As a nursing professional we all hear different opinions about the nursing career. Some are due to the influence of media and some are just plain ridiculous. It is hard to fight off some long standing “beliefs” about nurses. As the years go by and as we journey on to the future, the roles of a nursing professional is absolutely evolving. So, what better time than today to debunk some of the long standing myths that they have about the nursing professional.

Nurses are only for women. It might be true that this profession was started by a woman but just like any other career, men are welcome to be nurses as well. We practice equality, so there is no truth except to this that the profession is only for women. It is for both genders because caring for patients transcends gender, race or religion.

They are doctor's helpers only. That is like a stereotypical description of a nurse. Nurses are professionals too. They have their role in the medical system. They are more than just helpers or assistants. They are part of the team that will help patients get better.

They are people who did not pass the doctor's test. Just because you are a nurse it does not mean you are a frustrated doctor. Some people do not get it. It is their dream. It is not something to be accused of and it is not a second choice course.

There is only one kind of nursing professional. There are different nurse specialties in the nursing profession. It is not just one kind. In fact, if there are different department in a hospital or medical care facility then that is the number of specialties as well.

It is not a dead end job. In fact, there are many skilled opportunities given to a nursing professional. One thing that you are sure of when you become one, you are not in shortage of paths to take to make sure your career can flourish.

Myths are not helping people realize that being a nurse is a fulfilling job. These myths are a collection of what people think in the past and it has stayed even now. It may not be quickly erased but if one is trying hard to make people know that this profession is a worthwhile then maybe people will realize its true worth. We should spread the word that it is a noble work. When you choose to be in it, the reason you have is because you have the innate sense to help others.