As BSN nurses, there are a lot of expectations that you have to meet. One of them is professionalism. It has been drilled in nursing schools that one of the qualities of a great BSN nurse is professionalism. What does it entail when you mention the term professionalism? Is it a hard thing to do?

Actually, many people in business practice professionalism because that is what is expected of them. It is the natural manner wherein people conduct business with one another. As a nursing professional, it can manifests in different ways.

Adapting to Other People

One test of professionalism is how well you can interact with other people. We all know that as a nursing professional we will be faced with people that we may not get along with. This is understandable because we have different personalities. However, one must learn to agree in adjusting to the different idiosyncrasies of individuals. This is one of the marks of a true professional.

Being Proactive

I have heard about a wise saying that the result of reaction can affect you more. How do you react in difficult situations? Do negative thoughts enter your mind even before the problem is solved? If you answered yes, then it is about time to make a paradigm shift. Make sure you reverse your way of thinking. It is better to be proactive than reactive.

Talking Not Gossiping

One way of showing disrespect to people is by gossiping about them. Gossips are bad news. They are not helpful to you or to other people. Avoid doing this because it can be hurtful to others. This can also be a source of conflict. When we have conflict and it escalates to losses and quarrels then it is the height of utmost unprofessionalism. What is best is talk about facts. Talk about the positive things and remove the focus on the negative.

Developing the Habit

As people, we make mistakes, and one of them is to sometimes be done unprofessional during work hours. However, if one struggles hard to develop the habit, then it will not be a big problem in the future. Being professionals can sometimes be hard but it is not an impossible task. One can do it and be able to practice it through the course of their nursing career. So, if you think that it can be a difficult thing to do, then you are mistaken. As long as you do it daily then it gets easier as you go along.