Stress is part and parcel of being an ASN nurse. The work is demanding and there are a lot of expectations coming from different people like the doctors, colleges and patients. Here, you find yourself stressed out and in worst cases at a breaking point. In order for an ASN nurse to be able to avoid the breaking point, then one has to look for the classic signs that can alert you that you are stressed.


Do you sometimes feel that you can not hide by someone who is slow and can not match your pace? Or you severely talk to anyone because you want to get your work done in the shortest possible time. You also prefer to work alone and when someone would interrupt you, you will feel annoyance. One sign that you are already in too much stress is impatience. It can make you feel cranky and irritable not only to your workmates but also to your immediate family.


If you feel that you are not your usual active self and you always lack the energy even when you rested, then this is another sign for you to slow down. Sluggishness may also mean you were not sleeping properly because you tend to worry about your work. You obsessively think of what you could have done instead of just letting it go. When you are not receiving the proper hours of sleep you can either be cranky or sluggish.

Overeating or under eating

There are two things that can happen to our eating habits when we are stressed. First, we can have the tendency to overeat. The reason for this is we use eating as a compensation to remove the tiredness or the worry. The opposite can also happen, you feel that you have no appetite and no matter how appetizing the food is you are unable to really taste and savor it.

Extreme Mood Swings

Your moods are unreliable. One minute you are morose, and then you become combative or angry. This is due to the worry that you might be feeling when it comes to your job. You also feel the pressure because there are tasks that you need to do and patients to take care of. Sometimes you feel that you may be drowning and there might be no one to help you. So, mood swings can also be an indication that you are highly stressed.