A new nursing career choice that nursing graduates can think about is the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner. This is also known as a forensic nurse. The main thing that a SANE has to remember is time of the essence. They examine patients who are sexually assaulted.

There are particular exercises that are needed in order to become successful in this field. A nursing career in the hospital is quite planned. So, it is best to look for alternative career that can help you practice your nursing profession even outside the medical care facilities.

Basic Nursing Skills

As a sexual assault nurse examiner one deals with patients. The only difference is that one has to make sure that all necessary observations and reporting are done quickly. Time is very important for a SANE. It is part of their job to do their examination quickly and accurately. Aside from basic nursing skills, the SANE also has to have a wide knowledge of forensic so that they can also prepare an accurate reading on the evidence.


Just like the nurse, a SANE is also expected to have good communication skills. One has to question the patients and if a SANE makes a false move or says the wrong question then it might jeopardize the investigation. When nurses talk to their patients, one has to make sure that there is a certain tone of assurance because the patients are victims and may be too traumatized to trust any person especially those that will ask a lot of questions.

Proper Documentation

Making documentation for patients is nothing new to nurses. However, as a SANE it requires a more meticulous way of writing all the facts and evidences. One has to remember that they will have to enter the documents through courts so it has to be properly arranged and legibly written.

Critical Thinking

One must be able to think on their feet. One needs to use their critical thinking skills. One has to be able prepare the plan of action, write the follow-up questions and discuss findings with other members of the collaborative team. Information should be accurate and has to be objective.

Decision Making Skills

One has to be confident about the decisions to be made. Also as part of the decision making process, one also has to be knowledgeable in the procedure in the forensic industry. One has to take additional courses so that she can advance her professional development.