It never ceases to amaze when people think that they are superheroes and can go without sleep for days. Sleep is one of the essential ways to help our bodies be healthy. However, knowing about this fact does not guarantee that people follow it. Most especially nurses, they think that they can go on and on like the bunny that is running on a branded battery. That is not the case, our body needs to recharge and recuperate from all the hard work done during the day.

Hence nursing professionals should invest in sleeping whenever they can. Of course, eight hours is a sufficient to make sure you are ready to face the new day. Learn to be aware of the symptoms of sleep deprivation that can jeopardize your nursing career.

Lack of Energy

When a nursing professional did not have enough sleep, they lack the energy or stamina. They are mostly lethargic and not their most most efficient self. The only thing that goes on their mind is when they can get to sleep again. This can be a big problem in your nursing job because you need energy to help patients and accomplish the tasks needed to be done.


Another symptom of sleep deprivation to nurses is irritability. You are a like a grumpy old person that has no cheer in her life. Your colleges can not talk to you for fear that you will bite their head off. Your mood is highly affected when you do not have enough sleep. To prevent relationships from suffering you need to make sure that you find enough hours of sleep.

Errors or Mistakes Committed

Physically you are present in the workplace but your mind is not there. This can be a start of costly mistakes. Nurses have to be on their toes most of the time. They need to think quickly especially when they are faced with life and death situation. That is why they need their wits. If you are lethargic, then a life of a patient could be at risk.


If sleep deprivation is not handled properly and it goes out of control, then more than likely it can result in burnout for the nurses. This means that it can escalate to other negative symptoms that can have a negative impact in your nursing career. The worst case scenario is that it may also cost you to lose your job or you can lose the interest that you have in your nursing profession.