A letter of recommendation is needed by most people in terms of getting into the right school or getting the right job. Most, one would want to have a glowing letter of recommendation so that prospective schools or employers would be impressed enough to let you in.

This is also the same with an ASN nurse. Perhaps more than grades or job experience, a good written recommendation is a ticket to your success. The reason for this is because this is mostly written by people who know you really well. Another thing is that it tells the prospective employer or principal who you are as a person.

So, before just randomly choosing the person to write about it, consider the following points in to write your letter of recommendation.

Choose Someone that Knows You Well

When you ask someone to give you a recommendation, make sure that the person that will write it is someone that knows you well enough. This is of course excluding your relatives. If you are applying for a job, make sure that a reliable and dependable supervisor will be the one who can do this task. The supervisor should know very well your attitude towards your job.

Has Strong Credentials

Another characteristic of a well written letter should be done by someone who is an expert in the field. When you are an ASN nurse, make sure that you have chosen a person who knows what he or she is talking about in the field of nursing. Being a well-known person also would not hurt your chances.

Should be Willing and Helpful

The person that will write your recommendation should be willing enough and helpful to give you tips about the task you have asked him to do. They should have time to do it. Busy people may tend to just rush and not think of the content. So, ask politely if the person you have chosen will really have time to do a good and well-written recommendation.

Applying to a nursing school or a nursing job is not an easy task to do. There are many requirements that you need to fulfill and accomplish. But once you are able to finish all of these requirements you will be able to enjoy and be given the privilege to study the course of your dream or do the dream job that you wanted for a long time.