We would like to think that we can live in a perfect world and people who go in the nursing profession stay forever. However, that is not the reality. There will be reasons why some nurses would leave their profession.

Family Support

For most people, it would be more encouraging if there will be motivation coming from your loved ones. This gives us strength to do what we can to continue in our career even if the road ahead is difficult. But when there is a lack of family support it may be difficult for some nurses to continue on their nursing career. They may feel pressured to leave because they are already receiving negative feedback from their families and loved ones.

Pressure and Too Much Stress

The job of a nurse is not an easy one. No one would tell you that you can breeze right through it. In fact, some people are told to think many times before taking the nursing course. In the real world of nursing, one is exposed to the different difficulties of being a nurse. Stress becomes a constant companion and due to stress performance may suffer. It can also affect the overall disposition of a person that can lead to quitting.

Relationship with Colleagues

In the stressful world of the nursing profession, there would be times that you can not get along with some of your colleges and even the doctors. Tensions are bound to happen and situations may be difficult to accept. So this can trigger for a person to quit.

Relocation or Moving Out

There might come a time for a person to leave the community or relocate to another state. This may also be a reason for nurses to quit or resign from their job. Of course, it can be a difficult decision to make but sometimes we are task to do this difficult thing.

There will still be other reasons why nurses quit. It can be because of various reasons but in the real world, it is part of the human nature. There will be people that will quit and there will be those that will stay. But one also has to think and analyze the reasons why one is quitting. It can be just a momentary lapse of judgment so one has to be careful in going to the final step because it might be a cause of regret as well.