In this modern times that we live in the terms “fast-paced, quick, and on-the-go” are very commonly used. In fact, most people are always conscious of the time and how quickly or slowly they are moving based on it. As an ASN nurse, we are also conscious of the time during our duties. In fact, some of the ASN nurses consider time as their enemy. It is something that they feel is not within their control. Therefore ASN nurses resent time a lot that it has been considered their nemesis. However, one has to think that the clock can also be our friend as long as we know how to handle it.

Friends with Time

Time can be both a friend and a foe; however as nurses we are encouraged being positive. So, we should consider time as our friend. There should be a paradigm shift on how we look at time and maybe it can be easier to see it as a friend than an enemy.

Choose Positive Words

“I have enough time”, “I am early”, “I can finish on time”, are the new phrases that should be included in your dictionary. Throw away the negative words that you used to associate with time. You will be surprised on how much time you really have.

Re-Program Your Thoughts

Positive thoughts lead to positive action. It is easy to think negatively and point at it as the culprit why you do not have enough time, but it is more rewarding to think positively and change your mind-set about time.

Stick to the Deadline

Deadlines are meant to be finished. When you stick to the deadline then there are no time wasted. You also will be able to finish the things that you need to finish because you have a deadline. After the deadline, move on to the next task. Then make a deadline again. It is just a cycle of activity that you need to follow.

Rest and Relaxation

Do you realize that time goes faster when we are stressed? When we think about time is running out we become more stressed. One has to remember that we are only humans and we can only do as much as we can. Do not be too hard on yourself if you think you were not able to finish all the things you need to accomplish. As they say, “tomorrow is another day.”