How to Navigate Difficult Conversations As a BSN Nurse

Difficult conversations are part of everyday life. Almost all people from all walks of life experience this. This is also true with BSN nurses. It is something that one dreads because you feel that you do not know how to handle these conversations well. Either you end up in an argument or you do not talk with the other party.

Here are some difficult conversation scenarios and how to best turn it into a more positive exit:

The Blame Game

People have a tendency to point a finger to another person when there is a problem or trouble. Nurses would blame other nurses if there are glitches in the nursing procedure and a patient's life might have been endangered. The problem is no one is taking responsibility; it is nobody's fault which is absolutely false.

What one must do is to acknowledge the bad situation and look at the role you may have played in it. This is also true with the other party. It is not just one person's fault. Another thing that one has to realize is that instead of blaming, it would be better to just find the solution. After all the incident has happened already.

The Feelings Conversation

It is only normal that we feel, as a human being that is one function that happens. The feelings that we experience are not right or wrong. It just happens at a time when it happens. The problem arises when the person does not acknowledge it or does not do anything about it.

A possible solution to this problem is to accept that in a workplace different feelings may arise that can result into conflicts or arguments. Expressing a person's feeling is important so it has to be accepted. However, one also has to remember not to vent, instead describe how you are feeling. Make no mistake; one can not really solve his or her feelings. It just happens.

There are still other difficult conversation scenarios out there, but what is important is that you realize that it is not something to avoid. Instead it is a thing that you should face head on. It may be difficult but in the end finding a resolution is worthwhile for both you and the other party. You just have to remember as a BSN nurse, you will be face with these kinds of situations. You must learn how to handle them so that you will not be stressed too much.

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Tips for the New ASN Graduate

In the early years of nursing we hear about nurses being hired on the spot. All they have to do is go to a hospital, show their resume, and be ready for an interview and voila! You are hired. Unfortunately, these days, there is a more dismal scenario. The nursing profession has become very competitive when it comes to jobs. There are two sides of it. Some hospitals would not hire new nurseries because it would cost money to train and mentor them. The other side of it is that they also do not like to hire experienced nurses because it costs money as well because they are expected to give bigger salies because of the expertise.

I am sorry to dampen the hopes of the ASG graduates out there, but that is the reality and the only way that we can survive it is to be ready and follow some simple steps that can help you survive being a new ASN graduate.

Volunteer Programs

Jobs may be harder to find at present so you can consider volunteer programs so that your nurse training will not go stagnant. This can also give you a good opportunity to network with other people that can help you land a nursing job.

Think Out of the Box

The analogy is that nurses should work in a hospital. Try to break this stereotype and find other areas wherein a nurse is needed. You can check out schools and companies that maybe of need of your services. You can also look into relocation or traveling and use your training.

Be Proactive

Waiting for the medical care facilities you applied to will seem futile. Instead, ask about your status. This can give the company an idea that you are very interested in the position. This can leave a positive impression to the company you are applying.

Use Social Networking Sites

It pays to be in Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other social networking sites. These are considered a virtual job fair for different occupations like nursing.

List Down All Your Achievements

You might think it might be bragging but it is a necessity that you write down all your achievements both as student and volunteer. This can help prospective employers be aware of the qualities you have. This can also tell them if you will be the right fit for their company.

It can be disheartening to know the still competition you will face in the nursing profession but as long as you keep positive you will be able to find a job.

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Symptoms of Sleep Deprivation That Can Cost Your Nursing Career

It never ceases to amaze when people think that they are superheroes and can go without sleep for days. Sleep is one of the essential ways to help our bodies be healthy. However, knowing about this fact does not guarantee that people follow it. Most especially nurses, they think that they can go on and on like the bunny that is running on a branded battery. That is not the case, our body needs to recharge and recuperate from all the hard work done during the day.

Hence nursing professionals should invest in sleeping whenever they can. Of course, eight hours is a sufficient to make sure you are ready to face the new day. Learn to be aware of the symptoms of sleep deprivation that can jeopardize your nursing career.

Lack of Energy

When a nursing professional did not have enough sleep, they lack the energy or stamina. They are mostly lethargic and not their most most efficient self. The only thing that goes on their mind is when they can get to sleep again. This can be a big problem in your nursing job because you need energy to help patients and accomplish the tasks needed to be done.


Another symptom of sleep deprivation to nurses is irritability. You are a like a grumpy old person that has no cheer in her life. Your colleges can not talk to you for fear that you will bite their head off. Your mood is highly affected when you do not have enough sleep. To prevent relationships from suffering you need to make sure that you find enough hours of sleep.

Errors or Mistakes Committed

Physically you are present in the workplace but your mind is not there. This can be a start of costly mistakes. Nurses have to be on their toes most of the time. They need to think quickly especially when they are faced with life and death situation. That is why they need their wits. If you are lethargic, then a life of a patient could be at risk.


If sleep deprivation is not handled properly and it goes out of control, then more than likely it can result in burnout for the nurses. This means that it can escalate to other negative symptoms that can have a negative impact in your nursing career. The worst case scenario is that it may also cost you to lose your job or you can lose the interest that you have in your nursing profession.

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How to Enjoy Being a Travel Nurse

One of the fields that one can consider when becoming a nursing professional is to be a travel nurse. It is one of the most exciting fields of nursing because it not only let you practice your chosen field but it can also be an adventure that you are looking for in your life. However, when you do consider traveling nursing, there are a few points that you need to keep in mind.


As a travel nurse, being flexible will help you in the long run. There will be obstacles that you may encounter. There will be problems that may range from living situations to professional setbacks. So, be prepared and be flexible especially when it comes to arriving at a decision.


This is important especially if you will be relocated outside the country. You will need to have a steady way of communicating with your family or loved ones as well as the agency who recruited you as a travel nurse. One must learn how to access communication and how to easily reach in case there will be personal emergencies that could happen.

Awareness and Reality

When you accept this kind of assignment, one must make sure that you know what you are going into. It is not advisable for new nurses to get into this kind of situation because travel nursing would need experience and skills that one might not have possessed yet if you are a novice. One should also be aware of the type of assignment you have accepted, it should be closer to the field wherein you have knowledge of.


Preparedness in different aspects of your life is a must. One must prepare all the necessary documents that you need. If you are traveling abroad, one must know what documents to bring especially passports and other pertinent ones. You also need to prepare all the clothes and paraphernalia that you need to bring with you. It does not mean that you bring the whole house with you, just make sure that you have enough to suffice until you can buy them on the location where you will be assigned.

Be Positive

No one is going to say that everything will be smooth-sailing. There will be times when you will think again why you accepted the assignment. Tasks and responsibilities will be hard, so make sure you have a lot of positive energy within you to overcome all the obstacles that you will definitely face as a travel nurse.

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Why Respiratory Therapy Is Today’s Best Career Choice

If you are graduating college and possess a degree in the medical field, your career choices are unlimited and you've got a lot of options to choose from. However, did you ever consider searching for a career in Respiratory Therapy? Of all the fields to go into, Respiratory Therapy is a rising field and one that increasingly more young adults are pursuing as they graduate from a University. Let's check out why Respiratory Therapists are in need and why it's a good plan to think about it as a job option

At a vastly high level, the main goal of Respiratory Therapist is to look after and treat individuals who are having difficulties breathing no matter what the cause. These concerns can arise from many different sources including chronic bronchial asthma, other illnesses, emphysema or as a result of other acute problems including drowning, heart attacks and strokes. Most frequently you'll find Respiratory Therapists working in therapy facilities and hospital settings and especially in Intensive care locations and Emergency room areas as a lot of the difficulties surrounding breathing occurring in crisis situations as a result of accidents, unforeseen accidental injuries and medical emergencies. But, Respiratory Therapists will even learn that their services are essential in other places like long term care facilities, doctors facilities and in patients' residences to assist with chronic breathing ailments like asthma in addition to support for people on ventilators and breathing equipment. This really is a great news for prospective therapists as this profession offers a lot of flexibility in expertise and location which at the end of the day will help anyone anywhere that might have breathing problems.

The need for Respiratory Therapists is growing mainly due to the continuously rising populations of middle age and elderly individuals that are the most prone to breathing, lung and recurrent respiratory problems. It's an regrettable reality that the older population in the US, who lived during a time where smoking was accepted and simply OK, are now coming down with the after effects of a lifetime of being around cigar and cigarette smoke. It is this older group and their chronic concerns that is requiring physician's offices to add the number of individuals in their Respiratory Therapy departments and because the career outlook in this field will grow over the next 20 years.

Regarding benefits and salaries, the good news for potential Respiratory Therapists is their demand will equate to larger salies and better benefits. And despite the fact that the median salary tops fifty thousand dollars for a Respiratory Therapist, most are discovering that the need in this field additionally necessitates much overtime which can potentially drive annual wages to more than $ 100K per year in the heavier demand and larger population locations in the US. It's very common for a Respiratory Therapist to work their normal 40 hours every week and then cash in on about an added 30+ hours of double time to meet the needs. If you take into account the average Therapist is earning roughly $ 30 per hour in almost all areas of the nation, the quantity of overtime at “double time” or “time and a half” can certainly boost salary more than the six figure point. For Respiratory Therapists just out of their 2-year program of learning and with a Bachelor degree in their fingers, this is quite a big revenue and a good basis to consider entering the field.

Next to the demand and salaries, Respiratory Therapists even have the comfort of not needing to deal with a lot of the negative things that comparable jobs, such as Registered Nurses, may end up handling every day (and for about the same money too.) If you take the time to speak to existing Respiratory Therapists or even investigate the countless forums on the Internet where health veterans come together, you might observe that many are extremely pleased with their jobs and salaries, especially once you contrast their tasks to the RN's they work next to every single day. It's an option (which appears to be an easy one) that graduates will have to make in an effort to decide whether the Respiratory Therapist profession is one in which they need to take.

In conclusion, Respiratory Therapists are in demand in every corner of the US and you will find many positive things to think about when going to go into this specific area in the health field. As always, refer to your specific area as demand and compensation fluctuate across the US but in the long run Respiratory Therapy is unquestionably a profession with a big amount of upside potential.

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Is Breastfeeding Good For My Baby?

Deciding whether or not to breastfeed can be an easy choice for some women, and a harder one for others. The reason some women choose not to breastfeed is that they think it will affect their personal appearance however, this is a myth which has been spun by those women who do not want to breastfeed. The act of breastfeeding does not make breasts sag, what does is the natural aging process and gaining weight, which can be common in women straight after giving birth. Another myth spread by women who do not want to breastfeed is that many women do not breastfeed and it's an uncommon practice. In the UK alone 75% of women breastfeeding showing that around the world it is not such an odd thing to do.

When weighing up your options about whether or not you will breastfeed you child, it's important to get all the facts straight. Some people may say that some women find it harder to breastfeed, but the truth is all women can breastfeed enough for their child should they choose to do so, and even if they have trouble in the beginning their body will soon adapt. Some women are worried about having sex after giving birth and while they are breastfeeding, as they feel it can be a bit odd to accidentally produce breast milk during sex. A woman's body produces oxytocin during sex, which is the same hormone produced during breastfeeding, meaning it's common to produce a little breast milk during sex, but a woman should not worry about that affecting their sex life.

The ultimate decision making choice for a woman deciding whether or not to breastfeeding should be which one will benefit their baby more. Formula is nothing more than instant nutrients, which helps a baby to grow but will not benefit their immune system. Breast milk is full of living bacteria which builds up a baby's immune system, helping them protect against infections and viruses much better later on in life. Due to these benefits alone, a mother should find it hard to think of a good reason to choose formula feeding over breastfeeding, as a child will find it hard to develop those essential immunizations later on in life when they're around other children who are ill if they do not get those nutrients and bacteria from their mother's breast milk.

The differences between formula and breast milk are obvious to those who do the research, and by putting in a little time and effort a mother can soon change her mind about what she will do. Even though formula can help a baby grow at the same rate as breast milk, it will extremely cost more and will mean a child needs to develop their immunizations slower than others.

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Tips to Follow When Applying to Nursing School

Nursing school is the main place to go to when you want to get your nursing diploma. There are two ways to do it. First, there is the brick and mortar nursing school. These are mostly nursing colleges that offer degrees that you can take. If your schedule does not permit you to go to this kind of school, then you can search the Internet and find online nursing schools.

When applying for nursing schools one has to do these simple steps so that you will not feel stressed out or nervous.

Prerequisite Courses

A prospective student needs to finish all the prerequisites courses needed for you to be accepted in the nursing college. You need to finish your high school diploma. Subjects like math and science should also be taken as well as some English classes.

Get a Nursing Experience

Schools will highly favor you if you also did some volunteer work. This shows how serious you are in taking this kind of career. So make sure that you find volunteer work within your community or local hospitals. You are not only helping but you are also preparing yourself for the full course ahead.

Search the Best Schools

Getting into the best nursing school is very important. Of course, it will also take perseverance and hard work but finding the best one should be a very important task. Do not just settle for the first one that you see. You have to choose carefully because this is your future.

Prepare and Apply Early

Once you have chosen the school where you want to study, then it is time to gather all the necessary documents that are needed by the school. You have to ask the Admissions Office about the complete list of requirements because it might take a while for you to collate everything. Remember that you have to make sure that all requirements and application are sent early to avoid being waitlisted.

Avoid the Waiting List

If it does happen that you find yourself in a school where there are a lot of enrollees then make sure you have another school where you can apply to. Being waitlisted would mean a delay in your nursing course. As we know the market for nurses these days are quite stiff. One has to start early in order to get a good job after graduation. If you delay your studies then you also delay your nursing career.

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How Can ASN Nurses Be Protected From Bullying

Bullying is part of our society. It is present in different age group, industry and country. Sad to say that even in the nursing profession, bullying can be felt by nurses. It is something that people want to get rid of but still it persists and we as a society still find ways on how to protect ourselves from bullying. It is hurtful and it is scary hanging on the kind of bully that a person comes face to face with.

As ASN nurses face their responsibilities and duties, they still have to contend with this kind of sad reality. As ASN nurses, you can be victims or you can learn how to fight them back.


There will be different people that you will work with in the nursing profession. There will be doctors, nursing assistants and other nurses. Look at them and find a person that makes other people feel miserable. This can be more or less the bully that you need to protect yourself from.


Once you have established that a person is the bully, then you have to avoid that person at all cost. It may not be easy but make sure the contact or communication that you have with them is limited or none at all. Without it will be work related then that is the only time you permit this person to talk to you.

Be Professional

Always act with professionalism when you talk with this person. Make sure that there will be no opportunity for him to hurt you in words or actions. Be businesslike toward the person.

Ask for Help

If there will be situation wherein you are harassed by the bully, then do not hesitate to ask for help. Sometimes, it will make you stronger if you feel that there are people that will support you and can back you up when this bully will try to hurt you.

Be Strong

Bullies can use hurtful words that can make you cry, this is all right, you can cry about it but not in front of the person. If they see that you are hurt by them in any way then this makes their day. As much as possible be emotional when you are by yourself or with a trusted friend but never in front of these bullies.

The best possible way to fight then is to stay away from them. If that is not possible then show them that you are not affected.

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The 3 Important Steps in Landing Phlebotomist Jobs

There's more to a Phlebotomist than simply being the laboratory tech who samples red, squamish fluids from patients; to be a Phlebotomist means something more. You're also a clerk, a counselor and a one who your patients will depend on, a life line. You provide excellent reassurance to your employer, patients and more. Realizing just how fundamental your career can really make it a little overpowering to land a job as a Phlebotomy technician. This article will take a look at three essential details for any first-timer and skilled Phlebotomists: internship, job boards and resume writing. In an effort to land the very best phlebotomy jobs, it's essential that you pay attention to these three matters. Having said that, let's begin.

1. Internships:

Internship is quite straightforward. It's simple to comprehend and you do not need to know everything about your job description just yet. The purpose of becoming an intern is to learn, so that means you have to be receptive. While you are not required to be all-knowing within the first instant, you will have to keep an open mind in able to grasp the new content. Internships is among the most practical methods for gaining experience. Remember that experience is a significant requirement of all Phlebotomists out there. All of your prospective employers are going to be looking for employees who have not just the skills and the education, but also the experience. Internships are excellent simply because you will be able to learn and get the necessary experience, and at the same time get paid for it.

There are a variety of accredited Phlebotomy programs available today, all of which will allow you access to internship opportunities in clinics, labs and hospitals. An excellent program includes hands-on components. There is a less generally known form of internship called externship, which is rather fierce for students. If you're fervent at learning more about your job, it's much better to begin with an externship program.

2. Job Boards:

Hitting the job boards certainly is the next thing to do. Once you have obtained all of the requirements-by that we mean the educational requirements, training and experience-you may carry on with acquiring your first job. Even if this is not your very first time performing as a Phlebotomist, a rule of thumb is to always check the Phlebotomist jobs board. Job boards can be found nationally and supplies useful information on where to find future potential employment.

3. Resume:

Finally, you need to build a solid resume, be sure to clarify in your resume or cover letter the manner in which priority employment and experiences have contributed to your skills. Try to be professional in whatever you say. Think of your employer as a person, and not purely some figure. Rundown a list of all of your work experiences, every medical and non-medical positions you have held, as well as your education. Concentrate on details and be sure to check your resume for completeness. You do not need to miss anything, which is also the first thing that will put off your employer. If you can keep these 3 aspects in mind, then you're all set in landing your first Phlebotomist job.

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Leadership Potentials of a Nursing Professional

Leadership is one of the accredited exercises of a nursing professional. Responsibilities given to nursing professionals are really heavy so it is expected that they assume the role of a leader once the situation gets to be difficult and would need someone who is able to make fast and hard decisions.

To be a leader is not an easy feat to do, there are things that you need to accomplish in order to get to the goal. It is also true that once you become a nurse leader it can be lonely at the top. You are expected to be the person that will be looked up to by your peers or subordinates under you.

In order to help you along in the path of being a nursing leader, one has to remember some key points.


As a leader you need to have connection with your staff. It means that your subordinates will be comfortable with you when it comes to professional situations and concerns. They should be able to approach you with confidence instead of trepidation. So make sure that you show a demeanor that will get a favorable response from your co-workers.


Unless you or your subordinates are mind readers, as a nursing professional who has a leadership potential you are expected to have good communication skills. You also need to have an open channel of communication with all the people that you deal with every day. It would be difficult if the wires will be crossed and misunderstandings can ensue if there is a lack of proper communication between you and other people.


There is nothing more frustrating for a person especially nurses if there is no consistency in your leadership. It does not mean that you will be inflexible but it means that when it comes to rules and policies, you maintain the same belief all through. There will be no discrimination and favoritism because this can get in the way of motivating your staff.


Even if you are handling managerial tasks already it does not mean that it stops there. You need to constantly grow and develop as a person and as a leader. Learning does not stop, it is continuous. It does not only benefit you but it also helps the people that you will handle once you become a nursing leader.

Leaders are not born, they are made. Find it in you to see the leadership potential and develop it to the best of your capability.

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How Can BSN Nurses Be Healthy and Stay That Way

Helping the patients regain their health is the number one priority of BSN nurses. They want their patients to feel better again and overcome the pain that they are feeling. As BSN nurses, they are also expected to educate people on how to take care of their health and have a healthy lifestyle. However, this would not be believable if the BSN nurses are not practicing what they preach. It would do wonders if people will see the BSN nurses living the healthy life. How can this be possible? All you have to do is follow some simple things and you are on your way to showing your patients and people that it can be done.

Smoking is Bad for Your Health

It can be a poor public perception of nurses if people will see them smoking. They would conclude that these people did not really read the bad effects of smoking to your health. So, how do you think the patients will listen to your advice if you yourself do not adhere to the practice of not smoking? Nurses know the different diseases one can get from smoking too much. So if you have to be healthy for your patients better chew those gums and throw away those cigarettes.

Exercising Is a Must

Most people know the benefits of having a daily exercise routine. It helps keep the heart pump up and it can keep your body toned. It is a way to manufacture more endorphins which can help you to be more energized when working and having to stay on shifts that may be longer than you anticipated. Plus, it helps to keep your mental state more positive.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

One has to be aware that having the right weight can be beneficial to your work as a nurse. You can be more agile and less to be breathless if you have your ideal body weight. It is not just about how you look but how you can handle all the running and walking that a nurse has to do in a day. If you are too heavy, you can be breathless sometimes and you can tire easily. So make sure you maintain an ideal weight.

To be healthy is a commitment that every person must make. It is not just a temporary thing but a lifestyle. So make sure you remain consistent with the healthy habits in your life.

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ASN Nurses – Put Yourself in Your Patients’ Shoes

Nurses are still human animals. They are prone to sickness as well. So, have you imagined what kind of ASN nurse you would like to have if you become a patient? As an ASN nurse, you deal with many patients every day. Have you ever surprised what they think of the experience they have when you took care of them? Patients have different opinions when it comes to nurses taking care of them.

So when the roles have been reversed and you find yourself being the patient how would you want to be treated? It is important to think how we can be a nurse that patients would want and rave about.

Little Actions Can Be Big

This may seem ironic but it is true. Patients do not expect you to be a superhero. For them the simple things that you do for them like a smile, cheerful hello or even just a pat on the hand can mean more to them than grand gestures. At this time when they are suffering and in pain most of the time all they want is to find comfort. So, you are the person that can give it to them.

Administrative Task Should Take a Back Seat

We would like to think that to show our efficiency we focus more on the administrative tasks. This may be admirable but it takes time away from who you need to spend time with. Paper work will still be there but patients can not wait for you. You can not just neglect them in exchange for the paper work that you have to do. Make sure that you balance the administrative work and patient care.

Communication is Not All Words

We might think that communicating should always have word with them. It does not have to be necessarily so. One can just show through a light touch or just letting your presence be known is a good enough communication to patients. One need not spout meaningless words just to make them feel better. Actions can be effective too.

In the busy schedule of an ASN nurse, we tend to forget our goal. The real reason why most of us went into nursing is to take care of sick people and make them feel better to the best of our abilities. We do not have to wait for us to get sick to find out how we can be better nursing professionals for them.

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You Are Not Just an ASN Nurse

It is alarming to hear some ASN nurses say that they are “just nurses.” I wonder why they have to think that way when the job that they do can not be done by most people. ASN nurses need excellent skills in almost every aspect of their job so it is a bit sad to hear them say that they are “just nurses.”

Once and for all, ASN nurses should realize that their work and career is something to be proud of. It is not every day that you can brag that your job is about saving lives of people. You need to stand tall and proud when you say that you are a nurse.

Excellent Skills

Nurses have to learn different kinds of skills in order to be successful in their work. One has to be good in comprehension and analytical skills; they also have to be good in giving and understanding directions. Aside from that they also need to perfect the art of being a good listener. If you think these things are easy to come by then think again. One has to be exceptionally good to get all of these skills that is why this is one reason why being a nurse is an exception.

Admirable Traits

In recent surveys, they are considered in the highest rank of people to be trusted. This is rightly earned because in the nursing profession they are trained to be discreet and keep confidential matters to themselves. They are one of the breed of professionals who are hardworking, diligent and patient in almost all aspects of their work.

Communication and Compassion

Perhaps two of the most important traits that they should have are communication skills and compassion. Good communication skill is necessary so that there will be no misunderstanding with the patients. This is also necessary so that instructions can be conveyed well. Compassion in this profession is something that is very valuable. People who are sick would need this kind of treatment. Patients suffer from pain and discomfort because of the illness that they have to end. In order for them to feel better someone has to show compassion towards them.

I do hope that the nurses would realize how valuable they are. I do hope that putting themselves down as a habit would stop immediately. What they need to focus on is their exceptional talent as a nurse who have diverse skills and talent that is of help to the community and to mankind.

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