A Certified Nursing Assistant (or CNA) is person who takes care of patients in the hospitals and clinics under the supervision of Registered Nurse. The job of a certified nursing assistant is considered to be the most important and challenging one in the field of medical services. There are various schools and community colleges in the country that provide courses related to the health care.

A candidate has to apply for the course in the school of CNA in order to get a certification. The certification is a must in order to become a certified nursing assistant associated with a particular state. After the completion of course, the candidate has to undergo training in a government hospital, clinic or nursing home. Later, the candidate has to challenge a competency examination. The exam has two parts, first one is written which covers the duties and responsibilities, second is performance test which covers the skills needed by a typical CNA.

The candidates have various schools to choose from to complete the course and training, as some schools also support them in training too. The country has different schools and colleges established in different states and cities. The schools are accredited to the relevant departments of the state which undertake health and medical services. For example, in Indiana, the schools providing CNA programs should be accredited to Indiana State Department of Health and like that in other states also.

Some of the renovated schools and colleges that are accredited to their respective medical and health care departments of the state are University of Phoenix located in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Louisiana and others, Kaplan University in Iowa and Nebraska, Virginia College in Alabama, Everest College in California and Colorado, Branford Hall Career Institute in Massachusetts and Connecticut and lot others.

So, the student wishing to build their career as a certified nursing aide should apply to these schools of CNA and complete the certification successfully.