It is important for nurses to adhere to the certified nursing assistant code of ethics. These professionals are placed in positions of responsibility and many patients depend upon them to carry out their duties in the right way. Nurses work in hospitals, mental homes and old age homes.

An organization has put together this code so that nursing staff can be held accountable. The main ethical is that the staff must work diligently to preserve life. Easing patients suffering is another very important task that these staff have to fulfill. Each patients social, spiritual, physical and emotional needs are very important and these professionals are charged with maintaining this for the patients.

Good health habits are important and the staff need to model this so that a good example is set for the patients. Taking good care of themselves will allow CNAs to teach patients how to conduct themselves. This includes resting appropriately, eating the right food, exercising and having regular medical check ups.

Patients need to be treated equally by the staff. Apart from being unethical it is also illegal to discriminate against patients due to race, religion or sexual preference. Nurses have to adhere to the guidelines or face severe consequences.

Confidentiality is another big concern that many people have. Patients and family members of patients right to privacy must be maintained at all times. The staff may also not discuss their own personal business with patients while at work.

In terms of the certified nursing assistant code of ethics it is necessary for nurses to be committed to ongoing continuing education. Medical science and technology changes all the time as there is often advances and breakthroughs in medical science. The staff need to be up to date with this so that they can manage the right care to patients.