While many people believe that a surgical necessity of job solely consists of handing tools to the doctor and surgical team, the reality is that this job is very demanding and comes with many responsibilities.

The surgical nurse's job reaches far beyond the surgery room. It is part of the surgical necessity of job to know the patient's medical history and help to see them through the entire surgery providing assistance the whole time.

Surgical nurses must be trained to be extremely detail oriented, very observant, and be able to think and react quickly. The surgical nurse spends the most time with the patient before, during and after surgery. The nurse develops an extensive knowledge of the patient's medical history during this time.

Once the doctor determinates that a surgery is needed, the nurse is usually the one who explains the recommended surgery to the patient. The nurse then answers any questions that the patient or their family members may ask regarding the procedure and the patient's overall health and well being.

The nurse clinically explains the procedure and the process needed for preparation and recovery. Once the patient is set for surgery the nurse prepares the patient both mentally and physically.

To be able to deal with people effectively the necessity must have strong personal skills as well as extensive medical knowledge. The nurse usually develops a strong relationship with each patient. After the patient goes into surgery, the nurse ensures that the patient remains in stable condition, as well as sufferers minimal complications from the procedure.

The nurse does this by watching and interpreting the patient's vital signs throughout the procedure. The slightest change could have extreme consequences. Since the nurse knows the medical history of the patient, any changes in vital signs can be addressed appropriately.

The nurse also picks up on any sign of patient discomfort and notifies the surgical team immediately. Surgical nurses typically work in hospitals only since that is where surgery is performed.

However the future may have them working in clinics and emergency rooms as well when they begin performing surgeries in these facilities. Some facilities may offer specialized surgeries which would allow nurses with these specialized skills more work possibilities.

The surgical nurse is a very important role and requires many skills in different areas. The best nurses pay close attention to detail and are intelligent quick thinkers. The best nurses are also very intuitive with a lot of empathy and interest in helping others.