay attention to the fine detail and if in doubt contact someone from your relevant licensing board. It would be pointless spending your time training to then discover it was the wrong course or not enough when it should be a simple task of getting the right information on how to get your license from the very beginning.

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Useful Information On Certified Nursing Assistant Wages

Nursing assistants need to perform a host of activities directed towards patient care. Certified nursing assistant jobs may differ in various regions and states. Apart from that, experience and certification are two major factors determining the exact wage amount.

These assistants need to provide oral care, dressing and bed bath etc to the patients. They may also need to help patients in performing range of motion exercises. Apart from that, vital signs such as blood pressure, respiration, pulse and temperature need to be noted by them. Most of the day to day aspects of patient care are taken care of by them.

In the US, these assistants can earn anywhere from $ 19,000 to around $ 26,000 depending on few factors. Entry level assistants are eligible for a lower pay grade. At the same time, more experienced ones working in major hospitals can even earn up a comparatively higher sum.

The average hourly payout rate is in the range of nine to twelve dollars excluding overtime. Overtime payout is in excess of twelve dollars an hour and can go up to around 18 dollars. These variations are subject to the job exigency, time of day and other related factors.

Depending on the quality of service, these assistants can earn monthly bonus as well. This bonus can vary between $ 25 and couple of hundred dollars. This generally depends on how well the individual has served the patients during his or her duty hours and beyond. Different hospitals tend to have different payout rates.

Major hospitals have higher nursing assistant wages, bonus and overtime payment. Other health care providers like those providing medical facilities, rehabilitation etc offer relatively lower wages. In order to have a higher pay, one can start on voluntary basis to gather plenty of experience. This experience goes a long way in having an enhanced pay and good personal reputation.

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Certified Nursing Assistant Schooling For A Career In The Medical Field

Many people today are making their career choice in the medical field as a certified nursing assistant. There are several certified nursing assistant schooling that is available for those who have an interest in this profession. Here is information in regard to this type of schooling.

All of those who take part in this field will work under very close supervision of several registered nurses. They will learn to provide special care and keep all of the patients as comfortable as possible. They will have several general duties along with some responsibilities as well while attending the schools.

Their duties and responsibilities will involve them to provide some assistance to patients when they are fulfilling their daily duty task, taking charge of certain basic care services like bathing, feeding and grooming. They will need to perform some routine things such as changing bed linen, preparing and setting up some medical equipment, check a patients vital signs and some light cleaning, they are expected to learn how to provide social and also emotional support, and report any and all findings to a registered nurse in regard to the patients conditions.

Here are some of the educational requirements that a student will need when wanting to earn a certificate in this kind of medical profession. A high school diploma will be one of the standard requirements. There are several schools that will require a student to have some training on the job or even training from an accredited college or even voluntary schools.

These schools offer programs that will take about 6 to 12 weeks for completion. There are some that will last up to three months. Many of these schools will include classes in basic nursing skills, anatomy and physiology and also nutrition and infection control. The income for anyone who is involved with this career will find a nice yearly salary and the job out look after graduating from these schools appears always have plenty of job opportunities.

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Certified Nursing Assistant Recertification Information

If you operate within this particular part of the health care industry then one important piece of information you must know about is the certified nursing assistant recertification process. In order to get this you must have followed certain criteria which will make the entire process just that bit easier if you do not fit into this then you can still be recertified though it may take a bit longer.

There should be no problem with this if you have been working within this field in the last two years and if this is indeed the case then the only requirement really is to fill in the relevant form. This can typically be done by completing the nursing aide registry renewal form and it really should not take you that long to do.

Do remember though that there is a processing time for the form so never leave it to the last minute in case your current certificate is going to expire as then you will not be licensed to do the actual job. It may take around two weeks for things to be completed so make sure you do it all in plenty of time.

If you have not been working within this particular industry in the last two years then the chances are you will have to sit an examination in order to show that you still have all of the relevant knowledge for the job. This is going to be organized by your state health board so they would have to be contacted so you could have obtained all of the details.

You should also be made aware of the fact that some states will ask you to enroll in a training program and go through the entire process again so it acts like a refresher course. This is mainly due to the fact that techniques and many other things chance over time and two years away from it is quite a long time.

So while certified nursing assistant recertification should not be a problem for most people it does require a bit more work for those who have not been working for some time. However, as long as you know your job and are prepared to put in a bit of study then your new certificate should be granted there before allowing you to work once more in this part of the health care industry.

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Legal Tips For Nurses

Nurse Practice Act

You can obtain a copy of the Nurse Practice Act from your State Board of Nursing. This is the standard that will be used if a malpractice suite is filed. Become familiar with the actions and duties in your area of ​​practice. These will vary from state to state.

Policy and Procedure Manuals

Become familiar with the general nursing manual as well as any that pertain to your specific area of ​​practice. If your hospital's policy differs from the Nurse Practice Act, follow the guidelines of the Nurse Practice Act. Note: if there is ever a negative exit, the licensed nurse will be judged by the standard of the Nurse Practice Act.


There are two types of insurance:

Occurrence Type: The company that covered you during the period of the occurrence will be responsible for damage and expenses.

Claims Type: The company will cover any claims made while the policy is in effect, no matter when the occurrence happened.


Continuing education is a necessity. It keeps you informed of the most current changes and innovations in your special area, it is an area that attorneys will investigate if a claim is filed.

License and certification must remain current at all times. This is another area that attorneys will investigate if a claim is filed.

Terms to Become Familiar With

Negligence: failure to act as a reasonably prudent person would act under the same circumstances – failure to do something.

Malpractice: negligence by a professional.

Assault: threat or attempt to inflict bodily harm combined with the ability to commit the act.

Battery: intentional harmful or offensive contact that occurs without consent (use of restraints with out an order or a written policy of protocol).
Libel: publication of defamatory statements.

Slander: oral defamatory statements

Statue of Limitations: there are periods defined by state statute during which you may file a claim or it is forever barred.

Informed Consent: Permission given for a proposed treatment or procedure following full disclosure of risks, benefits and alternatives by the physician – when you are asked to sign your name as a witness on the consent from. Remember you are a witness to the patient's signature only.

Physician Orders:

Telephone Orders: Repeat each order t verify what you heard is what was ordered. Never assum.

Illegible Orders: Ask the physician for the interpretation. Do not guess.

Inappropriate Orders: Remind the physician of the policy and standards. If the physician exists that the order be completed, contact he supervisor immediately

Documentation Tips and Practices:

• Be accurate
• Use only approved abbreviations (found in the Policy and Procedures Manual).
• If you make a mistake, draw a single line through it and write “mistake in entry” followed by your initials.
• Document calls to doctors. Record the time the call was placed as well as when the call was returned.
• Document all teaching done with the patient and the patient's family.
• Document the review of “discharge instructions” including the review of any medications prescribed and any handouts provided.
• Record effects of medications as well as the des, time, route and reactions.
• If anything out of the ordinary occurs, record all pertinent information.
• If you perform a procedure on a patient assigned t another nurse, you must document your actions in the patient's chart.

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