When it comes to our health, we always want the best quality. We may compromise in some areas in our daily life but when our health is suffering we are ready to spend all money, we want best quality doctors, nurses and medical assistants to look after us. Due to this expectation from the medical staff, a number of people are getting proper training and certification before starting their careers with medical field. Advanced studies combined with practical training have encouraged talented students to excel in the medical field and join the profession of nursing with an aim of serving humanity. Nurses are not ordinary staff in any medical center, they have a great significance and for this reason it is extremely important that nurses should get best training and practical experience before they actually get started.

Apart from doctors, the most critical role played by the staff at any hospital is of nurse. A nurse is responsible for cleaning wounds, dressing them with protective medical cloth, dealing with the medications and checking blood pressure, body temperature, respiratory rates of the patients. Nobody really tolerates any negligible behavior with all these things. This is why nurses are divided mainly into 3 different types, so they can perform all their tasks flawlessly. CNAs perform all basic duties for which they have to pass an exam based on two parts. Theoretical and practical portions are designed in any examination paper for nursing assistant. CNA stands for Certified Nursing Assistant, and their job is more focused on the patient care like feeding cleaning, bathing and helping older people with combing and to provide them emotional support. CNAs can also check the vital signs as well, and they assist Licensed Practical Nursing professionals and the registered nurses with their daily routine work.

Then there are LPNs, LPN stands for Licensed Practical Nurse. Practical Nursing requires more experience and more education than the CNA. The training for LPN variants for different American States; however it ranges between 9 and 18 months. There are different programs available in different colleges, schools and universities for the diploma. A high school diploma is needed to enter in the training. Some schools have different requirements; you may have to sit for an entry test as well. The training is based on theoretical and supervised clinical practice. Once you finish the training for the license you have to appear in an exam called NCLEX-PN. Developed and administrated by the State Board of Nursing, a number of energetic youngsters are becoming LPN each year. The training course is comprised of quite a few subjects including Chemistry, Biology, First Aid, Physical Education, and Emergency Medical Technologies. There are few more subjects like medical-surgical nursing, pediatrics and pharmacology. For clinical experience, practical students are taken to the hospitals where they are supervised by the skilled people to learn and develop their skill.

The responsibilities as practical nursing are to check the medical history, vital signs examination, giving injections, and taking blood samples to the laboratory and perform some simple tests as well. Monitoring and cleaning medical equipment after the use is also one of the most important responsibilities of practical nurses.